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I switched from yaz to tri-sprintec this past month and I started spotting about a 8 or 9 days into it and havent stopped. Some days its just a little spot and other days it bleeds like my period. I have been doing this for 14 days now. If anyone knows what this is or has any thought it would be greatly appreciated. Im pretty sure Im not pregnant because if I have sex with my boyfriend he wears a condom and still pulls out even when Im on birth control.
Usually the first few months of the pill you will get the side effects of acne, spotting, mood swings, weight gain etc. I got none of that and, in fact, my acne got better and spotting stopped. But the past month I have gained weight quickly and I havent done anything different than before, I am spotting with horrible acne issues and I am quick to be moody. Is this normal? Does it vary from month to month?
I've been on tri sprintec for a while now. I skip the white pills and take them every 3rd month. I've felt pregnant before but this month has been really bad. Anyone else having issues? I want to stop taking it to see if af comes.
Started taking Sprintec two months ago sunday July 14. Didn't start the first sunday of my cycle just a random sunday so my period would be at the beginning of the month. Ended up skipped the first month of placebo pills for vacation; no side effects. Started the next month worth of pill August 4, everything was fine, until two weeks I started spotting, didn't think anything of it, just thought it was due to skipping my cycle week.
I am on Sprintec and recently took the Antibiotic Levaquin is there a decresed effectiveness with this Antibiotic? How long should I wait to have sex after completing taking this Antibiotic? My doctor said that I should refrain from sex only while taking the antibiotic. Many websites say different things like to wait a week after the antibiotic has ended. Which is correct? I get frequent sinus infections from allergies so I really need to know the correct information.
I have been taking Tri-Sprintec tablets for about 5 months once in the morning around 9:00 AM. Beforehand I had irregular periods which occurred every 3 months. So, I went on these tablets to regulate my period as well as for birth control because I have been having unprotected sex. I usually get my period the 4th week but usually lasts for only 3-4 days. Is that normal? I do not get the full week of my period.
I was on Amoxicillin last week taking it 3 times a day and I'm also on the birth control pill Tri-Sprintec. The doctor Pharmacist all told me that the Amoxicillin would cancel out the birth control, so my husband and I were using condoms for the week. Two days ago, we had unprotected sex and yesterday I started spotting. Today it's heavier than yesterday and I have back pain like I've started my period, but my period isn't supposed to start until September 23.
and barely anything comes out! .....I am on Tri-sprintec for birth control.....could this be my period., or could it be from the BC??
I've been on birth control (tri-sprintec) for a couple of years now and I take it pretty regularly and when I have sex I always use a condom. Yesterday I had some really sharp pains in my abdomen and stomach right after I ate. I thought it was just gas or something that I ate. The cramps went away after a couple of hours, but then I started having brown spotting so I put a tampon in.
It was pretty heavy for 4 days but when I started my new pack of pills it stopped, I am in my third row of pills now and I have started spotting, someone told me that I still could be pregnant. But I also have a yeast infection and I have been treating it with over the counter drugs, Generic Monistat cream. I told my doctor what had happened that I took plan B and then had my period she said that I was okay.
I take my birth control regularly (tri-sprintec). My last period was February 25. A little later than usual because of a last minute business trip to Vegas and I was extremely stressed out. I took a pill late (was suppose to take it at night but took it in the morning and then that's days pill I took at night to get me back on schedule) a 8 days later of taking the pill consistently my bf and I had unprotected sex. 5 days later I had forgotten to take my pill.
I've been taking Sprintec. A generic birth control pill. It causes my period to be regular, depending on if I take the pills like I am supposed to. I am really forgetful, so I forgot to take about a weeks worth of pills. After that I have spotting, light pink, sometimes lined with small strings of blood, constipation, which is causing anxiety because I had unprotected sex with an ex boyfriend about a month to a month in a half ago. Could it be implantation bleeding?
im taking sprintec bith control pills. and ive missed like 4 days. i had sex the night before i started spotting. is there any chances that im pregnant?
havent been on tri sprintec for a month and have also not started a period either, having horrible cramps and extremely gassy, and extremely light pink spotting thats thats only from wiping when i go to the restroom im not sure whats going on im also have alot of pressure and a dull pain on one side of my stomach in the lower area
September 3 - I started feeling like I was going to get my period. I had the normal cramping I get. I even started spotting in my underwear and when I wipe (sorry if TMI)! I have been spotting since then. Nothing more. I keep think I am going to start but every time I go to the bathroom NOTHING MORE!! I am on Sprintec (birth control). I just wonder if anyone else is having these issues like me. I did take a HPT on Sept. 4. It came back negative. My partner is dead set that I am Pregnant.
