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Avatar_n_tn Yesterday, I gave in and went to the doctor when I awoke with a 101.9 fever. The doc tested for flu (negative) and then strep (positive), then proceeded to write prescrips for Tylenol with codeine, penicillin and Valtrex (also have a few cold sores on my lips). No other symptoms. I've been using the meds for 24 hours now and simply put, they do not work. They don't lessen the sore throat at all, and it's pretty miserable.
Avatar_m_tn Is it normal to have this sore or strep throat for more than 9 days from the early diagnose (no fever or any other symptom), I used the antibiotics just 3 days ago. But I read on the internet that strep throat should last between 3 to 7 days with or without treatment. I’m just feeling that this sore throat is last longer than usual (it is not painful but I can see it red)?
Avatar_f_tn I get strep often and I have antibiotics on hand but after I looked at my tonsils in the mirror with a flashlight it looks nothing like the strep I've had before. I just need to know if I need to go to urgent care (my insurance is only accepted at 1 in my town and theres always a 3-4 hour wait) or if I can use the antibiotics I have on hand, gargle warm water, etc. Thank you!
1108194_tn?1378428122 I've never been diagnosed with strep without being swabbed. When I was 17 I got strep throat 7 times over the year because the antibiotic they put me on didn't fully kill it so I'd just get it back again about a month later.
Avatar_n_tn I woke the morning after that to find myself with swollen and sore throat, headache, joint paint, mild fever, and dizzyness upon standing. Plus, when I went to the bathroom I noticed an unusually strong odor. What was really odd was that I wiped three times, the first time I got clear discharge, the second I got a bit of clumpy snotty discharge, and third it was clear again.
123128_tn?1189759427 I was positive with my son but negative with my daughter. As long as you have the antibiotics there should be no problem. One of my friends sisters gave birth the same day I did. They did not know she was positive, and she passed it to her baby. They stayed in the hospital for several days, but she made it fine. I really don't know all the details with her case though.
Avatar_n_tn I looked at my throat and I no longer have the huge white puss bubbles in the back, but I've got a white stripe on the roof of my mouth along with little white looking circles. I'm getting very worried. I've had strep before and normally felt better within 24-48 hours of taking the antibiotics. I really don't trust these doctor's here. they didn't even look inside my mouth at all yesterday!!!!! Please help.
Avatar_n_tn my 4 year old daughter has been running a fever at least once a week for the past 6 months she has no other symptoms except she says she is cold. The fever responds to fever reducers.
Avatar_n_tn Strep throat that is treated effectively, in itself, shouldn't be a problem for the heart, however, since you say that your son has had rashes with some of the strept throat episodes, it sounds like he may have had scarlet fever along with the strep - and that can definitely cause heart problems down the line. It's possible that your son's problems with getting strep so often could be related to his tonsils (has he had them out?), adenoids (again, has he had them removed?
469029_tn?1207521902 You indicate that the strep infection was undiagnosed and we assume not treated. Untreated strep infection can cause rheumatic fever (RF) and one of the bad side effects of rheumatic fever is chronic heart disease. You will want to be checked for that. Acute RF is accompanied by arthritis of many joints but this usually subsides and does not become chronic. Thus the arthritis may be a sign of another chronic disease, and unrelated to the strep infection.
Avatar_n_tn My question is in regards to a rash that formed on my arms (inside elbows) and stomach/back a few weeks after a strep infection. So, a few months ago I came down with strep after kissing a girl I was on a first date with. The onset was pretty sudden and severe. 2 1/2 days after exposure, I was sick as a dog. I couldn't swallow, eat, was running a 103* fever at its worst, was weak to my knees, and had white spots in the back of my throat.
Avatar_n_tn May 16th – sinus infection begins (fever, chills, a few headaches, major body aches, back aches) May 19th – went to see Dr. Laebethal. Did X-rays and diagnosed with severe sinus infection. Doctor gave me an injection of steroids and antibiotic. Along with a prescription for a 5 day pack of Levaquin, and 10 day pack of Allegra D-12. May 24th – finish levaquin pack. still feel bad. May 28th – sore throat starts, assume its caused by drainage. May 29th – finish Allegra D-12 pack.
Avatar_f_tn My daughter was born with a fever and admitted to special care for fluids and antibiotics but had no more problems after that. They weren't sure if she got an infection or if she came down with a fever after I breasted her (i had a fever as well) so the antibiotics were precaution. My waters were broken for 21 hrs and I ended up with a csection which could have contributed. Don't worry yourself too much it's not common for bubs to contract infection provided you get the antibiotics.
Avatar_n_tn after surfing the web about rheumatic fever, i find myself surprised that someone of your young age has ended up with this fever. it is true that it is caused by untreated strep infections. but since the birth of anibiotics, it is rare. as my doctor told me " its just your bad luck". he told me that i must have had it as a child and now at age 60 the stenosis of the aortic and mitral valves have shown up. did you have strep as a child or recently, i am curious to know?
