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I tried withholding food for approxiately 10 hours and feeding him brown rice but within several hours of eating he vomits. Seems to have good energy and not in any pain. I read an article about trying clear liquids but I'm not sure what liquids to give him and how often and how much. Any suggestions?
I would have to do some reading up on this issue in dogs. I am somewhat familiar with delayed motility in people so am assuming the "mechanics", so to speak are the same. Sounds like he has an irritated gut too. He needs to be on a bland food that is easily digested. Try cooking up some chicken (no skin) and rice and you could add some vegetable like shredded zucchini.
in the continuation to the above i have read endoscopy causes perforation i.e.hole in the stomach for which surgery is required afterwards. i also throat burning for which i tried elevation of bed on the headside but then i had low back pain afterwards. so i removed the elevation.
However, I'd discourage her from launching in such a way, it's not the greatest habit anyway. My son kicked me in the stomach (not hard) in early pregnancy and I lost the pregnancy, and although I pretty much know the two are not related, I stressed about it anyway and emotionally sort of felt like that hurt the pregnancy. You don't want to stress every time Fifi kicks off.
I was out walking the dogs with my bf and he assumed id stopped, i assumed hed seen me... anyway i carried on walking as he swung the stick (more the size of a small log) and it hit me right in the stomach, not really hard but hard enough for me to wince (didnt wind me and hasnt marked me) im home now and theres no bleeding or pain and baby is moving as normal.
We tried to get our dog to throw it back up, but there was nothing left in the stomach. It was completely absorbed, and caused hypoglycemia and liver damage even though we started treatment. We began to see bloody stools, lethargy and severe abdominal pain. We nearly lost our second dog, but didn't, because we had on hand what we needed to protect the liver and started giving it immediately. Most importantly we prayed like crazy! To God be the glory that our dogs are alive!
The only thing I keep thinking is at least she did not suffer too much. Her worst was still to come , in terms of pain and suffering...She was a mere shadow of her old self in the end, but at least she was cheerful. Also, while a relatively pain free end is one of the biggest goals, I also think some of the things I tried, if I had commenced earlier, they would have kept her alive longer.
and I am waiting by the phone for the results of his blood test.. but researching 'fluid in chest in dogs' online.. has resulted to nothing positive or promising. 1. They can drain the fluid necessary but eventually scars... so they can't do it anymore. 2. They can wrap the heart or something with something... so the chyle fluid doesn't reach the heart... but that's only has a 50% rate and then only 20% success rate. 3. Then the other two choices are not good either..
We went through that with our Joker Wallace. He had kidney cancer. I asked the vet if he was in much pain...he said yes. My mind was made up at that point...I wanted to be selfish...I wanted my baby to stay with me ( had raised him from 2 days of age...his mommy had been killed)...but he was hurting. The day I brought him back to the vet he had peed in the house...he must have peed out a bucket full...I knew it was over. The vet gave me time to call hubby and to pick up the kids.
swollen abdomen upper part not so much lower part,no pain, no diarrhoea,no vomiting ,no constipation has gas and gurgling stomach ,used to be small eater fussy would leave food in bowl if full,not over weight ,now is hungry all the time seeks out food all the time obsessed.1 changed to vet food sensitive stomach,2 put on antibiotics.
It is very sad, however, it is best not to leave the dog in pain. My heart goes out to you as I have shed many a tear over my dogs and I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet.
I figured that my dog would want me to love another as much as I loved him, and I will tell you everyone in my family knew how much it was tearing me up to let him go. My dog was in pain, I had no choice but it sure did hurt me. One thing I want to suggest to you is ask the vet (when you do make this choice) if they use the two shot method. This is what I regreat the most, I wanted my dog to go to sleep before he was sent to heaven.
She is generally a calm dog, playful at times, and hasn't displayed any other signs of being in pain. I'd love to connect with someone who has gone through the same thing and maybe get some advice as to what I can do to help her.
the male threw up and pooped all night the female did not and died this morning when i got up now the male puppy isnt drinking or wanting to move and is starting to get stiff in the mouth and thick spit i almost can't get water in please help what can i do....
He said dogs don't swell like this unless it is very serious, I don't want her to go through exploratory surgery just for her to die on the table, A fair few vets have seen her now, the thing is I don't know if she is an old girl or not, her stomach is enormous. If she is old it could kill her anyhow. I know in my heart and soul it is something very serious, she is so thin except for this enormous stomach,.
