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Avatar n tn It is normal to have an AHI or RDI of 5 or less. By definition mild sleep apnea is an AHI or RDI of 6 to 15. Moderate sleep apnea is defined as an AHI or RDI of 16 to 30. It is possible for a person to be aware of an episode of apnea because they wake themselves up gasping for air. Otherwise their oxygen level drops. Snoring is what often alerts people to the problem. However not everyone snores.
Avatar m tn I toss and turn a lot while half awake. I have noticed however while half awake/half asleep that as many as what I believe to be about 10 seconds will go by before I take a breath. Is this a problem? I should note that my resting HR is between 50-60 and so when I'm in bed it's even as low as 40 something. So perhaps long pauses between breaths is normal??? I should also point out that I feel perfectly fine/normal when I notice these long delays between breaths...
Avatar f tn If you haven't had a titration in a while, you may want to consider this option as well. There's a great forum sponsored by the American Sleep Apnea Association at They have some great moderators and participants that have a wealth of experience with issues such as yours. Good luck.
Avatar n tn That depends. Do you have a copy of your sleep study results? If you have mild sleep apnea, there is a possibility a dental device could help, but those are expensive too. Some are helped with surgery, but many find after surgery they still need cpap. Hardly anyone gets used to wearing a mask to breathe in a night or two. Some take weeks and have to try several masks to get one that's right for them. But the benefits from toughing it out till adjusted make it worth the effort...
1384923 tn?1308414240 I had that horribly b4 surgery...I couldn't sleep most nights. Thankfully, after surgery it has got much better..I get it here and there but nothing like b4. I would almost describe it as breath holding..when I wake up I feel like I have to get the breath out first b4 I can get some in. Definitely mention this to your Dr... Try finding a good neck position while you are sleeping (I can always feel the pressure working up in my head in a bad position).
149081 tn?1242401432 The same exact thing that happened to me and just happened right now I thought I was awake but I was dreaming as I was awake someone threw a ball and I sleep with my hands and caught it and realized I was dreaming while I was awake your symptoms are exactly as mine and it happened to May the same way
Avatar m tn Sleep Apnea is while sleeping you stop breathing. Then catch your breath a few seconds later.. hopefully that is. If not you dont wake up. Sounds like snoring but not the same. I am NOT a doctor but I really feel there is absolutely NO way thats going to make you masterbate. That uhappens when you are WIDE awake, not sleeping!
Avatar m tn Yes, from what I've read it almost always occurs during sleep, but I suppose it COULD occur while awake. I would ask for a second opinion on the autopsy if pathology is inconclusive. My heart is absolutely broken for you and I wish I had words to make it all better. I hope that you and your wife are holding each other close through this horribly tough time....if you ever need to talk or let it out, please feel free to message me. I am very very sorry for your loss.
Avatar n tn My father, 74 years old, has been using BiPAP, for 1 year because he was diagnosed to have both obstructive but mostly central sleep apnea (after having the sleep study, polysomnography twice) . He is consulted by a cardiologist and evaluated as normal. He does not smoke, at normal weight and quite healthy, not having any other serious illnesses. He sleeps better after the use of BiPAP but his fatigue continues, especially after having mild physical effort.
14287919 tn?1434474394 There are sleep disorders such as Narcolepsy which is a condition that can develop in childhood or adolescent, and one can feel very tired, sleepy, cannot concentrate, and many other symptoms. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing at night due to an obstruction while sleeping. A sleep study can help to figure out what's really going on. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn for the past 9 months ive been having chest problems, it started with pressure in the center of my chest moving all the way into my left arm. i have shortness of breath also. i was recently diagnosed with obsructive sleep apnea (mild) and ive been using the cpap, it helped me out a great deal but i am still hving chest symptoms, ive been in and out of emergency rooms bc i thought i was dying.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and received one of those machines. Shortly afterwards I lost my insurance so I no longer can afford to go to the clinic. I was told I awake 120x a minute and snore so loudly the walls move inward and outward (nurse agreed with my wife). It went well for about 2-3 weeks when I realized I was removing my tube in my sleep. This went on for awhile till I was let go from my job and no longer had insurance. I could no longer afford to deal with the clinic.
Avatar m tn This episode happens nearly almost day, like a good amount of children my age I use marijuana in a variety of ways somewhat often (1-2 times a week) Any of the nights that I go to sleep while high or buzzed I have no sleep apnea problem and I fall straight to sleep. I would say that this is due to the CBD in marijuana but often times I vaporize or consume edibles which is mostly THC and still receive the same positive sleeping effects.
Avatar m tn I know I have sleep apnea and it has been diagnosed as being central sleep apnea as opposed to obstructive sleep apnea. I use a bipap machine, but I am asking about gasping for breath while awake. I don't notice stopping breathing just prior to the gasp. I don't know if this is lung related, heart related, or central nervous system related. It feeling alot like a stroung hiccup, but involves a gasp.
