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Welcome to the gastroenterology commun4'>ity! Are you hav4'>ing any const4'>ipat4'>ion or 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight> or more 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>? Have you seen a doctor about th4'>is?
4'>i took two doses of 4'>immod4'>ium AD and now feel as 4'>if the 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> have been turned down, but 4'>i can st4'>ill tell 4'>its there. my 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>is not completely flat as 4'>it normally 4'>is after d4'>iarrhea and 4'>i have some gas. Due to the nausea 4'>i havent really been eat4'>ing e4'>ither. Any 4'>ideas what th4'>is could be?
4'>i get pa4'>inful 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> that wake me out of my sleep 4'>for about 5 m4'>inutes when 4'>i have 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight>. 4'>i have to breathe and moan 4'>it out cuz 4'>it hurts so bad.4'>its been happen4'>ing about once a month s4'>ince 4'>i th4'>ink 5 or 6 months..4'>i am now 8 months..l dr4'>ink plenty water so 4'>idk y th4'>is happens :-( 4'>i hope 4'>its not a bad s4'>ign...
4'>for th4'>is last month 4'>i have 4'>had severe 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> w4'>ith 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight> and nausea r4'>ight after 4'>i eat supper. 4'>i thought the f4'>irst t4'>ime was food po4'>isen4'>ing because 4'>i felt l4'>ike that but now 4'>it has happened aga4'>in and aga4'>in. 4'>i was 4'>in so much pa4'>in 4'>i thought 4'>i would pass out, my husband 4'>had to hold me up 4'>i was so week. 4'>i have not been s4'>ick or 4'>i d4'>idn't eat anyth4'>ing out of the ord4'>inary. 4'>i 4'>had a phys4'>ical and she sa4'>id 4'>i was 4'>in good health but 4'>i don't th4'>ink they d4'>id the r4'>ight test.
4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> bug, stress/anx4'>iety, 4'>ind4'>igest4'>ion, 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>, some G4'>i 4'>issue, etc... however cramps are also very common 4'>in pregnancy. They can start as early as 4'>implantat4'>ion (also known as 4'>implantat4'>ion cramp4'>ing). Many women get them as the4'>ir body prepares 4'>for pregnancy.... 4'>i would def4'>in4'>itely consult a doctor espec4'>ially an OBGYN...
4'>i have few good years of rel4'>ief by tak4'>ing Alfalfa w4'>ith every meal, good bye const4'>ipat4'>ion, 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight> ( d4'>idn't have 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight>. to make the story short, last few years th4'>ings got worse. 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight>, const4'>ipat4'>ion and then d4'>iarrhea unt4'>il my 4'>instest4'>ine are clean. 4'>i thought th4'>is 4'>is not r4'>ight. V4'>is4'>it Gyno 'cause 4'>i 4'>had some pa4'>ins, he sa4'>id check the colon. 4'>i have a tw4'>ist 4'>in the colon. That 4'>is about my story. Extremely healthy food 4'>is a plus.
About three t4'>imes a year 4'>i get s4'>ick. 4'>it w4'>ill h4'>it me all of a sudden. 4'>i'll start burp4'>ing sulfur and get 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight>. and then 4'>i get yellow explos4'>ive d4'>iarrhea. 4'>i can't control 4'>it and end up 4'>in the bathroom 4'>for three days. 4'>i get a lot of gas. 4'>i can hear 4'>it rumbl4'>ing through my whole body. 4'>i e4'>ither burp or flatuate a lot. 4'>it seems to always be when 4'>im on my per4'>iod as well. 4'>ive went to the doctor and my tests came back to show 4'>i d4'>idnt have a paras4'>ite or 4'>infect4'>ion. He th4'>inks 4'>its from stress.
Wh4'>ile eat4'>ing my nausea got worse and would stop me from eat4'>ing. my symptoms led on to 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight>, upper / lower abdom4'>inal 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight>/pa4'>in, 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>, bowels rumbl4'>ing, sl4'>ight ch4'>ills, loss of appet4'>ite etc. Dur4'>ing th4'>is 2 month per4'>iod 4'>i also exper4'>ienced sl4'>ight d4'>iarrhea, also change 4'>in color 4'>in my stools from green to nomral brown wh4'>ich went away. However 4'>i do not4'>ice that my stools seem to be sl4'>ightly loose or greasy.
4'>i haven't 4'>had any problems unt4'>il 6 months ago. 4'>it started w4'>ith tolerable 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> that lasted 1 week. These 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> were 4'>in the 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> just below the sternum. After th4'>is ep4'>isode, 4'>for about a month, 4'>i 4'>had the sensat4'>ion of a "ball" 4'>in the stomach -- even when 4'>i 4'>hadn't eaten 4'>for many hours, 4'>i st4'>ill felt full. Th4'>is was accompan4'>ied by back pa4'>in and abdom4'>inal d4'>iscom4'>fort. A blood test revealed the presence of H-Pylor4'>i. 4'>i took ant4'>ib4'>iot4'>ics 4'>for th4'>is, and exper4'>ienced some rel4'>ief.
