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Welcome to the gastroenterology community! Are you having any constipation or diarrhea or more gas? Have you seen a doctor about this?
I took two doses of Immodium AD and now feel as if the cramps have been turned down, but I can still tell its there. My stomach is not completely flat as it normally is after diarrhea and I have some gas. Due to the nausea I havent really been eating either. Any ideas what this could be?
For this last month I have had severe stomach cramps with diarrhea and nausea right after I eat supper. I thought the first time was food poisening because I felt like that but now it has happened again and again. I was in so much pain I thought I would pass out, my husband had to hold me up I was so week. I have not been sick or I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. I had a physical and she said I was in good health but I don't think they did the right test.
I get painful stomach cramps that wake me out of my sleep for about 5 minutes when i have diarrhea. I have to breathe and moan it out cuz it hurts so bad.Its been happening about once a month since i think 5 or 6 months..I am now 8 months..l drink plenty water so idk y this happens :-( i hope its not a bad sign...
stomach bug, stress/anxiety, indigestion, gas, some GI issue, etc... however cramps are also very common in pregnancy. They can start as early as implantation (also known as implantation cramping). Many women get them as their body prepares for pregnancy.... I would definitely consult a doctor especially an OBGYN...
I tried calling the on call Dr but no one called me back today I am not constipated in fact just the opposite I now have diarrhea and cramps not horrible but uncomfortable. I have another child but didn't have any of this with him and have had 2 miscarriages. I heard the heartbeat Monday and Dr said everything was great. I don't know if I should be worried or if this is normally and my belly is just growing. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I have few good years of relief by taking Alfalfa with every meal, good bye constipation, gas ( didn't have diarrhea. to make the story short, last few years things got worse. cramps, constipation and then diarrhea until my instestine are clean. I thought this is not right. Visit Gyno 'cause I had some pains, he said check the colon. I have a twist in the colon. That is about my story. Extremely healthy food is a plus.
About three times a year i get sick. It will hit me all of a sudden. I'll start burping sulfur and get stomach cramps. And then i get yellow explosive diarrhea. I can't control it and end up in the bathroom for three days. I get a lot of gas. I can hear it rumbling through my whole body. I either burp or flatuate a lot. It seems to always be when im on my period as well. Ive went to the doctor and my tests came back to show i didnt have a parasite or infection. He thinks its from stress.
While eating my nausea got worse and would stop me from eating. My symptoms led on to stomach cramps, upper / lower abdominal cramps/pain, gas, bowels rumbling, slight chills, loss of appetite etc. During this 2 month period I also experienced slight diarrhea, also change in color in my stools from green to nomral brown which went away. However I do notice that my stools seem to be slightly loose or greasy.
I haven't had any problems until 6 months ago. It started with tolerable stomach cramps that lasted 1 week. These cramps were in the stomach just below the sternum. After this episode, for about a month, I had the sensation of a "ball" in the stomach -- even when I hadn't eaten for many hours, I still felt full. This was accompanied by back pain and abdominal discomfort. A blood test revealed the presence of H-Pylori. I took antibiotics for this, and experienced some relief.
I have only thrown up a couple times but have had horrible gas pains the whole time. The gas pains don't last real long but when they come they put me on my knees. The pains usually come hours after I eat. I've been eating soup, toast and small amounts of chicken. The pain is on the left side of my stomach up near my ribs. I also feel it in my back. The only times I've thrown up was when the pain was real bad. I am 31 and pretty healthy otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.
35 yo Male. I was prescribed 4 x 500mg Flucloxacillin for 14 days following an earlobe cyst drainage. 10 days into the course of antibiotics I start developing severe diarhoea, lower stomach cramps/pains & foul smelling gas. Symptoms are especially bad upon waking - between 3 and 7 visits to open my bowels in the first hour of waking each day.
