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Howdy- Well, I went to our local health clinic this morning and saw a lovely doctor who drew blood and did a culture of my tongue. She also didn't think it was anything to worry about, but wanted me to be sure. However, she did say she would do both and IGG test and an IGM test, which I hear (from these boards) is utterly useless and may give a false positive? Should I cancel the IGM test, or at least see what happens? What are the chances of false positive? Thanks!
He gave me steriods for the pain, and my orange tongue went away. In January, my tongue turned orange again and my throat was sore, but there were no blisters. There's no cure for coxsackie and it's lays dormant in the body, and it tends to come back during times of stress.
This is just freaking me out. I can't even seem to find out what these bumps are on my tongue. My mother used to call them 'lie bumps', when you tell a lie, you get one. They are painful. Since my daughter is getting 5 teeth in at once, she is very reluctant to let anyone mess around in her mouth, however, she just went to the dentist last week who found everything to be just fine. The bumps occured after her visit. I am very concerned, any clues?
Yes we call them lie bumps lol.....before treatment id get maybe one once a year now i stay with them...they stated on me about 13 weeks into treatment. Before my mother passed away she had them so bad from chemo she couldnt eat or hurt her so bad. I looked them up and saw this >>>Transient lingual papillitis, commonly known as "lye bumps" or "lie bumps," can be a painful nuisance, but fortunately the bumps are not generally a sign of serious illness.
I went to the doctor yesterday, though by time I was able to get seen I didn't have any of the sores on the tip of my tongue lol. But, from what I described to the doctor, he said that if it was an infection or herpes, it would have been hurting and hurt when I swallow. I just worried about it because it was there last month in the same spot. I was hearing about "lie bumps" from everyone, but I have never had those before until last month I guess lol.
Just about 2 months ago I began developing strange allergic reactions. They have occurred on my feet, hands, back of knee, upper thigh, lip and now tongue. I have gone to the doctor before and they said it was contact dermatitis. I have not figured out what I'm allergic to yet and am still waiting for a call back from the allergy department. Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out.
I keep getting these small bumps that can only be felt by my tongue. They are under my tongue in the corners at the base of the gums and on the inside of my "Lower" lip. The worry is that it is some sort of cancer. I was a closet smoker (one pack a week or less) over the years, on and off, and occasionally burned a little reefer. If I put some rubbing alcohol on in it go away like magic but the skin feels a little puckered afterwords, that doesn't bother me.
Ok, My gums have been swollen and sore for a couple of days, they hurt when I brush my teeth or eat and sometimes bleed and I keep getting a sore throat that comes and goes, my throat is red. I also have 3 lie bumps on my tongue and yesterday my ear even started to hurt a little. What does this sound like?
Well, I think we've all covered that just about everyone calls them lie bumps,and I totally agree that they hurt like heck! They are red then turn to white. don't mess with them except gargle with salt water and don't like your lip with your tongue or don't lick anything with oyur tongue, because when you lick something with your tongue when you have a "lie bump" you spread the disease that's on your tongue. And don't worry you won't die from the lie bump or have to go to the hospital.
This is just freaking me out. I can't even seem to find out what these bumps are on my tongue. My mother used to call them 'lie bumps', when you tell a lie, you get one. They are painful. Since my daughter is getting 5 teeth in at once, she is very reluctant to let anyone mess around in her mouth, however, she just went to the dentist last week who found everything to be just fine. The bumps occured after her visit. I am very concerned, any clues?
About a week ago i noticed small red bumps on my stomach and as the days went by it started spreading all over my body. There are no bumps on my legs or face though. I only have a few on my lower arms and like 3 bumps on my neck. But my torso and lower back are covered with them. The weird thing is that they don't itch at all!! I been checking all different websites and question from people but all their bumps itch really bad, so it really doesn't help me out too much.
My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
For the last few weeks I have been suffering from incredibly sensitive eyes/eyelids which are red, dry and sore, similar to sunburn. I initially thought it was because of some cheap make-up remover wipes that I used to take off my mascara. Although I had been using them for a while, they soon started to sting and burn the area around my eyes whenever I used them. The use of any eye make-up other than mascara would result in a stinging sensation, which varied in terms of severity.
I have had a sore throat for about 2 weeks, just the last 7 days little pimple on my tounge have appeared (lie bumps) and my uvula looks like it has burst blood vessles and is swollen.
I now have it seems sores on the inside of my lower lip and jaw. My tongue feels like I have lie bumps on it. This is only happening to the right side of my mouth which is the side my teeth are sharp. My tought is not sore nor do I have any swollen glands. I would like to know what causes my teeth to get sharp and what can I do try to mend my mouth ?? As I am having problems eating and drinking anything. Thank you for any help you may give me.
