Small bumps on legs that itch

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Avatar n tn I have the same thing started about 4 months ago terrible itc had it for a couple of years just one spot on upper back hard to reach place it itched and had to scratch it a lot now I itch on legs arms and stomach it's like athlete feet when I itch I can't stop and then it bleeds .its like little things under my skin .went to dermatologist and they gave more cortisone cream but just relieves for awhile it's worse a night or when I'm not busy think more about it .
1701959 tn?1488555141 I have red bumps on my lower legs, lots of them, this is the 4th time in 8 months I have gotten them. They do not itch but hurt to the touch, are red like pimples and are just in the front of my lower legs. They all seems to happen with 24 hours after I shave. I use new razors and shaving cream but I am not sure if I am coming in contact after with something or I am just breaking out in razor burn? I thought they maybe bug bites but they do not itch and no one else in my family gets them.
Avatar m tn I noticed this a little while after I had received oral sex. There are numerous small bumps that do not form into blisters or itch or pain. Other symptoms include pain in my testicles, buttocks and legs. I also have had a sore throat for more than a month and I think also an eye infection(feels like something in my eye at times and a little painful) Also about two weeks ago , I had a cloudy discharge from my penis. This has only happened once, though.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old has small bumps on the front of his legs that itch but the skin doesn't break when he scratches it. Any idea what it could be - not mosquito bites.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc - I recently noticed these small bumps on my body. They are fairly small and remind me of poison ivy or insect bites. Most of them are just single bumps, in a couple places there are may be two or three together. They are in a bunch of place though, I have a few on my hip, a few on both of my sides (spread out in single spots), a few on my chest, hand, legs etc. Most of the time they are not noticeable, but do occasionally itch, never painful though.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc - I recently noticed these small bumps on my body. They are fairly small and remind me of poison ivy or insect bites. Most of them are just single bumps, in a couple places there are may be two or three together. They are in a bunch of place though, I have a few on my hip, a few on both of my sides (spread out in single spots), a few on my chest, hand, legs etc. Most of the time they are not noticeable, but do occasionally itch, never painful though.
Avatar n tn And in a recent development, we've been getting these small-liquid filled bumps on our hands and feet and randomly on various body parts. We've seemingly tried everything. We changed our detergent, watched what we were eating, BOMBED the house for bugs. We're desperate. Someone PLEASE help us.
Avatar n tn For about 6 years I have had constant bumps on my arms and legs. Some are ingrown hairs, others are more like pimples or clogged pores. A few areas are worse than others, but all are fairly bad. I have tried exfoliating and moisturizing regularly (I use Aveeno typically), but nothing seems to work. I do have mildly dry skin, but as I said, I moisturize fairly regularly and strangely do not have any significant problems with acne on my face.
Avatar f tn Everytime I start to itch a small bump appears and the more I itch then it starts to scab over. Like a bug bite but there are no bugs that would be biting me right now.
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Avatar f tn I've had itchy white and/or red bumps on my arms and legs for quite some time now. I first noticed it in late April on my wrists. The tiny white bumps would get irritated and red only upon scratching. I would scratch and it wouldn't help, so I tried some over-the-counter cream that didn't really help. Then I noticed that it had spread to my thighs, legs and even on my feet. It's really bad at night and I have to resist the urge to scratch constantly.
Avatar f tn in the beginning, the smaller bumps were shaped in small circular patterns, but now the circles look much bigger and they sort of blend in with the other bumps. and the funny thing is that they're only on my legs and feet, and nowhere else. like, they haven't spread higher than my knee, but i think they will sooner or later. i dont have any on my arms or legs or anything, so my friends think that they're allergies. but looking at it more and more i believe it isnt.
Avatar f tn For a while now iv been devoloping these itch little bumps on the backs of my legs,and they have been spreading.They started on the backs of my legs from a little bump and spread from there.Now iv got them on my arms and I think they are starting to spread to my stomach..They are the color of my skin and you can barly notice them,exept from the ons that I itch so bad that they have turned hard and pink,they kinds look like a bump colony,close together.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have extremely small red bumps on my upper arms and lower legs. They don't itch or anything, and I believe they are harmless, but I've had them for years now and would like to get rid of them. My doctor said that they could be caused by my allergies (I'm allergic to pollen), but isn't positive. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I've had one on the back of my neck, right in the middle of my stomach, but more often than not, they appear on the outside of my arms, though never on my hands, never on the inside of my arms, never on my legs, face, or back. Just the front of my upper torso and arms.. I didn't think dry skin showed up in such a specific way, and I thought it would be associated with a rash, which I never get. They appear and then disappear, typically in a week to a week in a half.
