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Hi hun, and welcome! I started Suboxone 8 days ago. I thought I was going out of my mind the first day. I was so dizzy that I called the doctor right away. He was no help. From all I have read, dizziness can be a side effect. For me, it only lasted the first two days. Since then I began cutting down because I do not want to stay on these long term, so the dizziness has gone away altogether. How many mgs are you taking? Did the doc say how long to stay on it?
Hey ive been on subs for 2 days now and i cant seem to sleep. I dont feel bad i just know I should be sleeping. Anyone else having this problem?
I dont know anything about Lyrica other than a cousin takes it for fibro and it works well for her. Regarding suboxone how much are you taking? For how long have you been on it? I did not gain weight on suboxone, but it did make me tired alot and nod at times. Maybe this is why you've gained weight? Do you take it for pain or as a maintenance drug? Kicking suboxone is very possible. I am 6 months clean from 2 1/2 years on suboxone.
Hi and welcome! I quit opiates and started suboxone and was on that for about 1 1/2 years. I agree anything below 2 is hard, really hard. My doc helped me a lot with the taper plan and I cut down like a quarter at a time from 2. WD from subs is crazy in my opinion. I used Clonidine for help with the RLS. I have 102 days clean today. You can do it, it s*cks, but I know it can be done! What are your plans? Is your doc helping?
Other than that hot showers (as many as you can stand for as long as you can stand it), advil, OTC sleep aid - maybe like benadryl. I know it sounds hard, but get up, get out and take a walk. Exercise, especially at day 4, is realllllly important. I cannot stress enough how this can really help with the aches, anxiety and ancy feelings.. walk around the block, or run if you can.. helps release some very much needed endorphins and eat and drink healthy - gatorade, fruits.. Other than that..
That was not easy either, but that was 10 months ago and I am free of suboxone and opiates. Keep posting, keep doing what you are doing - stay occupied and it will be over before you know it.
But I got addicted to lortabs, then roxicodone, and oxycontin. I was treated for 9 months on suboxone. Starting a 8mg dose for 6 months and 4 then 2 then 1 mg the last 3. Two days ago I took my last 1mg I had left. The withdrawl isn't near as bad as it was when I ran out when I was taking 8mg...or when I didn't have opiates...but its still there.
ive been on suboxone and ONLY suboxone for about 5 months now. i was pretty surprised at how bad the suboxone withdrawal was...i was okay for the first two days and after about 48 hrs i went into pretty intense withdrawal. i am a tiny girl though (5", 97lbs) and i don't know if that really makes a difference but i was taking a little less than a quarter a day so our dosage is kinda close. today is day 7 and i feel SOOO much better. still a little down but i know that's normal.
Suboxone is also used for pain management. I have alot of back issues which started the whole vicodin thing, and with the suboxone I have had no issues with pain at all. They are giving you ritalin to stop you from crying? I'm confused, why are you crying? I think it really helps to see a couselor. take care of yourself, and really consider suboxone it has been my miracle. Really, I feel like a brand new person, screw's an IDIOT!!!!
therefore, that is why taking vicodins will not work while suboxone is in one's system. Anyway, I went back to suboxone and used that for pain with advil, which is what I shoulda done in the first place;) These are only my opinions. Nothing in here is a necessary medical fact, just some stuff that I have researched, read, and experienced over the years. Thank you.
On day 6 of suboxone withdrawal. Did my research and got Clonidine, St. John's Wart, Same 400mg, Passionflower, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B 6, Immodium. I am able to function but I cant stop the "crawling out of my skin condition". Try to laugh, pray, exercise, sauna, eat 3 meals, I don't know how much longer I can take it. "Suck it up" is starting to lose its meaning with time. Been on subs for more than a few years. Lost count. I have an appointment coming up.
I have tried hot baths, xanax, ambien, melatonin, valerian, and benadryl... all they do is get me to sleep and wake me up 30 minutes later feeling like a drugged zombie that cant sleep! I figure my body will get the sleep it needs when I want it, and just remember how much better I feel now than in the first week! Its been a real ride, and I can certainly see how people have difficulties toughing this one out.
But to answer your question, YES, you will have the same energy and let me go as far as saying possibly MORE than you ever had. I went from 2 and a half subs a day and tapered to a tiny piece a day and when I stopped I went into a pretty major withdrawal. No sleep, (even with the help of clonipin, valium, and benadryl), absolutely NO energy, RLS, diahreha and all that stuff. But like I said the first week was real tough. But I continued to go to work and tried to keep active.
I've been drinking lots of water and am on multivitamins lol I've spent a lot of $ on pills and subs but never healthy stuff lol everyday is a battle that I fight with myself but I am doing it! I feel better about myself and keep telling myself if I can beat an addiction, sh** I can do anything lol I actually slept from 9pm -640am. WTH! So excited still no energy but if I get to feeling anxious I try to walk or exercise! Its hard to do but it does help!