Ok so here goes... I have been on Tri Sprintec Lo for the past 6 months or so. Never missed a pill. I have never taken a pill more than 30 minutes late. I had sex 2 weeks ago (November 17th.) The sex was protected, and the condom had spermocide. BUT he did put the condom on upside down, realized it was not right and then flipped it over and unrolled it. I began spotting light brown blood on the 25th of November and it continued into the weekend and got gradually darker.
Ok so here goes... I have been on Tri Sprintec Lo for the past 6 months or so. Never missed a pill. I have never taken a pill more than 30 minutes late. I had sex 2 weeks ago (November 17th.) The sex was protected, and the condom had spermocide. BUT he did put the condom on upside down, realized it was not right and then flipped it over and unrolled it. I began spotting light brown blood on the 25th of November and it continued into the weekend and got gradually darker.
Hi, Yesterday I started having some very light pinkish spotting only noticeable when I wipe. It was accompanied by very light cramping, headache, and fatigue. Also I have been more moody than normal. It is a week before the start of my period. I had sex several times in the last two weeks. I am on the pill Tri-sprintec, but I did miss a few pills at the beginning of this month. I haven't tested yet because I think it is still too early. What do you think?
Hello, Such continuous spotting/ bleeding can be due to menorrhagia. Causes of menorrhagia are Hypothyroidism, Endometrial proliferation or hyperplasia like ovarian tumor and polycystic ovarian disease,endometrial polyps and neoplasia,endometriosis,fibroids and uterine sarcomas. In my opinion you need to get your pelvic examination done from your gynecologist along with investigations like complete blood count,thyroid function tests,PAP smear and ultrasound uterus.
I've been taking tri-sprintec birth control for almost a year now. The last time I was sexually active was on july 16 and my last period came two days after that and a condom was used. I decided to stop taking the birth control for good once I finished that last pack that I was on and I can't remember the exact day of my last pill when I got off, but I haven't had a period since. Lately, I've been having temporary pain (sting) in the vagina and my abdomen has been hurting.
ok...i'm 23 years old and not looking to have a child. i have been on tri sprintec birth control pill for about 4 months...current pack i'm on is my 4th pill pack. so far it has been great...no bad side effects...but now i'm freaking out a little. i'm on my week 2 pills and just experienced probably less than a teaspoon amount of blood when i wiped after going to the bathroom.
I was on sprintec birth control for a few months and had to stop because it made me sick. One night me and my husband had a scare. I read that you could use some birth control as a sub for the morning after pill. I had 7 sprinter left so I took them all at 1 time. That was 2 months ago. Last month my period was late 5 days and when I did get it, it was abnormal and only a little spotting. Now it's time for my period again yet I am 4 days late again. Should I be worried?
I got my period a week early, but it wasn't so much of a period as it was just spotting for nearly a week...I haven't had a scanty "period" like that in a very long time, so I'm wondering what's going on. I was to get more BCP on the 24th. I just needed one stinkin' pack until I have my annual exam where I'll get the rest.
Anytime you try to miss a period by doubling up on the blue pills your are at risk of having spotting or a heavy flow...right now you are probably spotting. You will be fine...but it may take sometime for your bleeding to get back to normal. Its totally normal to bleed and spot.
i take the bc pill tri-sprintec 28 pill pac. this month i started a day late.( usually i start the pack on monday. i started on tuesday.) on october 10, i had sex without a condom and he pulled out but ejacualted on my lower stomach and almost theigh. when we were cleaning up i got worried that some of the sperm would have entered so we went to get the plan b pill. just for a reasurrance.
Was on OrthoTC bc pills for about 15 yrs before switching to generic Tri Sprintec (insurance purposes). Been on generic at least a year but past 3-4 months I started spotting and in August had to double up from missing a dose. Yes, I had sex during that time too. I got a regular period (with spotting during that month too). I got a free coupon to try brand name (ortho-lo)for one month so I switched back for September and got a regular period.
I have been on the Sprintec 28-day pack for about 6 months or so (switched to a cheaper brand). Recently, I was in the first week of a new pack, and I went out of town for the weekend. I forgot my pills at home so I missed Friday night's and Saturday night's pill. That Sunday afternoon, I noticed some brown spotting and discharge. When I got back home that night, I doubled up on my pills like I"m supposed to (took 2 pills Sun night and 2 pills Mon night) to catch up.
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