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Frequent bouts of sneezing with watery nasal discharge and associated itching in the nose, palate and throat can be a manifestation of Nasal Allergy. It may be associated with inflammatory nasal obstruction due to swelling of the turbinates and nasal mucosa. It is generally provoked by exposure to inhalant allergens such as dust, smoke, pollens, perfumes, cold air etc.
This time the soreness persisted the whole entire day. I went to bed last night with a lot of phlegm in my throat and woke up this morning with a lot of soreness and phlegm once again. I tried to hack up the phlegm. Most of it was clear or yellow. Then I managed to get a real good one... I hacked up a real thick sample that was directly from my throat, and spit it out onto a tissue. I noticed a streak of blood on the tissue mixed with yellow phlegm.
I wonder if anyone can help? I have had a cough (with plegm) every morning for about 3 months. I get blocked nose in the morning and lots of sneezing. the blocked nose disappears during the morning and the sneezing levels drop, although don't disappear through my day at work (in an office, non air conditioned) Similarly, the coughing levels drop, until around 7 in the evening, when the sneezing and coughing starts again, regardless of where I am. I went to the GP who gave me anitbiotics.
so i have a 7 year old lactating persian queen and she seems to have a lot of phlegm.
Does all that mucus/pieces, get expelled from my lungs? ive been smoking for almost 4 years. To others who need some help with phlegm control, try MUCINEX, I live in Canada but its only available in the states according to my knowlege. It is a mucus thinner and reducer. Try it out. Someone please help with my situation, what kind of doctor should i see? is this really irregular? What is my body trying to tell me with all these odd colored, sometimes partly bloody spits.
This overgrowth of yeast, I believe also causes excess phlegm and a host of other problems. You could probably get by dealing with candida if excess phlegm was the only problem, but the kicker is that excess phlegm is probably just the tip of the iceberg. You may be suffering from many other symptoms that are related to Yeast and just not realize it.
The sneezing I can live with---it's 10 hours a day with a running nose that's a killer. I'm starting a nasal spray called Omnaris and hoping it helps. It's truly a debilitating condition and I commiserate with the others who've written.
For a long time now, I have been coughing up thick gooey phlegm. In the phlegm, I also seem to cough up crusty stuff from the preforation. It is driving me crazy and my ENT doesn't have any long term solutions. Should I go for more testing, is there something else happening??
First, my throat itched, then I started sneezing. Next, I had burning and tightness in my right lung. I had a fever of about 101.1 for about three days. I believed that I had a short-lived bout of bronchitis. Three weeks later and I still am coughing. When I look at the phlegm, it is colorless, just as clear as can be. Sometimes I find it difficult to cough it up. Given that I have smoked for over 40 years, I am quite concerned.
Was the white blood cell count elevated? Another idea to help loosen the phlegm-run a very hot shower with the door shut so your cat can inhale the steam-for about 10 minutes. That may help, too! Best of luck!
I also cannot expel nasal discharge unless I stimulate sneezing by tickling my nose with a Qtip. This usually results in a nose bleed. Can you help?
I also cannot expel nasal discharge unless I stimulate sneezing by tickling my nose with a Qtip. This usually results in a nose bleed. Can you help?
i have granular pharyngitis from last 1 year and i dont know if the girl may have blood in her mouth,,,but by chace if she has mouth full with hiv blood and if i swallowed taht blood with granualar pharyngitis in my mouth,,,what are my chances??
Hi I been dealing with severe allergies and nothing seems to alleviate them. I was given a diprospan injection (Celestamine is Betamethasone, a corticosteroid used to treat allergic reactions and sometimes other conditions). about 3 weeks ago… Celestamine NS twice a dat…Omnaris spray twice a day… after all this I had a Ct Scan for my sinus and every thing way great! no fluid anywhere and I felt fine…. my ears are ringing like crazy and allergies makes it worse.
it all happened one day i came home, just randomly got a wicked runny nose and kept sneezing, had a headache, was EXHAUSTED. felt like i had the flu. slept for 13hrs. woke up next day with canquers in my mouth ( never get them). after that for the past 3 weeks ive been having nothing but weird stabbing/sharp pains all over my head, and i never get headaches EVER. and sometimes my body. for two days my legs were in so much pain i couldnt walk.