Avatar_n_tn These classic symptoms, however, are seen in only 10% of the cases. A Strep infection could present with any combinations of the above symptoms. The symptoms start about three to four days after exposure to the bacteria. If none of the above symptoms (except for the sore throat, of course) are present, then the chance of Strep is practically zero. A sore throat associated with runny nose, cough, or other symptoms of a "common cold" is almost never due to Strep.
Avatar_m_tn (only strep infection). Or even Scarlet fever with no rash? Also, when I had Strep I had the tendency to self-induce vomit by using my ring and middle fingers, could that generalized the strep infection towards my fingers which still lasts until now?
Avatar_m_tn I googled up my problem and I read that after Strep infection some people develop Scarlet fever and eventually develop skin peeling (desquamation) on the fingers. But the problem is that I never got Scarlet fever because I never got a rash; I did get Strep for almost 2 weeks so I was wondering if that may be the cause. Help me please, can one develop desquamation without developing Scarlet fever? (only strep infection).
Avatar_m_tn b/c she said to do that if he had any odd sensations in his body. Again, NO signs of strep. (no fever, sore throat, rash, etc.) So I guess I am wondering if anyone has had this happen. The not being able to walk really scares me.
Avatar_f_tn I've had mono before, so I know that's not it because I know what that really feels like. I also know there is no way its strep, my throat doesn't hurt that bad, its just irritated. What else could it be though?
Avatar_f_tn sore throat lasting over a week, fatigue, swollen tonsils with white patches on them, etc. But lucikly, I gargled a bunch of salt water, and whatever it was just cleared up on its own. I think it was a bacterial infection other than strep. Still, I wouldn't risk it. Especially if you have a fever. They say sometimes a fever could be worse than taking something that normally wouldn't be advised for a pregnant woman. I would just talk to your OB.
1624191_tn?1299195403 I used condom and I asked her if she was HIV+ she said no (she could be lying). Two months later I had a fever and sore throat. I went to my doctor back in Missouri and the tests said it was Strep throat. Is Strep a symptom of HIV? Or could a viral infection be mistaken for strep? Also would a blood test after two months from sex session show a reliable result whether it is HIV or not?
Avatar_f_tn If you have no fever and no swollen lymph nodes in the throat it may not be a strep. But I think I would still get the test just to rule it out. If you are doing all these tests and suspect that you may have an STD then you can either get all the STD's or do the two and then go back if these two are negative. The others' would be to check for Trichomonas, GC, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma genitalium, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Syphillus and HIV (4th generation test 17 days or more after exposure).
Avatar_n_tn Sounds like a sinus infection with post nasal drip hence the sore throat, not strep in my opinion. Nothing else was ordered besides the Z-Pak? Finish out the Z-Pak. He/she (the doctor) needs to add another med, i.e. a decongestant. Reconsult him as he stated to do.
Avatar_f_tn strep And mono Are Going Around My Town Like Crazy And Im Pretty Sure I Have One Of Them . I Have Really Bad Chills When It Was 95 Outside , My Throat Is Beyone Sore And Swollen .
Avatar_f_tn I'm wondering if it is strep throat or something worse. I have been having headaches but no fever.
Avatar_f_tn It is possibly the same strep that keeps coming back either because he is getting recontaminated somehow or that the antibiotics aren't killing it. Strep. pyogenes (group A strep) has toxins which can cause serious complications such as scarlet fever, rheumatic fever septicemia (blood infections) etc. So you want to get this under control. You can get strep without a fever but it is very unusual. I would stay off of the steroid if I were you.
Avatar_n_tn ' Tselere-Let us know how your Dad makes out with the fever. Last week cause my Dad had a urinary tract infection, I made sure we take his temp first thing in the morning, before he takes any tylenol type stuff that may mask how high his temp really was. Your Dad is probably very proud to have such a sweetheart for a daughter.
Avatar_n_tn I do not know if this helps anyone, but any info is better than what is out there on Strep group F right now (which is practically nothing). I was tested positive with Strep F and my doctor said a regular round of penicillin antibiotics will take care of it (hope so). Somehow I feel that this all started when I was having back pain and went to see a chiropractor and message therapist.
Avatar_n_tn I get my illness every month. i think i had it as a child and they removed my tonsils, it went away and came back five years ago. really bad. high fever, immobile because my glands on my neck swell up so much. i haven't had it for a while but now it has made a comeback. not so bad this time. although now i am working. i know how you feel. i'm worried that they won't understand and sack me when they realise that i'm getting ill once a month (without fail - I could set a watch by it!).
Avatar_n_tn And on the second day on my third dose of it my tongue started burning and bleeding for no reason with a redish/pink line down the middle. I went back to the er and the dr didn't know what to make of it so he told me to stop taking the clindamycin. The next day after stopping i developed two circular rashes on my face that became red in the middle almost like ring worms. Two days after that i started having blood in my stool and a lot of undigested food in my stool which was softish.