I have been up most of the night with stomach pains and cramps, constipation and gas. Hours later it turned into diarreha and blood. Now it just seems to be blood every 1/2 or so. When I stand up it really feels like I have to go and then just blood. Like a tbs or more of blood. I have checked the web, found Crohn's which my dad had, IBS and hemoroids. Seems to much to be 'roids. I am sure my diet lately hasn't helped.
I do have a high acidic stomach, which I take 30 mg Previced everyday. Prilosec gave me stomach cramps and diarrhea. About 3 years ago I began noticing I was haveing more gas than normal. It has gotten worse in the past 18 months. It is ordorless but not soundless. I may just be walking across my class room a fart pops pops out, some small some not so small. I don't have any bloating are gas pain build up, just unpredictable farts. This is quiet embarrassing.
try some GAS-X ! they work great- ive used the chewable tablet kind, extra strength. THey help the stomach pains so much! also you may need pepto or immodiium if you are having bad diarrhea...
I have eight days left (which is how early my first came) and since last Saturday I've dropped. First off i never have gas, maybe a little toot in bed but never gassy. All the sudden tonight I'm going off left and right and they are disgusting plus two bowel movements. I'm wondering if this means my body is getting anything extra out right before i go into labor. What do you all think??
I do have a problem with unusual diarrhea. I can feel when I am starting to go. There is rumbling in my soon as I stand up to go to the comes out. I cannot control it what-so-ever. I have searched and read things about this problem in children. I have no bleeding or unusual sharp pains (unless I am in a position to have to try and wait to use the bathroom) then I get terrible cramps and actually I never end up making it to the bathroom.
It's all so bizarre. Milk definitely doesn't agree with me, I notice an increase in gas cramps and diarrhea the next morning if I have any. Aged cheese seems to be fine with. Codeine wouldn't work for me, I'm allergic to it! I'm just frustrated since we're trying to plan a family trip to Disney World and this whole thing makes me nervous about being away from home.
And I am so pleased. I no longer have gas(a severe problem with me), headaches, stomach cramps, vomiting( I used to vomit immediately after almost every meal-embarrasing on dates!), naseau and jsut plain ole tiredness. I do however, have diarehia problems still. But last week, I had a colonoscopy done and it happens i have colitis. So, my doctor thinks it was a combination.
I have excessice gas, abdominal bloating, cramps in abdomen on both sides,nauseau,fevers occassionally, and headaches some times. If there is anyone who can help me understand what is going on and have tried something that seems to be working ,please let me know.
Although, I still have the problem of bloating, gas, and constant stomach discomfort, I was sort of relieved that my diarrhea ceased. I still go to the bathroom several times a day (maybe 3-4) but like I mentioned it is no longer runny. Investigate and ask your own doctor if this would be appropriate for yourself. I just wanted to share this info because I know the pain and discomfort as I am going through it as well.
The anti-diarrhea pill that I take is just a generic one from wal-mart. It literally just says "Anti-Diarrhea" on the box. I found it on a whim, actually. I was out of the liquid and I was desperate because I didn't want to take it, so I bought the first pills I found. I also had the dizziness and blurred vision. I have some problems with electrolytes, so it messes all that up. It's a bit of a pain, but I find that the easiest thing to get through.
At that time, the doctor told me I would have an increased risk of diarrhea. Well, I've had diarrhea ever since! According to my internist, 10-15% of the people who have their gall bladders removed have this problem. It had gotten so bad that it was really starting to interfere with my job. In an attempt to find a solution, I've just finished with the colonoscopy, CAT scan, and barium enema in that order.
When I experience a real bad episode I have constant vomiting,diarrhea for up to 6 hours,I usually take something to stop the diarrhea. It only happens at night????? Can anyone offer any advice on what could cause these episodes,is there sometning I can take when the bad burps start.
My diet is pretty normal, I do not eat junk foods, I dont eat a lot of meats, Mosly vegies and fruits, I only drink water.. nothing has changed in my diet.
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