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One of the negative side effects of having a hysterectomy is the onset of menopause. If you had the ovaries removed you will begin menopause after surgery, but if you retained your ovaries you will experience menopause earlier than is typical. Many women suffer severe breast pain and tenderness when approaching menopause,due to unbalanced levels of hormones (Estrogen)and in many cases this will continue through and after menopause.
Stress can also affect breast pain. You are more likely to have breast pain before menopause than after menopause.
Fibrocystic breast disease Premenstrual syndrome, cyclic mastalgia Normal hormonal fluctuations Onset of puberty or menopause Pregnancy Breastfeeding (nursing) Estrogen therapy Chest wall tenderness (costochondritis) Injury to the breast (trauma, after breast surgery) Shingles (pain is only in 1 breast, usually accompanied by a rash) Use of certain medications such as digoxin (Lanoxin), methyldopa (Aldomet), spironolactone (Aldactone), oxymetholone (Anadrol), and chlorprom
It left but I have VERY sore, swollen breasts. Swollen, sore breast discomfort always has departed with the end of the periods. Why are my breasts still sore?? ( Normal mammogram in Dec and I feel no lumps ). Thank you for any answers you can give me.
I have a combination of pms-type symptoms, but I'm 53 and post-menopause - no period for 3 years. It's not unbearable but (1) is this normal and (2) what could be the cause? The symptoms are both breasts & nipples generally sore (almost as if my milk had come in) and (after 3 years dryness) vag discharge, the stretchy ovulation kind. Been going on for week-10 days. Could the cause be ovarian? Surely I can't be ovulating 3 years post menopause!
Hopefully you won't get breast cancer I have the same thing as Angelina Jolie so I have a 87% of breast cancer.They wanted me to have a double mastectomy but I said not until I get breast cancer. I have learned to not think about it, but is big fear for women. They found a lump a few months back and I sweated it until they figure out it was a lymph node. You have lymph nodes near your breast too.
right now i have no period, my breasts are incredibly sore, i have a LOT of discharge vaginal dryness horrible... after trying every over the counter pill to help me sleep the doc gave me ambien and it did nothing, i asked him for xanax and until now it has worked perfectly because it relaxes me. before it was horrible i coulndt fall asleep or if i was asleep i woke up becasue my heart was beating too fast. I was sooooooooo tired all the time. i have had 4 pregnancy tests and all negative.
It was during that time that my breast began to be sore and they have not subsided. I have gas with everything I eat and I feel very fat & bloated from my breast to my thighs. Yes I’m in a monogamous relationship. We really my only have sex 2-3 times in a 4 -6 week period. I’d given up on pregnancy after the last appointment. It was there they told me there was only a 15% chance then (2004.) I gave up on any possibility and haven’t looked back.
i still have not had the courage to do another pregnancy test and still no sign of period. i now have breast tenderness to add to the symptoms. after quite a number of false alarms, i have lost confidence in my body and it's ability to get pregnant. i had my last baby when i was nearly 43 and my first at 22, middle baby at 28. i would love another baby, but at 47 there suddenly seems to be so much against bringing my heart's desire to any kind of reality.
i didn't realise that so many women out there have increased palpitations with menopause symptoms. My cardiologist and gynocologist will not comment when I ask them if the 2 things are linked. I know that my menopausal symptoms are worse at the moment - horrible sweats day and night, but having tried all sorts of HRT have decided to just ride it out naturally. The palpitations are much worse. Coincidence? I don't think so. Why don't these health professionals talk to each other?
I think I've suddenly entered early menopause. I don't know for certain, and I'm terrified because I wanted children, but at the same time I suppose it's best I hear the truth. It all happened overnight – literally – and that's why I'm so confused. I figure you folks are experts via experience at this so why not ask? Here's my situation; in January, my (now ex) and I tried for a child.
I have never ever been late in my life since I started my period at 12 yrs old except for the times I was pregnant, and after each birth I went back to a normal routine. I all of a sudden have stopped totally,,My breast have become so tender and sore. I assumed I was possibly pregnant but test were negative. Is this menopause? I have had a regular period until this month june nothing at all.
Does someone have any advice why else my breasts might be sore? really very sore? I am new in the UK and after several attempts to see a doctor, with NHS full of nonsense, to no avail.
She had two beautiful children a couple years after. I'm not saying you may or may not be going thru menopause. I'm just staying there can be other reasons. It might be something 'simple' like a hormonal fluctuation. Now if you are noticing pain on one side in a specific spot, you may have a blocked duct. It sounds like though you are just having overall tenderness. Overall tenderness is almost always hormone related. As always, if its bothering you a lot, contact your doctor.
