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You need an evaluation and probably antibiotic eye drops. If the area becomes extremely painful, swollen and the skin gets red and tense go the ER nearest you.
yes I do think it does look like a Vet needs to see this, its swollen, meaning there is an infection still there under the skin and its too close to the eye to fool around with any longer, if this infection should get into the eye he could well loose his sight.... he will probably just need an antibiotic and some eye drops...very inexpensive to treat now before it gets much worse. btw don't let any Vet talk you into injection antibiotics...called 'convienia' very dangerous medication!!!!!!
Enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes is commonly caused by an acute infection. The infection could be in the genitourinary tract. There are times when even with resolution of infection, these lymph nodes remain enlarged. Other conditions that can present with enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes include lymphomas and carcinomas. It would be best to go back to your doctor for further evaluation. Take care.
i am 13years old had have never had sex. i noticed a pee sized lump under my skin near my pubic bone with no white head or anything like a spot but it is really worrying be and i hate doctors, i am very shy and dont even think i could tell my mother about it. its scaring me to death SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
I have a lump that feels like it's under the skin near my clitoris. It is not painful though it smarted a little when I tried to pop it. It is slightly swollen and a little red and the size of a pea. I notice some people here have similar 'down there' problems a while back, looking at the dates of the comments, and I was wondering whether it went away or...?
Dear members, For the past few days I have noticed 'discolored' patches on my beige coloured Asian skin. The spot is like a random patch that was first visible under the right eye. I now see similar patches, near my mouth, one on my nose and may be other places on my chin and cheeks. No one else seems to notice them, its just me, Either I am completely freaked out or I am looking too close and seeing what others do not. Either ways, has anyone noticed similar condition?
From what I've read on the IDSA and CDC websites, IgM antibodies represent antibodies currently fighting an infection. IgG antibodies are more protective. There is an assumption that a negative IgM Western Blot with a positive IgG Western Blot suggests an "old" infection. This also assumes that after treatment, your IgG WB could be positive for years to come even after you are cured.
Either way your cheek wouldn't have come into contact with HSV or syphilis directly so there is no real need to worry about those two, those are skin to skin transmitted and IF you had contracted either of those you would have a bump/sore where your skin came into contact with her skin such as directly on your mouth or tongue.
I have similar sounding problem. Very itchy and dry looking skin round the eye area, including the bridge of my nose. One eye is worse than the other. I have tried vaseline, aloe vera gel, even steroid cream which the doc prescribed after diagnosing blepharitis. I don't think it's blepharitis as a lot of the symptoms don't match, eg I don't have crusty or sticky eyes in the morning any more than is normal. Have trawled the net and can't find anything other than an allergic problem.
4 bv will only treat bv diffrent antibiotics only work for the ailment theyre prescribed 4 however ant/bio will alot of times cause a yeast infection. they even cause a yeast infection in my mouth sometimes!
Fever with Nigh sweat, itchy skin , Tinea Veriscolor ( Fungal Infection ) , Ear pressure, pain and infection, increase in eye floaters, stomach pain, and losing weight. I have lost 2 pounds in 1 day. ???
aches and pains, nerve-like twitches/tingles in back and down legs/feet), a few sores near the back of my throat that seemed yellowish and the roof of my mouth looked yellowish as well. My left eye has been itchy near the corner since last week friday but no redness or pain. My glands have been pretty swollen/tender in my neck and groin also since the onset of symptoms. My temp has generally been between 97* and normal, leading me to believe this is viral.
After my eyes cleared up I developed a small bump in the corner of my eye by my tear duct that causes my eyes to water. It eventually gets so big that it stretches the skin around my eye and then discharges a liquid with the consistency of raw egg whites. At first it only happened once or twice but now it is occurring several times a week. Could it be scar tissue under the tear duct?
It starts out with ear infections, then itchy skin, hot spots, dragging his bottom, runny eyes or eye infections. The vet will tell you he has allergies. These are all signs of a weakened immune system. If this continues on then the immune system becomes so weak the dog developes cancer. All dogs have cancer cells, as do people, but our immune system keeps them in check, but when the immune system isn't functioning properly the cancer cells multiply.