25 mg and then came off and withdrawal was not bad at all i can promise you it is NOTHING compared to oxy withdawal and i had also been taking suboxone for about a year and a half when i came off and i was the same way i was terrified because of all the stories and as for that the story you tell once you get off is up to you it just depends on if you do it right or if you do it wrong but if you try it like i did you will be amazed at how much easier it is than what you though it was going to be
As far as the subs I used suboxone and it was a life saver but I did it way different and did it through a doctor. Using it to lower your roxynor whatever addiction will never work simply because suboxone is actually stronger than oxycodone. I would also say away from other drugs like pot because switching addictions happens easily when one is already an addict of another substance.
Suboxone !!!!!!!!!!! Help its been 3weeks since I have taken any suboxone, and I am on my forth day of what I can only call detoxing from it,,,,, sever leg cramps, no sleep and shaking has any one else been thru this?
hey everybodyy i know iv been complainin on here about when is this shitty feelin gonna go at like hour 62 off the suboxone and i was on it for like 10 days and tapered down to .5 mgs the last two days...n before that i was takin oxy/perc 120 mgs a day for like 2 yrs....would a body cleanser help me feel better, or is that just wishful thinkin? cuz at this point im losin my mind i thought i would start feelin better by now....but im stickin it out regardless. thanks every1..
He put her on Fentyal patch for 5 years and then a counselor suggested she try Suboxone. This Suboxone stuff has been an education -- not many doctors know that much about it. Again, thanks for your comments.
I had heard all the horror stories about Suboxone and that it would be hard to get off of and blah blah blah. Well I was running out of options and Suboxone was the only one I had. I went for it and I will thank God everyday for getting me through it. 8 months is not a long time to be on something but in a way it is when you are an addict. I just said enough is enough I don't want to depend on a pill to get me through the day. Suboxone would have been that for me if I was on it any longer.
As she explained, first week was horrible, but I also used the Thomas Recipe and lived to tell the tale! Benadryl was my best friend that first eek, along with vitamin water and the other supplements that the recipe suggests. From what I've heard about subs...I personally would rather just get it over with and try to taper your Tramadol over the next set of pills, whatever you have, then bite the bullet and just do it.
after I posted yesterday... my husband and I spent hours, and I mean hours, reading information on Suboxone. We discussed what we'd read and came up, together, with a plan for my detoxing. After all he read, my husband admitted to me that he was concerned that I perhaps was not being totally honest about my taking the pain meds with him. He said he'd feel better if he was in control of my meds and was able to dispense them to me daily. For me, that wasn't any big deal.
Hi mellie. I've researched a lot on suboxone and was on suboxone maintenance for almost three years. I will try to answer what I can from my knowledge. Suboxone is only prescribed to treat opiate addiction. Suboxone is made up of buprenorphine and naloxone.
Melatonin and valium are a good start for sleep. I used benadryl but some people do not respond well to benadryl and find that it makes RLS worse so only use it if you have had success with it in the past.
During this withdrawal I had been taking a bunch of other meds to help the withdrawal, these were gabapentin, klonopin (I think it makes me depressed), and benadryl. After 45 days (well for 40 if you only want to count the ones spent in withdrawal), I still felt very very depressed, like someone was sticking a crowbar in my emotion "center.
I have to watch my diet and it's still hard. Equate brand benadryl usually works too but it has to be the right dose, and when it hits u better go to bed or it will wear off. You need to get to some meetings so you understand the disease process better. Bottom line is only your husband has the choice to fight his addiction and when he is ready he will get strength from people and super human beings. Good luck.
So now im lookin at a serious amount of jailtime which sux period. Suboxone has been my crutch on and off for years and honestly its nothing but heroin light. Its just as bad in my opinion as heroin or oc or percs or whatever. Ive been researching cheap ways to get through the w/d easily. Heres what ive come up with buy 500grams of premium kratom leaf and brew about 5 gallons of tea with it.
Something about the hardness of the floor helps. Especially if I am hurting too. Benadryl has helped me calm down on a bad night and I fall asleep for 4 hours too. I usually fall back to sleep quickly. Helps with the constant bathroom peeing trips too. BUT I don't take that every night. Just once a week or so. Maybe try one tonight and see if you can get some decent sleep for a while. Others recommend melatonin or valerian root for sleep. Not sure how much though.
And is it possible for the meth 2 come out of ur body while u put suboxone in ( essentially jus another form of opiate) 3 how much longer will these w/d symptoms last if I don't continue taking suboxone... My concern is am I jus substituting 1 opiate for another and is there a way for me in my situation to get through this comfortably without having to stay on a substance for too long...
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