About two years ago, I checked my throat to see If there were any abnormalities and the back of my tongue had some sort of soft part with many bumps on them. It felt as if there was some sort of lump in my throat. Because it seemed benign, because it didn't hurt, I let it sit there. I have had a doctor's appointment for a physical and my doctor did not comment on it that year. A year ago, in December, I passed a tonsil stone. I have passed two or three tonsil stones since.
Today I my throat started feeling rather sore and tight, my tongue appears to look like a one undergoing geographic tongue and I experienced some headaches along with some nausea. Also there are some red markings around my penis but I think that they could be friction burns as they are not bumps or sores. I was wondering if 2 days is long enough for oral gonorrhea to show up without any other symptoms? Or could it be an indication of a possible herpes infection this soon?
no trying to help the guy out here i just had a case of lie bumps on the tongue this stuff works wonders
First hubby had multiple girlfriends that I later found out about. I think this one may have had one too. I have a two year old that has been diagnosed with herpetic gingivostomatitis. The pediatrician said it was NOT cold sores but everything I have read says otherwise. AND I have had a very stressful time the last two months...divorcing again..and I got a "lie bump" on my tongue in December, about a month ago I guess, and then it was two lie bumps right together.
So my question is, does this sound like another STD besides HIV that would give me an inflamed red throat/tonsils, on and off sore throat, bumps/blisters on the back of my throat, one swollen cervical lymph node, reoccurring white spots on tonsils, and whitish/yellow discharge from my throat which coats my tongue.
5 weeks i got an itchy-but non painful rash/cluster bumps on the opening of my vagina(between vagina opening and anus) doc and nurse said it doesn't look like herpes because there is no fluid the bumps look too dry especially being in the area that would be more moist and wasn't painful. i even pressed on it hard to see if it would pop with any kind of fluid (it wouldn't). I freaked because i have never had any occurence like this and looking online i kept diagnosing myself with herpes.
When i wake up i feel like i haven`t slept, my body feels stiff and heavy and then as the day progresses my right wrist swells up and is very painful, my right ankle/calf swell up but no pain only tender to touch and my elbows hurt, I feel more and more tired and any form of activity wipes me out and i have to go for a lie down, even then i can barely move after resting, i also have pains in my neck like shooting pains and under my arms level with my chest, stabbing pains in my stomach that com
I'll definitely get tested. i do this everytime i have sex it seems like. i've spoken to the woman and she insists i have nothing to worry about. there was anal sex this time. but i'm curious if my symptoms are even cause to worry. my lymph nodes aren't swollen best i can tell, only a tiny bit sore on my neck and i feel a twitch in a lot of them briefly. i've had a "yeast infection" on my penis and my hands were a little red and dry but i wouldn't call it a rash.
Also 3 days after the loose stools stared my mouth started to get very dry and than I noticed my tongue turned white. Also during this time I felt a tingling senstion in my throat, mouth, gums and teeth. Almost a numbing sensation. I also felt like my neck was swollen but when I went to the Dr. she couldnt see anything. I have been feeling dizzy and feeling like I wanted to get a headache but never did.
around april is when i started feeling muscle aches and i called in and they said I was negative for syphilis and claymidia then a week later on april 10 i was given oral sex from a guy a guy and i gave him oral sex but the week before he was tested clean for hiv and stds and he had a condom on.
• You hurt all over. • Increase in skin blemishes. • Sores in mouth or on tongue. Inflamed taste buds. • It may become difficult to feed yourself without spilling food or a drink. • Fibro Fog (inability to think clearly) may become worse. • Depression due to the pain may worsen, as well as the pain itself. • You may have trouble finding and saying words. • Your judgment can be impaired. • You become extremely fatigued. • You want to lie down and sleep. • You are less able to sleep.
There is no pain associated with the feeling, and no sore throat or sores in my mouth, only a feeling like someone has their fingers pressed up against my windpipe. I swallow often because of it; it is like my body keeps trying to "get it down" somehow, but can't. To me the saliva feels sticky and thick going down, but when I intentionally cough and spit to have a look at it, it is normal in appearance and not mucus-like or discolored.
I'm 32 years male,I had hiv exposure 2 years ago unprotected oral only ,after 2 weeks I develops serious lips canker sores it took 2 months, i loss 10 kg my wight was 110 kg now 130 kg,Constipation and penial burning and tingling, during i made stool i noticed white cloudy drop comes out of my penis it continues 6 months i used antibutic for 2 months and it went, it come back after 6 months but slight for a seconds on and off dr said it is prostatitis, after 3 weeks oral thrush , after 4 month
I have 2 sores on either side of my mouth (not raised or bumpy, but they feel like they burn when i put my tongue on them and the skin feels tight and uncomfortable. . ium not sure if it is just because i have been rubbing my mouth with tissue or not and that why it is sore or if it is a symptons of hiv or herpes????? Im scared because of the way this man seems, he freaks me out and it makes me wanna be sick when i see or imagine him . . . someone i would never even go near when sober ....
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