4'>i have been up most of the n4'>ight w4'>ith 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> pa4'>ins and 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight>, const4'>ipat4'>ion and 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>. Hours later 4'>it turned 4'>into d4'>iarreha and blood. now 4'>it just seems to be blood every 1/2 or so. When 4'>i stand up 4'>it really feels l4'>ike 4'>i have to go and then just blood. L4'>ike a tbs or more of blood. 4'>i have checked the web, found Crohn's wh4'>ich my dad 4'>had, 4'>iBS and hemoro4'>ids. Seems to much to be 'ro4'>ids. 4'>i am sure my d4'>iet lately hasn't helped.
4'>i have only thrown up a couple t4'>imes but have 4'>had horr4'>ible 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight> pa4'>ins the whole t4'>ime. The 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight> pa4'>ins don't last real long but when they come they put me on my knees. The pa4'>ins usually come hours after 4'>i eat. 4'>i've been eat4'>ing soup, toast and small amounts of ch4'>icken. The pa4'>in 4'>is on the left s4'>ide of my stomach up near my r4'>ibs. 4'>i also feel 4'>it 4'>in my back. The only t4'>imes 4'>i've thrown up was when the pa4'>in was real bad. 4'>i am 31 and pretty healthy otherw4'>ise. Any help would be apprec4'>iated.
35 yo Male. 4'>i was prescr4'>ibed 4 x 500mg Flucloxac4'>ill4'>in 4'>for 14 days follow4'>ing an earlobe cyst dra4'>inage. 10 days 4'>into the course of ant4'>ib4'>iot4'>ics 4'>i start develop4'>ing severe d4'>iarhoea, lower stomach cramps/pa4'>ins & foul smell4'>ing gas. Symptoms are espec4'>ially bad upon wak4'>ing - between 3 and 7 v4'>is4'>its to open my bowels 4'>in the f4'>irst hour of wak4'>ing each day.
4'>i do have a h4'>igh ac4'>id4'>ic 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight>, wh4'>ich 4'>i take 30 mg Prev4'>iced everyday. Pr4'>ilosec gave me 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> and d4'>iarrhea. About 3 years ago 4'>i began not4'>ic4'>ing 4'>i was have4'>ing more gas than normal. 4'>it has gotten worse 4'>in the past 18 months. 4'>it 4'>is ordorless but not soundless. 4'>i may just be walk4'>ing across my class room a fart pops pops out, some small some not so small. 4'>i don't have any bloat4'>ing are gas pa4'>in bu4'>ild up, just unpred4'>ictable farts. Th4'>is 4'>is qu4'>iet embarrass4'>ing.
try some 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>-X ! they work great- 4'>ive used the chewable tablet k4'>ind, extra strength. THey help the stomach pa4'>ins so much! also you may need pepto or 4'>immod4'>i4'>ium 4'>if you are hav4'>ing bad d4'>iarrhea...
4'>i have e4'>ight days left (wh4'>ich 4'>is how early my f4'>irst came) and s4'>ince last Saturday 4'>i've dropped. F4'>irst off 4'>i never have 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>, maybe a l4'>ittle toot 4'>in bed but never gassy. All the sudden ton4'>ight 4'>i'm go4'>ing off left and r4'>ight and they are d4'>isgust4'>ing plus two bowel movements. 4'>i'm wonder4'>ing 4'>if th4'>is means my body 4'>is gett4'>ing anyth4'>ing extra out r4'>ight be4'>fore 4'>i go 4'>into labor. What do you all th4'>ink??
4'>i do have a problem w4'>ith unusual 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight>. 4'>i can feel when 4'>i am start4'>ing to go. There 4'>is rumbl4'>ing 4'>in my 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> soon as 4'>i stand up to go to the bathroom...4'>it comes out. 4'>i cannot control 4'>it what-so-ever. 4'>i have searched and read th4'>ings about th4'>is problem 4'>in ch4'>ildren. 4'>i have no bleed4'>ing or unusual sharp pa4'>ins (unless 4'>i am 4'>in a pos4'>it4'>ion to have to try and wa4'>it to use the bathroom) then 4'>i get terr4'>ible cramps and actually 4'>i never end up mak4'>ing 4'>it to the bathroom.
4'>i have excess4'>ice 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>, abdom4'>inal bloat4'>ing, 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> 4'>in abdomen on both s4'>ides,nauseau,fevers occass4'>ionally, and headaches some t4'>imes. 4'>if there 4'>is anyone who can help me understand what 4'>is go4'>ing on and have tr4'>ied someth4'>ing that seems to be work4'>ing ,please let me know.
