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For 6 mths. after diagnosis, I did have insurance. So, I was prescribed Advair, Spiriva and ProAir. While having insurance, I did get a second opinion on the COPD by a pulmonary doctor as well. But, between my family doctor and the pulmonary doctor, I was prescribed these meds for my COPD. Three months after being on all these meds, I spent the sickest winter of my life. Pneumonia, bronchitis and pleurisy. I had never had pneumonia in my life. And the pleurisy lasted 3 long painful months.
So, sometimes family helps me with that one chore. I am able to get out in places like Walmart and be able to keep up with my husband walking. I have not been sick whatsoever in over a year. Honestly some may not agree with me. But, I proved this theory in my case. When I was diagnosed, I was prescribed 3 inhalers. Spiriva, Advair and ProAir. I was on these inhalers maybe 6 months. While on these inhalers, I spent the sickest winter of my life.
The only problem I had was the Seretide gave me terrible nausea in the mornings, which is a rare side effect according to the hospital consultant, who took me off it, and gave me Spiriva, which I've had no probs with. You should really go by their advice. I think you would benefit from inhalers. I am sorry about your dad. I lost my mum last year to colon cancer, which she had been told had been successfully treated 5 years ago.
Instead of buying an expensive Oxygen tank bag for the Rollator, I use a WalMart $1.00 cloth shopping bag that works just fine. I hang a couple of extra of these bags on the walker to shop with. I'm going to buy a second Rollator to leave in my front yard, under a plastic cover, so I can go out my front door and walk around my yard, without having to go to the trouble of taking the other walker out of the trunk of my car.
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