Sometimes after the biopsy I am experiencing a little pain and sore down my armpit and breast area which I didn't feel it before biopsy. Is it because of the biopsy or the tumour ? Please advise whether I should remove the lump.
Also, wearing certain fabric material without a bra can cause this type of irritation regarding nipples. It is not uncommon for the breast to become a little more tender and sore around ovualation (sometimes, up to two weeks before period is due) due to hormone fluctuations and changes. Hope this helps. Have a great day today.
So different from the usual pain and more intense, so Im starting to wonder if it is worth doing a test now or waiting for a few days after AF is due?? Or could this new pain be the start of menopause? Please tell me any of your experiences and advise....if these are pregnancy symptoms does this mean a test would show positive now?? I`m anxious and confused.
I just read what you wrote...and your question concerns me too. Last year I had a period in March, then 1 in October. And now nothing. I just went to the doctor, ran all kinds of blood work on me. The blood work was to check my hormones, my thyroids, and see if I was pregnant. The pregnancy test come back negative, and he siad my other test were normal. So I have been doing research to see why I am gaining weight, no period, swelled breast (and sore) and graving beef and Mac & Cheese(lol).
Pain in the breasts is rarely associated with breast cancer particularly when the pain is bilateral. Many women suffer severe breast pain and tenderness during and after menopause. Avoiding foods and beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks, can decrease water retention and may help to alleviate the discomfort.Also wearing a good supportive bra to reduce breast movement could help.
I've read dozens of online testimonials from women claiming that the Mirena IUD sent them into premature menopause. I can't find any scientific research supporting this though. Anybody have any thoughts? Is this even possible? I am very worried because I had mine removed almost three months ago, and still no period. I have also been breastfeeding for twelve months and I hope that is the reason. But I've had the occasional hot flash, terrible mood swings and thinning/graying hair. I'm only 30.
I am the same, hysterectomy with both overies, I am 53, arm and leg numbness, stiff sore joints, hot flushes. feel better it might be menopause, was really starting to worry.
old and prior to becoming post-menapausal, I always had fibrocystic breasts (very lumpy) but never a diagnosis of distortion. After menopause, the lumpiness was much reduced. All I know is that after each of these recent diagnostic tests, my left breast (the one in question) really hurts. Prior to all this testing, nothing at all. Could this be a sign of a cyst, an inflammed lymph node or just muscular soreness from the compression? I was uncomfortable for 3 months in May, now this Oct.
Breast pain or soreness can be cause by a number of things but not usually breast cancer. With the BIRADS 3 score of your mammogram the 6 month re-check is the recommended follow-up. what would lessen the concern is the statement that the area appeared to compress out which means that on the compression views the area seemed to disappear. Breast cancers can be found in any area of the breast; I'm not sure where you got the information you mention.
This information is important, since the advice that we give our patients during follow up care after completion of breast cancer therapy influences how much control our patients themselves can have on lessening their risk of subsequent cancer development." Bestr wishes...
Do not take birth control pills. (never have) In June this year I noticed immediately after a normal period my breasts remained tender, on cycle day 16 I got another period. All my life Ive been a 28 day cycler(sp?) Since Ive always been overweight I was concerned that something might be going on with my ovaries. I was never diagnosed w/pcos. GP sent me for a ct w/o contrast the pelvic findings were as follows:enlarged uterus suggestive of leiomyomas. Left ovary enlarged at 4.6 X 3.2 X 3.
i have a tender area under my left breast which is sore to touch and appears swollen, i have been examined and had a mamogram all seems fine, but, my breasts are very heavy and i cannot go without a bra at anytime except when i am in bed. I had pneumonia 10 years ago caused by pleuracy and haven't been the same since. could it be lung cancer?
I went to the Dr today and i talked to my Dr about a lump i found i explained to him that i had yellow and clear discharge that came out. And my breast is very sore. The creamy yellow discharge came out first then it was a pearl like color discharge after the creamy yellow discharge. I am 34 years old and in have not hit menopause yet. And i am not pregnant. I found lumps the other day after my shower i was examining my breast and found it that caught my attention to go to the Dr.
I had a breast reduction june 08 after the surgery the healing process began. I developed a greenish brown infection on my left breast which was treated by my doctor. Now my left breast is hard like a rock with two lumps inside them. Could thiis be scar tissue? It is really painful and I can feel the lumps really good.
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