I don't know if anyone can answer this...if not, never mind. Misty is not in any pain now, but she might get discomfort occasionally in the future. The vet recommended Paracetamol, as it doesn't interfere with blood clotting, as other pain relief for dogs can. He gave me some tablets. They are big and have "square" edges. Normally Misty is easy to give a tablet to. I wrap it in a piece of brown bread, potato or cheese, throw it at her and it goes right down without touching the sides!
Collies, as a breed, have some of the most human traits I've ever seen in dogs! My collies have always had that big Collie grin in their photos, but Adam actually SMILES! At first we thought he was showing his teeth but then it dawned on us that he does it when he's happy and after he does it, he gets a bad attack of the "happies" and dances around wiggling himself for all he's worth!
My grandma is in her 80's and she came down with this rash that is red blister looking bumps but they are not blisters that burn and itch and are very painful they keep her up at night in pain . They also start to burn when touched by water . They are on her hands front and back and feet and on the bottom of her feet . And they are spread out out over her body in no certain areas arms, legs , etc. they are in little groups not in any big type areas .
She is eating very little and drinking somewhat. She is alert, and does not seem to be in as much pain as Friday but still not feeling well enough to get up and walk.
I have two dogs that will vomit stomach acid if they aren't fed right when they first wake up in the morning. Instead of giving them pills, I give them a few oyster crackers or a small dog biscuit and they're good to go till it's feeding time an hour or two later. Works every time. Just a thought if you want to save some money and avoid giving your dog medicine.
after eating today so much pain-feels like my stomach is going to explode.cannot cope with pain anymore.Dr said it is just my stomach not an ovarian stomach is getting bigger every day so must be something.crying whole time .dr also said taht when i had operation fro stress incontinence the gynecologist wa salso checking my ovaries btu this was not mentioned to me at anytime by DR or gynaecologist.
I'm 7 weeks 5 days and my boyfriends dog which is a pug jumped on my stomach. Didn't really feel any pain but will the baby be okay?
My sister is not a whimp like me. She is strong and never complains. But you can now see the pain in her face. One other thing to mention is that 2 weeks before the pain started she was in Santo Domingo. We thought maybe she caught a virus there but this has not panned out that way. Dr. told her wait six weeks because of appendix removed and she should feel better. I feel that is ridiculous, it is not a different pain it is the same as before. This is the same Dr.
I am convinced I have Giardia, lodged in the upper stomach and resistant to Flagyl. Doctors are so slow to act. They are not aggressive. They are not the ones in pain. I am ready to take a gun to my head!
This whole time I'm having bad pain on the right side of my bellybutton, pain in the groin area and pain in the penis. All on the right side. I then went to have a VCU study done. This study was excruciatingly painful. The doctor was very good and had done thousands of these studies. He noticed a narrowing of my urethra but thought that it wasn't important and wasn't very narrow. Life went on for a few more weeks and nothing changed. So I went to a GI doctor.
I've been dealing with this for nearly a year now. It's a major pain in the ***, not to mention embarrassing when you have to go out in public looking like someone smashed a chain across the skin around your eyes. For anyone struggling with this same situation, I urge you to consider changing your diet. Cut out sugars, junk food, drinking, smoking, etc. Anything and everything bad. As the book, Clean, points out: you are what you eat..
I am ok, but if I wake up in the morning hours; I am in severe pain - in the lower back (kidney area, right and left hip (on the sides) and upper back in the middle. After about 30 min to 1 hr; it goes away. I have a sedentary job and if I sit too long, my hips will ache again and makes it slightly painful to get out of chair, but nothing like the morning.
When we got our little Shih Tzu (we take in older dogs) he was 15 and not eating at all. We put him on pepcid - just a small dose and that was the answer - at least for him.
I am in pain, and in bed, for an entire day and NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, works to relieve the viscous pain except a hot-water bottle, but ONLY as long as the bottle is resting on my poor, enlarged and hugely bloated belly. The 'egg-burping' is a vile, nonstop violation to my system and my sanity; the rotten egg taste of sulfur is beyond nauseating. Food never affects this condition, or brings it about. It just happens.... but always after tremendous stress. That's the connection.
A small percentage of men develop severe pain and find it affects their quality of life or causes pain during sex or diminishes the sensation of orgasm or pleasure from sex. Between 1 in 30 and 1 in 60 men regret having the vasectomy due to chronic genital pain. If you end up in this latter group, your treatment options will include warm soaks, Motrin, and time. If it does not resolve, you may need a vasectomy reversal and it may not be covered by insurance and could cost $4000 to $12,000.
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