Avatar f tn My husband back when around the year 1963 was diagnosed with ADHD and was later taken off RITLIN medication in late 1974 early 1975. And then in 2003 was diganosed with Sleep apnea. Now is it possible that because he was taken off the medication during that time and nothing was ever substituted in its place that he would develope much more complicated ADD/ADHD.
Avatar n tn Usually this happens while I am still kind of awake and just getting to sleep, about 5-10 minutes after i lay down, and I can't sleep when this happens to me because it's disturbing me every time i am almost asleep. This has happened to me in the middle of my sleep as well, and that time was much more scary, I could feel some how in my sleep that I wasn't breathing and after about 30-40 seconds I immediately sat upright and took a really deep gasp, and my heart was beating so fast.
Avatar n tn I have severe sleep apnea and use a sleep apenea machine and I can tell you it is not a perfect science using this machine it is not a cure and has imperfections, even using this machine I too have day time sleepyness and I have black outs driving my car it is very scary blacking out while driving I need help, I told my doctor and he prescribed me nuvigil and it cured my blackout outs and I felt awake for the first time in years, I felt alive and was able to think clearly and thought I was on cl
559187 tn?1330786456 Does anyone know if there is any relationship between sleep apnea and MS?
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I was wondering if anyone else had both Chiari Malformation and sleep apnea. I am also on oxygen at night because my oxygen was dropping really low, into the 70s, at night while asleep. Just wondering.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor, Can you please give any information you can on whether obstructive sleep apnea causes shortness of breath?
Avatar m tn hi drs/ experienced people i was just wondering if there is connection between sleep apnea and nocturnal panic attacks, i have been having these episodes that 30 mins to 1 hr after i sleep i wake up in panic with my heart racing, i have the cpap and have been trying really hard to use it. i just figured out how to use the EPR feat on mine hoping it would be a good help. i am very scared that these atacks will make my heart worse.
Avatar m tn here for the past 3 months i've had problems sleeping and it always happens the same way. i cant sleep for a long time at night, and when i finally doze off i dont get all the way asleep and i have "dreams" i guess that feel so real and stressful, usually the same dream everytime.
Avatar f tn Why would you lose your license if you have sleep apnea? Isn't that just when someone stops breathing in their sleep. If your awake, it's not like you stop breathing. Help me understand sleep apnea please!!
702513 tn?1228516297 Again, FOR CENTRAL SLEEP APNEA AN AUTO PROBABLY WILL NOT WORK AND IF YOU LIE AWAKE WHILE USING IT THE NUMBERS THAT THE MACHINE GIVES WILL BE INCORRECT. I now have COPD and am on oxygen as well but the O2 won't do any good if I am not breathing so I hope to get off the Auto BP ASAP and start living life again.
559187 tn?1330786456 Yo, Julie. Another "hose-nose" here - I've been using my CPAP (mine is much like a BiPAP with exhalation relief) since being diagnosed with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) three years ago and I wouldn't consider sleeping without it!! CPAP has actually saved my life! I say this because I have had very scary experiences before I got CPAP where I'd wake up not breathing and not be able to start breathing again.
Avatar n tn *Mainly during REM sleep hypopnea's (choking) occurring. *Other stages of sleep showed few symptoms *Oxygen level never dropped Sleep Study Specifics: Sa02% min average 97% during non-rem and 96% during rem. Non-rem hypopnea 1.8, during rem 21.7. Total RDI = 4.2 (?) Mean hypopnea was 19.1c maxmium apnea 21.1sec and hypopnea 31.6sec Arousals, REM: ARO RES 5.0 ARO Limb 1.7 ARO SPONT 10.0 RERA (respiratory effort arousal index) 11.7 Non-rem: ARO RES 0.7 ARO Limb 0 ARO SPONT 9.
Avatar n tn *Mainly during REM sleep hypopnea's (choking) occurring. *Other stages of sleep showed few symptoms *Oxygen level never dropped CPAP: I have used CPAP for 2-3 months, there appears to be little benefit, I switched from APAP?, the automated pressure version, to a constant 12 with the machine releasing pressure when breathing out (C-flex), this was with a Respitronics machine.
Avatar m tn I have had episodes of gasping for air in the daytime while I am awake and also while sleeping . I have heard of sleep apnea but is there such a thing as awake apnea? If so what are the remedies for such a condition?
Avatar f tn I recently read that sleep apnea, while not a symptom, is one of those areas under study because an awful lot of people with MS have it. Also if you have no physical obstruction that is causing the apnea then it may be neurologically based. It also might be good to check with a pulmonologist for breathing tests just to see if there is any diminished capacity. Good luck!