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I have had a sharp stabbing pain in my lower right side of my back. It hurts very much and recently starting being bloated and nauseous. I woke up at five in the morning today feeling worst and wanting to throw up .. I also feel constipated. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is and so can't the Dr.s. It's getting ridiculous and i just want the pain to go away. I also have pains in the front right side lower stomach.
on monday night i started having little pain in my lower right back then it got really bad theni started feeling it in right side of my stomach then i threw up it came out like a fuacet still had pain in back really bad then about eleve pm i got up and threw up what little i had left in me after that the pain went away but the last couple of dayys lower right back has been sore like . so my question what do you think may have caused this?
Hello. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp, throbbing pain in her lower right back around her ribcage for the last two days. This pain radiates to her stomach, causing nausea. The pain isn’t constant, it’s sporadic. She feels fine when the pain isn’t occurring. Lying down versus sitting up seems to make no difference. This pain is something she hasn’t experienced before and she’s not pregnant. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday.
Hello. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp, throbbing pain in her lower right back around her ribcage for the last two days. This pain radiates to her stomach, causing nausea. The pain isn’t constant, it’s sporadic. She feels fine when the pain isn’t occurring. Lying down versus sitting up seems to make no difference. This pain is something she hasn’t experienced before and she’s not pregnant. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday.
I recently went to the emergency room for pains in my lower right back. The pain is sharp and hurts only when I am lying down and when I breathe in. I was test for pulmonary embolism and it was negative. I don't have a lung infection. If I am sitting for a long period of time I can feel the sharp pain when I breathe in. It radiates up to my neck and around the side of my stomach, under the ribcage. The doctors were unable to tell me what the pain is coming from. I did not injury my back.
It started as very minor pain that occured off and on about 3 months ago, but around 2-3 weeks back it started getting more regular and the pain much more intense. When I sit down, my lower right back has a dull, radiating pain that spreads to where my right thigh meets my rear. If I stay sitting down, this pain gets very intense and sometimes my groin hurts after awhile. My legs feel sort of weak after sitting like this for awhile. The pain is almost non-existent when I stand up.
70 yr old male... non smoker... general health conditions good. HEAVY drinker (6- 8 oz per day). I take asthma & gout medications on regular basis; also prevacid. Evenings, bedtime, I experience pain... not severe.. but pain, in lower right portion of stomach (3" below rib cage). It seems that drinking water helps alleviate condition. When I lie on my right side.... condition remains the same.... on my left side, or on back, it is somewhat lessened.
Then the pain goes from my lower back to my right side of my stomach. The lower back pain hurts when I sit down, go to the bathroom or pass gas. I am 25 years old and as far as I can remember I have never had a pain like this before. But then I thought that it may have to do with two different instances. First the other day at work I lifted 6 boxes that had reams of copier paper and the pain started shortly after that.
From Last 1 week I have suffering pain in my Lower back on the right side and in my stomach on the right side . The pain started from the Ribs on the front side but has now gradually moved to the back side. Also , there are Bumps on my skin on my back (wherever there is pain ) My Stools are normal and the Pain seems to worsen after I have eaten food. My Stomach feels floaty even if I eat little, even though I am still hungry. I feel Sleepy and there is a constant noise in my ears.
This morning went I woke up there seems to be a little pain in lower right back too. Just had dr appt last Thursday, heard heartbeat and everything was fine. Does this sound like normal pain for the normal stretching of everything adjusting for baby?
For the past 38 hours or so I've been getting a crampy/achy pain in my stomach/lower right abdomen. It comes and goes. I haven't ate in 16 hours and that hasn't seemed to help. I've had my appendix removed, so I don't think that's it, either. When I pass gas it seems to relieve the pain. Sometimes I'll get a cramp, and then pass gas, and the cramp will end for a short while. It always comes back shortly, though. During this 36 hour span I've had two small-ish bowel movements.
Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. I can feel a little ball on the right all the time, when the pain is there, it seems larger & it hurts. On the left there is also a ball, but when it doesn't hurt, I can't feel the ball. I have had a CT scan at the ER, they said they saw nothing wrong. I think I have a double hernia, (I do heavy work). I am female, have had all the usual, (Ovarian ultrasound, HIDA scan, etc..) Nothing. This pain is horrible when it comes on.
I had a lot of pain in my lower left quadrant, it turned out to be diverticulosis.... I had lots of the same symptoms you have had... If you can, I suggest a colonoscopy...
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It feels like the stomach is bloated and now the pain is in the lower right region. constant slight throb pain and when i press it it hurts, there are no lumps. My stools look perfect, i feel like i am full of gas but am not flatuating too much. I thought it might be appendicitis, but i am not sure. I do feel bloated in the stomach area and the belly button is protuding more. What do you think it is and can i get my belly button to go in again? 1.
I am 37 and have been experiencing lower right abdominal pain which at times radiates across my abdominal area. I also at times feels like fluttering in my stomach and a burning sensation at times also. When I sit for a long period of time it feels like something heavy or hard is in there but my stomach does not feel hard upon touch. At nights at times it feels like a shart stabbing pain if I lay on that side or will hurt if pushed hard. I had had a cat scan and it showed nothing.
Had no bowel movement for over 7 days, I decided to take 2 pills of laxative, next early morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my lower right and lower near the pelvis area, finally had bowel movement, then went back to sleep for another few hours, woke up with pain in lower right and stomach, later in the day I felt better, and the pain in lower right came back, noticed I had a little vaginal bleeding, but then it stopped and the pain goes and comes all night and all day..
Now having horrible pain with gurgling in stomach. Lower left and right deep pain in back! Upper stomach Bloating. Have to take at least 10 mg of Milk of Magnesia every night due to constipation. Then I end up with Diarrhea and Hemmeroids! Please Help me.
The cyst on my ovaries did go away after 2 more periods. Now the back ache went away and I now I have a lower right pain between my ribs and hip for 2 months now. It only hurts went I bend down to pick something up or slouch. I called the doctor again and explained my new pain. She seems to think muscle I explained I don't do sit up or exercise etc then she went to bowls. I have always had stomach problems but never these problems.
I am still experiencing the dull pain and I have aches on my right side and on the lower right side of my back. I am hoping I will get to see a specialist (my insurance willing) because this has been going on for to long. I had something similar happen to a friend which turned out to be a chronic appendicitis which after about three months burst and almost killed him. If that's what is wrong with me I need a good suggestion so that I might get it cut out once and for all.
I have had lower right abdominal pain for 3 months now. I had done urinalysis and blood work, came back with normal results. Also had pregnancy tests, and gynological exam done all of it was normal. Dr suspected ovarian cysts so I had abdominal and pelvic ultrasound - results again normal. They put me on a birth control pill - that did not help still constant dull abdominal pain in Lower right quadrant. Dr suggested Laparoscopy, where he removed adhesion and a little endometriosis.
I have lower right quadrant pain, tenderness around my pelvis, and sometimes pain radiating from quadrant pain down my right leg.
I also have off and on pain in my lower right abdomen and lower right side of my back. It seems to affect me more when I am full. However, the pain mostly just comes and goes as it pleases. I have noticed that it does not hurt me at all to exercise, but afterwards the pain seems to flare up and bother me. I've also noticed some bloating. I've had these symptoms off and on for a few months. If anyone gets answers, please post...this is getting very annoying.
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