Small bumps on arms that itch

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i got tested for everything else and all results came up negative but i have noticed now ilight>thatilight> i have little white ilight>bumpsilight> appearing everywhere ilight>onilight> my body, mostly ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight>. Some of them are in little clusters and they itch really bad. i do not know what this is....any advice would be appreciated.
i keep getting these ilight>smallilight> red ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my hands and wrist ilight>thatilight> ilight>itchilight> really bad but end up going away at night. Then they come back itching even more. it has been over a week now having it. What could it be?
i have some ilight>smallilight> ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> ilight>thatilight> start as ilight>smallilight> white heads and then 'pop' and become larger open sores. they seem to be spreading on my arms. they are seem to be concentrated on my upper left arm but one appered on my right arm. they don't seem to be healing even after about 3 weeks. also they are puffy on the outside and puss out when touched. any idea what this could be or how i can make them go away?
i have had little red ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> for over a year, the dr gave me some med for the scalp and told me to put it one every night. i did this 10 times or more and it never worked. They get better and i think it's gone, but it's back now worse than ever.
i have red bumps that look like blisters ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> and feet and chest ilight>thatilight> ilight>itchilight> so bad i have tryed everything i started getting it last summer but this summer in the sun in my pool and its getting worse what can i do help i tryed everything the dr said but its not working i dont know what else to do but where a coat or something to cover my body in the sun to stop it from getting worse.
again bumps cleared up for about 1 week and then reappeared. ilight>Bumpsilight> are ilight>onilight> both ilight>armsilight> ilight>onilight> the underside of my forearms from inside elbow crease to wrists and no where else on my body. Any ideas? Thank-you.
They start out as a very ilight>smallilight> 'pimple type' ilight>thatilight> ilight>itchilight>, and are kinda like a ilight>smallilight> whitehead or pimple, and i ilight>itchilight> it, i try not to, then it leaves a mark that takes forever to heal up, and sometimes leaves a small scar. my arms/legs look as if i've taken needles to myself, WHiCH iS NOT the case. it's sooooo embarrassing, people look at me like i'm sickly. i've tried all kinds of creams, and meds.
For about 6 years i have had constant ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> and legs. Some are ingrown hairs, others are more like pimples or clogged pores. A few areas are worse than others, but all are fairly bad. i have tried exfoliating and moisturizing regularly (i use Aveeno typically), but nothing seems to work. i do have mildly dry skin, but as i said, i moisturize fairly regularly and strangely do not have any significant problems with acne on my face.
i have hundreds of very tiny ilight>bumpsilight> all over my ilight>armsilight>, back, face... but mostly its bad ilight>onilight> my forearm (between wrist and elbow). They are dry, no puss filling or anything, small, red, sometimes it itches but after i give it a quick good itch its fine. it started like 4 months ago with just little bumps on the tops of my hands.
This time on the arm with 6-8 bumps - now i have 14+ larger pimple like ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> ilight>thatilight> arm, they ilight>itchilight>, and i now have 5-6 larger ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> the other arm too. Each day of the three days i got more bumps and after three days if i look closely i have a ton of smaller bumps on both arms - 50+ on each arm (noticed after i was looking hard to figure out what the heck is itching so bad on the top of my hand and forearms. The pimple like bumps are not open sores and do not ooze.
Hi, i've been troubled by some ilight>smallilight> pimple-like ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> (mostly) and a few ilight>onilight> my legs and torso. They are smaller than the average pimple, reddish, and most appear to have a tiny white "head." Some also feel harder to the touch. Could they be a form of folliculitis? i've browsed the net and it appears that "keratosis pilaris" might be another possibility. my bumps, however, are not in patches, but rather scattered here and there.
At first they didn't seem to be ilight>bumpsilight>, but now i can feel raised ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my chest and stomach. They don't ilight>itchilight> or hurt, i haven't changed any detergents or soap, and i changed my sheets recently. i also have a couple on my feet and hands, and this morning i woke up to a slight "tingling" sensation if i rub my hands together or put pressure on my feet. it's almost like when an appendage "falls asleep" and wakes back up, but not exactly the same.
i have some ilight>smallilight> itchy red ilight>bumpsilight> a lot ilight>onilight> my face ,ilight>armsilight> and chest only a few ilight>onilight> my leg. they itch most in the day they are scattered what could they be?
Hey. ilight>onilight> last Friday, i noticed red ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my upper ilight>armsilight> and they don't ilight>itchilight> at all. They are small, like half a centimeter in diameter. A couple of days later, more bumps appear on my lower arm, and some appear on my neck and my waist, and also 3 bumps appeared near my knees. Now, they vary in size and some of them look like insect bite. i thought they were mosquito bites since i got them when i slept without wearing a shirt. However, from my experience insect bites would itch.
Everytime i start to ilight>itchilight> a ilight>smallilight> bump appears and the more i ilight>itchilight> then it starts to scab over. Like a bug bite but there are no bugs that would be biting me right now.
my wife last night developed two ilight>smallilight> patches of ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> her ilight>armsilight> last night ilight>thatilight> seemed to itch. They kind of looked like goose bumps. They seem to be better but are still there this morning. The patches are only about an inch by an inch. Are these anything to be worried about and is there anything that she can do to help it heal?
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They started off only ilight>onilight> my hands but either spread up my ilight>armsilight> or the ones ilight>thatilight> were ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> didnt ilight>itchilight> until now. The bumps have no color to them and are very small. They dont hurt, they just itch a LOT. i have no idea what it is. help?
these bumps aren't visible until after i start to itch, and then they become visible... but they aren't large ilight>bumpsilight>, they are many ilight>smallilight> tiny ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>thatilight> feel like spider bites, but i know they're not. What is this? How do i get rid of it? When i put lotion on, it relieves the itching for a few hours, but i have had this thing for about a week now, and it hasn't gone away.
Hello, A little over a week ago, my boyfriend woke up with a cluster of small red itchy ilight>bumpsilight> (4 or 5) ilight>onilight> his ilight>armsilight>. At first, we believed them to be insect bites. in a day or two, they seemed to get better, but then more would appear (on his arms, an upper part of his chest which touches his underarm, etc... ). He thinks they spread when he scratches them, because his newest ones seemed to have worsened, as they have become redder and more blotchy.
i've had one on the back of my neck, right in the middle of my stomach, but more often than not, they appear ilight>onilight> the outside of my ilight>armsilight>, though never ilight>onilight> my hands, never on the inside of my arms, never on my legs, face, or back. Just the front of my upper torso and arms.. i didn't think dry skin showed up in such a specific way, and i thought it would be associated with a rash, which i never get. They appear and then disappear, typically in a week to a week in a half.
i've had itchy white and/or red ilight>bumpsilight> ilight>onilight> my ilight>armsilight> and legs for quite some time now. i first noticed it in late April on my wrists. The tiny white bumps would get irritated and red only upon scratching. i would scratch and it wouldn't help, so i tried some over-the-counter cream that didn't really help. Then i noticed that it had spread to my thighs, legs and even on my feet. it's really bad at night and i have to resist the urge to scratch constantly.
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