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The dr called in a prescription for nausea the good news is i am not vomiting but the pain in my ilight>abdomenilight> seems to be getting worse. it feels like i have a lot of pressure in my ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight> like someone is sitting on me and i cant tell if its the baby or my stomach is swollen. im taking imodium but im still having loose stool and when i go its almost a green color. should i be concerned? is this a bug or something else?
Hi! Well, ilight>stomachilight> ilight>crampsilight> may not be really due to fibro. Debilitating cramping pain in ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight> is usually due to gall stones or severe acidity and in lower abdomen is due to kidney stones, trapped gas, ovarian cysts (burst or twisted) or bladder and urine infection. if she gets the pain again or is still in pain, it needs to be properly investigated. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Where in the "stomach" is the pain located (upper left abdomen, upper right abdomen, around the belly button, lower...)? Anxiety and medication for it can cause a number of effects on your Gi system. Where the pain is may help define what the issue might be.
my doctor prescribed Belladonna Alkaloids tablets, which seemed to relieve the lower abdominal ilight>crampsilight>, however the pain migrated to the ilight>stomachilight> area. This pain was coming and going and was more of a burning type. when the pain peaked, i felt somewhat nauseous. This pain originated in the center of the upper abdomen (which was tender). Somestimes, it migrated up to where the esophagus ends. i did not have diarrhea, or a fever. i ate normally!
i got some infection in my mouth mocosa, then pharynx, esophagus and ilight>stomachilight>. ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight> was so swollen and tight that respiratory movements were difficult. Now the symptoms have vanished but i sometiomes get tightness in my upper abdomen when walking. Could this be from the diaphragma, or esophagus or stomach? A coronary artery disease has been excluded from possible causes. i have also had joint problems.
i have had ilight>stomachilight> ilight>crampsilight> off and on for about 2 months. first off i deal with pretty bad anxiety and i am pretty much a hypo. i drink a little more then average on the weekends. i feel like there is always somthing wrong with me and i think about it pretty much all day at work and it is really affecting how i do my job. i have been off and on buspar for about 2 years 10 mg. these stomach pains are nothing i have ever experienced before. pepto or milanta do nothing for me.
left side of my ilight>stomachilight> (not below ilight>stomachilight> or the entire ilight>abdomenilight>) for the past 3-4 days. it occurs between midnight - 4.00 am and has been lasting severely as if someone is pulling all my muscles, for roughly 10-15 minutes. The pain sometimes keeps shifting from center to the left side as i keep moving. i sometimes also have a little pain immediately after i get up in the morning. what could be the reason for this?
left side of my ilight>stomachilight> (not below ilight>stomachilight> or the entire ilight>abdomenilight>) for the past 3-4 days. it occurs between midnight - 4.00 am and has been lasting severely as if someone is pulling all my muscles, for roughly 10-15 minutes. The pain sometimes keeps shifting from center to the left side as i keep moving. i sometimes also have a little pain immediately after i get up in the morning. what could be the reason for this?
Then sometimes my muscles around my ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight> and ribs twitch or spasm. Could this be related to gas or constipation? Or muscle strain? i don't have any other symptoms.
i had a bloated ilight>stomachilight> for a couple days that then turned into a very distended ilight>stomachilight> overnight, i look 6 months pregnant. i initially had a fever for 5-6 nights, very fatigued, feel achy diarrhea, no vomiting, no nausea, definitely not pregnant. i have had many blood tests, no issues, had upper Gi, no blockage, x-rays look fine, have been to 4 doctors and will be seeing my fifth Monday. have not had a colonoscopy yet.
that i push in on my ilight>stomachilight> to alleviate several times a day. Visually my ilight>abdomenilight> is comparable (to a lesser degree) to someone i know with liver cirrhosis. Any light you can shed would be extremely helpful. Thank you!
Some times i have bloating in ilight>abdomenilight> and it is relieved by passing gas or stool. i have sometimes burning senation in my ilight>stomachilight>. This happens only if stomach is empty and it is releived by taking food. Most of the types of food causes this problem. For some types food it will be very high (milk, most of the vegetables). Tried avoiding cetain food items and could notice reduction in flatulence. For past three years i am trying to find the reason for this. 1.
Hi, i have really bad pain in my lower ilight>abdomenilight> right below my belly button but i have no problems with using the restroom...what might be causing this? im really worried and i would go to a doctor but i cant right now because my mother cant drive me. PLEASE answer and help.
Today i feel fine 9still feel somewhat swollen/bloated in the ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight>, but no ilight>stomachilight> pain. Thank you!