4'>it's all so b4'>izarre. M4'>ilk def4'>in4'>itely doesn't agree w4'>ith me, 4'>i not4'>ice an 4'>increase 4'>in 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight> and 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight> the next morn4'>ing 4'>if 4'>i have any. Aged cheese seems to be f4'>ine w4'>ith. Code4'>ine wouldn't work 4'>for me, 4'>i'm allerg4'>ic to 4'>it! 4'>i'm just frustrated s4'>ince we're try4'>ing to plan a fam4'>ily tr4'>ip to D4'>isney World and th4'>is whole th4'>ing makes me nervous about be4'>ing away from home.
and 4'>i am so pleased. 4'>i no longer have 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>(a severe problem w4'>ith me), headaches, 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>cramps4'>il4'>ight>, vom4'>it4'>ing( 4'>i used to vom4'>it 4'>immed4'>iately after almost every meal-embarras4'>ing on dates!), naseau and jsut pla4'>in ole t4'>iredness. 4'>i do however, have d4'>iareh4'>ia problems st4'>ill. But last week, 4'>i 4'>had a colonoscopy done and 4'>it happens 4'>i have col4'>it4'>is. So, my doctor th4'>inks 4'>it was a comb4'>inat4'>ion.
Although, 4'>i st4'>ill have the problem of bloat4'>ing, 4'>il4'>ight>gas4'>il4'>ight>, and constant 4'>il4'>ight>stomach4'>il4'>ight> d4'>iscom4'>fort, 4'>i was sort of rel4'>ieved that my d4'>iarrhea ceased. 4'>i st4'>ill go to the bathroom several t4'>imes a day (maybe 3-4) but l4'>ike 4'>i ment4'>ioned 4'>it 4'>is no longer runny. 4'>invest4'>igate and ask your own doctor 4'>if th4'>is would be appropr4'>iate 4'>for yourself. 4'>i just wanted to share th4'>is 4'>info because 4'>i know the pa4'>in and d4'>iscom4'>fort as 4'>i am go4'>ing through 4'>it as well.
The ant4'>i-4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight> p4'>ill that 4'>i take 4'>is just a gener4'>ic one from wal-mart. 4'>it l4'>iterally just says "Ant4'>i-D4'>iarrhea" on the box. 4'>i found 4'>it on a wh4'>im, actually. 4'>i was out of the l4'>iqu4'>id and 4'>i was desperate because 4'>i d4'>idn't want to take 4'>it, so 4'>i bought the f4'>irst p4'>ills 4'>i found. 4'>i also 4'>had the d4'>izz4'>iness and blurred v4'>is4'>ion. 4'>i have some problems w4'>ith electrolytes, so 4'>it messes all that up. 4'>it's a b4'>it of a pa4'>in, but 4'>i f4'>ind that the eas4'>iest th4'>ing to get through.
At that t4'>ime, the doctor told me 4'>i would have an 4'>increased r4'>isk of 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight>. Well, 4'>i've 4'>had 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight> ever s4'>ince! Accord4'>ing to my 4'>intern4'>ist, 10-15% of the people who have the4'>ir gall bladders removed have th4'>is problem. 4'>it 4'>had gotten so bad that 4'>it was really start4'>ing to 4'>interfere w4'>ith my job. 4'>in an attempt to f4'>ind a solut4'>ion, 4'>i've just f4'>in4'>ished w4'>ith the colonoscopy, CAT scan, and bar4'>ium enema 4'>in that order.
When 4'>i exper4'>ience a real bad ep4'>isode 4'>i have constant vom4'>it4'>ing,4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight> 4'>for up to 6 hours,4'>i usually take someth4'>ing to stop the 4'>il4'>ight>d4'>iarrhea4'>il4'>ight>. 4'>it only happens at n4'>ight????? Can anyone offer any adv4'>ice on what could cause these ep4'>isodes,4'>is there sometn4'>ing 4'>i can take when the bad burps start.
my d4'>iet 4'>is pretty normal, 4'>i do not eat junk foods, 4'>i dont eat a lot of meats, Mosly veg4'>ies and fru4'>its, 4'>i only dr4'>ink water.. noth4'>ing has changed 4'>in my d4'>iet.
P4'>iLLS AT WAL-MART 4'>iN THE V4'>iTAM4'>iN SECT4'>iON, 4'>iTS 4'>for D4'>iGEST4'>iVE HEALTH and 4'>iVE BEEN TAK4'>iNG 3 P4'>iLLS BE4'>forE EVERY MEAL and 4'>i DONT HAVE my CRAMPS ANYMORE WHEN 4'>i TAKE THEM BUT THERE HAVE BEEN T4'>iMES 4'>i 4'>forGET TO TAKE THEM and my 4'>il4'>ight>STOMACH4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>CRAMPS4'>il4'>ight> WORSE SO 4'>iT SEEMS L4'>iKE ONCE YOU START 4'>iTS SOMETH4'>iNG YOU W4'>iLL HAVE TO DO 4'>for THE REST of YOUR L4'>iFE.
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