Pankaja Kasthuri has also been used effectively to treat allergic bronchitis, eosinophilia, wheezing, chronic and persistent coughs , continuous sneezing, breathing disorders, sinus, phlegm and common cold. After taking 6 jars of Pankaja Kasthuri continuosly, she was asthma free.
For the past three days ive had a really bad cold, the usual coughing lots, phlegm, sneezing, sniffly ect but then i've been feeling very dizzy at random occasions about 4 times a day. So dizzy and nauseous i want to faint. Also very, very sick at the same time and whilst this happens my face sort of freezes up (i was in class and just couldnt do the work) my face feels sort of numbish especially my jaw. I get a piercing pain in my chest and left hand side of my body.
Extensive posterior mediastinal and right hilar calcification noted. I tried to Google to get more info, but didn't really come up with too much and was curious if someone could shed some light on what this means. My doc asked me if I was spitting up any phlegm....told him that I have a cough that sometimes lingers. I also have sinus drainage and allergies. I am a non-smoker. Please someone tell me what my next step should be in addtion to getting a chest x-ray! I'm very concerned!!!!
Hello. My fiance has been suffering with eustation tube dysfunction for a little over 6mths. now. We have tried numerous decongestants and nasal sprays as well as a round of steroids. His ENT did allergy testing on him, however, he did not have any significant allergies. Our last resort was to have PE tubes placed. This only made his symptoms worse and they took them out after a couple of weeks. Suprisingly after they took the tubes out and his ears were healing, he was symptom free.
If you don't have a cold, I'm guessing the sneezing and nose blowing are perhaps an allergy to something in your house. Since it wakes you up at night, I'd focus on your pillow, your blankets or possibly your laundry soap. Animals sleeping on your bed could be another cause. An open window that would allow pollen to enter your bedroom may be the culprit. Allergies can start at any time in our lives, so if you say you've never been allergic before, doesn't mean you can't be now.
The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after. I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc. All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good.
im 35 yrs old i have problems with my stomach i have been to er rooms twice one in ks and one in ms they can not find nothing wrong i have had blood work ultra sound on my gallbladder liver and my kidneys they never took xrays of my stomach i guess they did not see the need to all my blood work came back normal also my stomach just hurt i have daireea all the time i take imodium ad yesterday and it seem to quit hurting now tonight it is right back to hurting again i dont see any blood in my stoo
My 5 year old son has displayed absolutely NO other symptoms (no runny nose, no cold, no fever, no loss of appetite, no loss of sleep, no sneezing, no "allergy mask", no previous allergies to anything -- food or airborne, no symptoms of allergies. He simply woke up with a heavy cough. He doesn't have tightness in his chest, has not complained of shortness of breath (as he plays 1 hour of basketball), sleeps fine, etc.
I have found taking Claritan or Zyrtec or their generics, causes a progressive tightening in the chest and wheezing with a little phlegm at the bottom of the right lung which is hard to cough up. I have read this can be a side effect of the allergy medicine. It gets worse on the tablets and slowly improves when off them. I have not been diagnosed with Asthma although as a child had bronchial spasms.
My little guy (20 weeks 2 days old) constantly has a snotty nose and cough with phlemn. I took him to the doctor for this about 2 months ago and he was given medicine that I gave him until it was gone. He would get better for a few days and then it would gradually come back. It would go away and come back. Now, he has had it for about a week and I have been waiting for it to go away but it has not. He has a snotty nose (especially in the morning) and coughs alot. Any suggestions?
2 days ago I had a sore throat briefly, and now I have a slight chesty cough, a bit of phlegm in my throat, sneezing, my eyes feel dry and am generally feeling mildly unwell. All these symptoms are very mild, but I am worried it might be related to this recent oral exposure. What am I at risk of, and should I go see a doctor? Thank you for your time.
sure thing but just having a heavily runny nose and sneezing a lot after 25 days of the exposure that i mentioned above .. do u think running nose and sneezing and coughing with phlegm can be a sign of ARS ?
Burning eyes and nose, phlegm, sneezing, and the worst symptom...Shortness of breath. Is anyone else dealing with this issue?
Hi All, I just had a blood test done, and the very same day started to cough a little bit, then afterwards that resulted into sore throat i.e. a little itchy felling, mucus/phlegm coming from my mouth, now after 5 days its sneezing that followed, i think its cold. I am afraid please help. I hope its not HIV symptoms. During the test the person assured me that its the new needle that he is using.
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