Slim fast vs whey protein shake

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00 - 3 OUNCES OF PROTEIN OR PROTEIN SHAKE 10:00 - SHAKE BEFORE BED For my protein, I usually eat one boiled egg, a 3 ounce can of tuna, or a piece of baked chicken breast. I am allowed only one cup of veggies with any meal per day. The vitamins that were given to me with my meal plan are: Chromium, a thyroid pill (don't know the name), multivitamins and magnesium. I have been strict with this every single day since I started. Next weigh in is tomorrow!
(Have not thyroid anymore) Anyway, as I understand we are not absorbing protein as needed. (Hair is all protein) My Doctor also wants me to take a herbal remedies, from Dr. James L Wilson. It is not cheap! You can look him up on the web. He said he had quit some success with it and faster.
), but anyway, I'm thinking if I can drop a few more pounds if I happen to gain a few back during my trip I wont be so upset!! I'm gonna really try to just do protein and veggies when I'm there but I KNOW I'm gonna HAFTA hit ONE buffet while I"m there...I mean, its VEGAS. Thank Goodness we usually walk almost 7 miles a day every time we go!!!
Just discovered this thread as exactly the same is now happening to me. I'm very depressed about it as I've always been slim,fit and had enviable arms. I've now moved to a hot climate where long sleeves are out of the question. My face looks young but now the granny arms are getting worse - don't even get me started about additional sagging and ugly elbow skin. Is any of this reversible,do any supplements or hormones help?
I can tell everyone that what works very well to loose weight is cactus. Make yourself a shake in the morning and one at night. Put the following ingredients in it. 1. Cactus, 2. Pineapple 3. Celery and add water to it and blend it. It will help with your cholesterol also. It is also recommended to diabetic people. I have been taking it for about one month now and have lost about 10 pounds.
For anyone that has suffered with OHSS - My left side was quite painful and I put on 2kg within a week! Doctors prescribed ProPass powdered protein daily for one week and it has certainly helped. Apparently the protein draws the fluid out. Good luck to you all!