The stomach pain subsided slightly since then, but i now have been having REALLY bad gas (burping mostly), ilight>stomachilight> ilight>crampsilight> ALL OVER (pelvis, lower left and right ilight>abdomenilight>, and ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight>), diarrhea throughout the day, acid reflux, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, and it feels like i have a lump in my throat. i've just recently had a barium upper Gi and everything came out normal besides reflux.
hi im 25 years old female. the last five years iv had severe ilight>upperilight> center ilight>stomachilight> pains. above navel. just a lil pressure hurts really bad when you touch it. i do have bright red bloody stools which are becoming more often. when my stomach acts up it bloats really big looks like im ten months pregnant and its very painful. i burp a lot but it doesnt help any when i burp and it doesnt burn like heartburn. my stomach is always turning any time of the day.
About thirty minutes after taking the Tylenol, i got a cramp in my ilight>abdomenilight> and my heart started beating harder. This wore off, and didn't happen again that day. Yesterday when i took some, the same thing happened but the cramp hasn't gone away. Every few minutes, i get a short wave of a cramping pain in my upper abdomen. i have also had less of an appetite. Yesterday i forced myself to eat a sandwich but that was it. This morning i felt a little nauseous.
i have an occasional stabbing pain in my ilight>upperilight> left ilight>abdomenilight> and the skin over the area seems sensitive. This started fairly suddenly with the skin sensitivity come a day or two later. the pain is about 4 inches below the ribs and about 2 inches from center to the left.
im going on month 3 of a terrible gnawing/burning sensation in my high ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight> (where the rib cage meets) and sometimes in my chest area. By the sternum. im really not refluxing food or anything. it's just a terrible burning sensation like someone has a hot poker sitting there. This sensation comes and goes throughout the day. Some days worse than others. Bad at night where it was waking me up at night. Started out with 1 Priolosec, moved to 2 Prilosec per day.
if i don't eat anything all day and then eat dinner, my ilight>stomachilight> makes me pay for it. i get horrible ilight>crampsilight> and my ilight>stomachilight> makes the worst sounds. is she sensitive to acidic foods? i can't drink any sort of fruit juice or eat ketchup or most acidic fruits. i will get a horrible burning in my stomach that feels like there is acid burning a whole right through it. it never goes up to my throat though.
Finally when i had my baby i had a chest x-ray, UBT, an ilight>upperilight> Gi with the Barium, and a full ilight>abdomenilight> xray with all negative results. i'm on the highest dose of Losec. The cough has gone away but i still get acid reflux and the occasional heartburn. Went off of Losec for 2 weeks as per dr's suggestion to see if it was doing anything and i got horrible heartburn. i've also changed my diet and am now dairy, citrus, spice, chocolate, caffeine free. it's been hard but it's made it better.
Suffering with knee aches and pains at the moment too also getting constipation. Get the odd lower ilight>stomachilight> ilight>crampsilight> but this upper one frightened me. So wondering if it is all connected to the really severe pain i had yesterday. i did take 10mg of morphine for lower cramps that morning, i did have slight pain to upper abdominal then, but it got worse after morphine, although the lower cramps got better.
it first started off on the ilight>upperilight> left side of my ilight>abdomenilight>, the pain would be very mild, mild enough to the point where i wouldn't notice it, then it would gradually get painful enough for me to notice it. i didn't think much of it and just ignored it.
i do take ibuprofen from time to time when i have a headache or menstrual ilight>crampsilight> but haven't noticed a connection to my ilight>stomachilight> pain, it doesn't seem to directly help or hinder. they didn't check my gallbladder function.
However for last 10 months i am feeling pain/pressure in my left ilight>upperilight> ilight>abdomenilight>. initially it was an occasional feeling of pressure that came and go (there could be whole week of feeling ok). in last 3-4 months the pressure changed into pain and the pain is almost all the time there. i will list my symptoms: - pain/pressure in left upper abdomen. There is hardly an hour when i do not feel it. Sometimes it lasts for minutes, sometimes for hours. On 1 to 10 scale i would say it is around 2-3.
i am 71 year old woman, i recently had surgery, now have severe ilight>upperilight> ilight>stomachilight> problems, lack of appetite, dry metalic taste in mouth, periodic flem, weakness. i have tried mylanta, pepcid, perlosec, all with not much help. Pain pills help, but i think irritate the problem. One year/half ago i had upper/lower Gi diagnosis gastritis& reflux. This problem has happened after 2 surgeries. i have lost so much weight due to inability to eat (i have to force myself to eat).
all over his hands and he wiped it than fingered me with the same hand, somehow his sperm probaly got into my vagina , that happened like 12 days ago and now i keep getting this fluttery feeling down below my stomach and to the left side of my ilight>stomachilight> and i keep getting back pains, ilight>crampsilight>, headaches and slightly dizzyness . does it mean im pregnant ? someone please help !
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