Sore jaw hurts to chew

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my ilight>jawilight> cracks more then usual when chewing but i think its the weather changing not due to being pregnant.
it could be TMJ Dysfunction. The TMJ is the joint that joins your lower ilight>jawilight> ilight>toilight> your upper ilight>jawilight>. You can easily tell if this is the problem if the area in front of your ears is tender to the touch. This can actually be helped by seeing a chiropractor.
This was Saturday night, and today (thursday) it is still giving me problems. The pain is off and on but it is the worst when i move my ilight>jawilight> from side ilight>toilight> side, when i ilight>chewilight>, when i sneeze (very painful), and occasionally when i yawn or open my mouth wide. Like i said that is only occasionally. when im eating it hurts after a eat a little, at first its not to bad.
i have had a consistant sore throat, bit of ear pain, swollen glands and ilight>jawilight> ache, plus sharp pain in ilight>jawilight> when trying ilight>toilight> eat, for over a month now. Dr gave me antibiotics but it hasn't helped. Has anyone else experienced this please?
Anyway, after getting the proper filling (bottom right side of mouth, about half way along right side), it's been two weeks and i still can't chew on that side because it hurts so much when i bite down, it's very painful and giving me pain all up the right side of my ilight>jawilight> and into my temple. The dentist said it might take a while for the pain ilight>toilight> go away when he did it because he had to clean it out, but 2 weeks seems like a bit too long to still be feeling this kind of sharp, constant pain.
ive never been able ilight>toilight> ilight>chewilight> gum for more than a few minutes at a time or i get an achey ilight>soreilight> feeling in my lower ilight>jawilight> bite is off... Now, lately when i eat unless its soft food, i get the same achey tired feeling in my jaw muscles. it seems to be both sides..not just one. i do tend to clench my teeth when i sleep...and i feel more relief when my mouth is slightly open...anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce this achey feeling in my jaw muscles when i eat?
HELP! i got home today from class & my face feels swollen & numb in some places. Not unlike when you go to the dentist. my jaw bone is really sore too. i looked in the mirror & my cheeks do seem a little puffy. i am worried that maybe i came in contact with something & it's already making me sick. A couple of things about my own habits. when i am stressed, i tend to put pressure on my jaw by biting down. i don't realize i am doing it at first, but i stop the moment i do.
HELP! i got home today from class & my face feels swollen & numb in some places. Not unlike when you go to the dentist. my jaw bone is really sore too. i looked in the mirror & my cheeks do seem a little puffy. i am worried that maybe i came in contact with something & it's already making me sick. A couple of things about my own habits. when i am stressed, i tend to put pressure on my jaw by biting down. i don't realize i am doing it at first, but i stop the moment i do.
my upper ilight>jawilight> on the right size of my head ilight>hurtsilight> all the time when i open my mouth ilight>toilight> eat or chew gum ....a tooth on the bottom which would be my eye tooth i believe and one just above on the upper jaw ....feels very sensitive right ear feels like i'm under water most of the time ...i take ibprophen for the pain and it does not even work ! what could this be ?
it feels ilight>soreilight> in my left side of the mouth, it ilight>hurtsilight> when i try ilight>toilight> open it, when i ilight>chewilight>... and even when i put my tongue out. i remember before this happened, like a month or two, i had a cold, and i kinda had a hard time hearing, the inside of the ear would hurt and it felt itchy. And from time to time i would get like a sharp pain between my jaw and throat. Right in the line that the two meet... it still kinda sore if i poke it.
Just this month though the pain i thought was the wisdom tooth has now turned ilight>toilight> ilight>jawilight> aching, vertigo and pain at night in my ilight>jawilight> when i try ilight>toilight> sleep. i have tried everything, perioxide ,anabesol etc..i believe the local anasthetic anabesol even made the aching in the tooth worse. i am now taking antibiotics and am uping up on my vitamins B and folic acid and will be taking calcuim tablets too.
i can't address your drug questions as my specialty is fiorinal but as far as TMJ/jaw pain, i can proffer some tips. About 10 yrs. ago an MRi discovered i had disc displacement & the joint had shifted from a time i'd fainted & landed not so flat on my face! Assoc. neuralgia, etc. etc. it was *bad*. i was in SUCH agony for so long & underwent treatment with a specialist for about a yr. & 10 yrs. later it very rarely bothers me. The best tip: Learn to do the silent N.
A few days ago, i realized the inside of my mouth was hurting. At first it felt like an odd pressure, almost like i had cut myself inside my mouth. Feeling around with my tongue, i did find two area that seemed to be very small chunks missing in the gum, but pushing on them or around them did not cause any pain. A few hours after this occurred, it started hurting when i swallowed. The odd thing about it though is that my whole throat didn't hurt (technically it wasn't even my throat).
Within three days the pain in my jaw became increasingly worse. Five days later i called the dentist and he said this was common and ilight>toilight> take Aleve and ilight>chewilight> gum. i tried this it did not work. i could not reach him for 4 days went to the emergency room they said i had a bruised ligament in my jaw keep taking the Aleve and put cold compact on it. The next day reached the dentist. Went to him and he filed down the tooth. But my jaw pain continued and it was difficult for me to open my mouth.
i then began to experience slight ilight>jawilight> pain in the area below the ear. ilight>hurtsilight> when i ilight>chewilight>. internist xrayed my ilight>jawilight> ilight>toilight> rule out TMJ, and that came back negative. He has no other suggestions. i went for about 1 1/2 weeks until this past Monday, with no feeling of fullness or anything. The slight jaw pain was still present. On Monday, it begun to feel not normal again. i don't necessarily have ear fullness, but the area behind my ears near the jaw feels odd inside.
neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, some finger, hips, knees, ankles and big toes * Morning pain, sometimes cannot raise one or both arms to brush hair, etc.