Avatar n tn these bumps aren't visible until after i start to itch, and then they become visible... but they aren't large bumps, they are many small tiny bumps that feel like spider bites, but I know they're not. What is this? How do i get rid of it? When I put lotion on, it relieves the itching for a few hours, but I have had this thing for about a week now, and it hasn't gone away.
Avatar n tn Ever since I was pregnant 12 years ago, I've had small white raised bumps on my legs and arms. They do not itch or change size. They increase in volume slightly every year. Besides looking ugly I don't notice them. Three doctors have prescribed different treatments from burning them off to a retin-A treatment. Burning off was successful but I have hundreds of bumps. Retin-A burned my skin. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn It started with my feet there were small bumps that itched badly. Then these bumps appeared on my legs and on the outside of my hips which all itch and are painful. I used Cortizone to help with the itching but in only provides minor relief. I defogged my entire house thinking that I may have had fleas. I went out of town for the weekend and I was not bothered by bites or itching but when I returned home it started "all over again." It appears that something is biting me!
Avatar n tn About 3 days ago I had these bumps appear on my legs and arms mostly around my elbows and knees. The are small are red and itch what could they be? I thought I may be allegric to my cats so I got ride of them and the red bumps are still there.
Avatar m tn I' am almost 60 years old. For the past few years, I have had many small flat bumps on my feet and ankles. Now I see them on my arms. Some are a little red, but mostly their skin color. What could they be?
Avatar m tn for almost the past year I have these very small red bumps. they started on my thighs, on the inside, moved down to my knee and stopped. then moved up the backs of my legs to my buttocks. Not on the cheek itself, but up the crack. then they moved between my legs on my scrotum and penis and up to my belly. I saw my local doctor and he wasn't sure what it was, but wanted to rule out scabies, and prescribed a cream. 5% permethrin . I cleaned everything in the house.
Avatar f tn I am a 20 year old female in decent health but around a month and a hlaf ago I noticed some small red bumps on my lower back. I thought it was just an allergic reaction to a new soap I was using so I discontinued use but still the bumps spread, then started to itch some but only at work.
Avatar n tn My fiancee has been bothered for about 4 years with small bumps that appear on different parts of his body, when they first appear its like a small lump and then it starts to itch and he applies some type of cream the doctor gave him and they go away in about four to 6 days, but they itch like crazy when they appear. The docor could never tell him what this is, therefore I can't see how he can properly treat the patient when he does'nt know what he is treating.
Avatar n tn My family and I have recently been breakin out with little red water blisters on our feet, hands, and legs. They only seem to itch at night, or when we take a hot shower. They dont seem to bother us durning the day. They also dont seem to b infected at all. I have went to the doctor and at first he said that it was scabies. He gave us some cream to put on us and explain to me how to clean up behind it. WELL...... here we r again still breaking out wit the samething again.
Avatar n tn i have this small red bumps that cover most of my arms and legs.they dont itch or i get older i realize the more i have.
Avatar n tn I've been getting these strange red bumps that are small and croweded together. They appear mostly on my arms, hands and ankles. I have had them for roughly about four or five months, about the time my neighbors moved in upstairs. I thought they were origonally bedbug bites, (we had them before but managed to get rid of them, got rid of furniture and doused the house to rid of them, it worked) my boyfriend and I searched the couches, our bed but found nothing.
Avatar m tn Hi Could you please take a look at these small red bumps present for a month in male in his 20s They start at the ankles ,and go a litlle bit above the knee cap and stop where boxers start . Most predominant on the outer calf . Many of them. Some of them blister . Appeared around the same time as he started wearing sweatpants . Also appeared around the same time as children caught lice at school . They are not the least bit itchy. Legs hurt which could be unrelated.
Avatar f tn It began a bit over a week ago, and I thought they were mosquito bites at first, but I kept getting more and never noticed a single mosquito. After a few days the bumps turn into small blisters that slowly grow until they're a 1-3 mm (not sure yet what happens later), or if they break they just dry up and leave a little mark. In the blister stage they only itch occasionally, and I have to wear shoes, for example, the itch is at first really strong and then gets milder.