Had root canal done through crown 8mths ago after experiencing cold sensitivity extreme. Started hurting beneath it and up into lower ilight>jawilight>, up ilight>toilight> ear. Didn't hurt ilight>toilight> ilight>chewilight> on it, but now it does, (after 6wks). Dentist took out of occlusion, been back to endodontist, he says root canal looks good on xray. Have been on Penicillin 500 for 5 days, pain subsided, but came back. i am a clencher and grinder, and wear a nightguard.
The actual gum tissue around the extraction sites is no longer ilight>soreilight>, but my ilight>jawilight> ilight>hurtsilight> and i'm experiencing a lot of dizziness as well. my left ear 'pops' occasionally like it does when i'm riding in a plane. The left side of my jaw is also the side that is still very sore and makes chewing uncomfortable. if i lay in bed, i am not dizzy. But if i am up and about, i am pretty dizzy.
it was the upper molar, furthest back ( i don't have my wisdom teeth). i wasn't able ilight>toilight> ilight>chewilight> on the temporary crown even four or five days later. Then i started experiencing throbbing pain in the lower teeth, not the one directly below the tooth with the temporary crown, but the two further forward. i have been taking Tylenol since then, as soon as it wears off bottom teeth start to hurt again. Went to the dentist today and he filed the tooth down, but the bottom teeth still hurt.
i feel like im gonna go crazy. everything just ilight>hurtsilight> so much, its ilight>toilight> much. im sorry but i dont mean ilight>toilight> be such a downer and i cant really explain this thru typing, no words do this feeling justice.
its a really sharp pain. it ilight>hurtsilight> ilight>toilight> open my mouth and close my mouth all the way. it also ilight>hurtsilight> ilight>toilight> swallow. are one of my wisdom teeth coming in?
Sometimes Advil helps, but not always. it ilight>hurtsilight> ilight>toilight> touch. it is very ilight>soreilight>. Not sure if it is bone or muscle. it feels like i've had on tight fitting glasses or a tight headband. No ear pain inside the ear or fluid or discharge. Any ideas?
my symptoms are ilight>soreilight> ilight>jawilight> and kneck (it ilight>hurtsilight> ilight>toilight> ilight>chewilight> or swallow) swollen glands a slight ilight>soreilight> throat, im tierd all the time and iv got blisters like a rash behind my ears. the hospital did not no what these blisters where and the certainly do not know if i have glandular fever. i hope some one can help.
i still can't belch on command or burp the ABCs, but when i feel the need ilight>toilight> burp, i can do certain things with my chest, shoulders, neck, ilight>jawilight>, and throat ilight>toilight> make a burp happen (sounds more complicated than it actually is once i got the hang of it). Sometimes they're small and sometimes they are big.
Felt like i got slugged in the jaw (not that hard) and hurt more when i opened/shut my ilight>jawilight>. i was still able ilight>toilight> open/shut my mouth without serious pain (and eat :-) ), just uncomfortable. Pain subsided in about 5 minutes, but is still subtle and is also on my right side as well. Both sides of my face from the upper jaw to my temple and across my forehead "sting" a bit. it's a dull pain ~ just like my sinus headaches, but now includes the sides down to my upper jaw.
my muscles are achy and ilight>soreilight> as heck from my neck ilight>toilight> my lower back, my legs arnt bad and i managed ilight>toilight> not mess up the bad disk in my l-spine so i thought i was doing myself a favor and getting some badly needed cardio but i was wrong. i just knew if i didn't shovel when i had, it would only get harder, so i was doing it with every 3 or so inches. So i shoveled 3 times instead of 1 really hard shoveling, we got 9 inches in 24hours.
it sort of swells up n ends in a kind of point.. and its REALLY ilight>soreilight>. it ilight>hurtsilight> when i talk, eat, cough, ilight>chewilight>, anything where my tongue moves... REALLY bad.. any idea what it may be??? Do u think its a kanker sore? or something else? Please let me know!
People are allergic ilight>toilight> me. And a lot of other people around the world are suffering from this condition. Doctors do not beleive the reports, and most of them claim that we are crazy but we all know that we're far from being crazy. This condition causes so much heartache and stress. i have sent emails to CDC, NiH and WHO with no help. Would you please address this issue?
Nitric oxide is lethal ilight>toilight> bacteria and viruses and is also known ilight>toilight> increase oxygen absorption in your lungs from 10-25 percent. This is why it's important to inhale through your nose, especially when you are exercising. Your smell and taste buds are connected. if you can't breathe well through your nose, then your sense of smell will suffer, which means that your sense of taste will be altered as well. This can lead to appetite and weight issues.
hi im 19 and just found out i have arthritis in my ilight>jawilight> i an ilight>chewilight> steak it cracks when i chew everything even bread sometimes it locks up then cracks out and it really hurts the other night i woke up with back pains and my wrists were sore and stiff and same with my knees, my ankles are always sore and my neck thy get worse in colder months , is it possible that i have arthritis in all my joints i did gymnastics as a kids and been riding horses all my life .
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