Well if no cause is found in the eye like a squint, corneal ulcer, decrease in tears, dryness of eye, conjunctivitis, palpebral edema, stye, lacrimal sac infection, eye strain, refractive errors of eye like near or far sightedness etc, then it could be due to high BP, diabetes, thyroid problems or due to occulomotor nerve palsy. If you have diplopia due to third nerve or occulomotor palsy then consult an eye specialist or an optometrist to measure the angle of divergence of the visual axes.
Used those and then about a week later I woke up and the upper eyelid area was swollen and there was major water retention on the upper part of eye where my eye was pushed shut. Went that day to another eye dr who said I had an infection deep in my eye. Provided with steroids and antibiotic drops. The swelling hasn't been that bad since but every time I lay down the eye still swells and it is now happening in my left eye.
I have had a fungal ear infection that was finally diagnosed properly after first being treated with antibiotics and drops and of course no results. There is also a small perforation that exists perhaps of the infection. Is there any concerns that this fungus could of entered my blood stream?
i can only remember experience these symptons this past summer, and my sexual history at the time of my first 'infection' or outbreak, was none existant. I had skin to skin contact with ONE guy, and was a virgin. So this summer, when i have repeadly had these, how many i have no idea, right before my period during ovulation, i never thought it a million years it could be an std. BUT in the past month, i Have had sex, so this month when these symptoms i was on panic attack.
It's roundish and moves but doesn't feel like its free moving. Seems to be connected under the skin it doesn't seem to bother him to the touch. I'm hesitant to take him to the Vet we moved here last year and the first visit for updated shots didn't go to well. So I'm looking for help on here. The lump is near the top of his penis under one of his nipples it hangs a little when he's standing. Looks and feels like an oblong/ small egg shape under the skin. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
found a small growth, about the size of a spot in the skin part of the eye near my nose.
I have dark natural skin but also used tan beds avg maybe 3-4 times a month as my skin goes so golden and nice. so when i had my pale skin under my eye lids just assumed i did perminant damage from tanning bed. (which i always thought was odd as used for short time and never ever got burnt Or close too). i am male and now have to carry eye shadow powder around with me as it blends with my skin perfect, (apply twice daily) Not nice believe me at 28yrs old and Male!.
Now, if you keep an eye on it (so to speak) and watch for swelling and infection, you can medicate with antibiotics to keep the swelling down. But I won't lie to you, it's probably going to be (at the least) a somewhat uncomfortable existence. But, kitty can surivive it, if you're both willing. People survive with debilitating diseases their whole life. Someone gets a diagnosis of parkinson's and we don't take them down to the hospital to have 'em put down. So...
I have been struggling with Mollescum Contagiousum for over five years - and now I fear it has invaded my eye somehow as I spotted a lesion near the bridge of my nose near my eye. I've read that Mollescum is a Pox - and that once its made it to your eye that it could cause corneal damage or worse! Im not sure what to do.
He diagnosed as Blepharitis in the Eye Some Relief as long as the Eye drops used He gave eye drops Nov 2009 –July 2010 Dr S gave Mustharishtam and Parpatadyaristam twice after food He also gave Drakshadi Kashyam and Vasaguloochyadi to be taken twice on Empty stomach LIV 52 60 capsules to be taken twice a day all taken No Relief No Solution( Though stomach gets clear easily as long as the medicines taken) Dec 2009 to Jan 2010 Consulted a Cardiologist.
One had insisted he felt something crawling under his skin, he finally saw it in his eye and they were able to help him after that. Sounds awful, I know, but stranger things have happened. Do you remember any insect bites, traveled at all? Anything at all that you can think of? It might be a nerve or a muscle spasm as suggested, but if you can pinpoint the "crawling feeling," might be worth checking out possible parasites. (And this is JUST my opinion!
that's is most likely not skin cancer at all. it sounds like tinea versicolor possibly. google that term and look at the images. if that's what you have it is a fungal infection that is often times caught in tanning beds. that is absolutely not the only place people catch it, but common. and it is very very common on the chest and back. easily treatable. you'll need a prescription. skin cancer comes by way of scaly sores, weird bumps , lesions etc.
I have had issues with hemorrhoids and skin tags. I will never forget the doctor looking me in the eye and telling me with a straight face that I could no longer use toilet paper, and I must instead use disposable baby wipes for the rest of my life. Well, I tried that maybe twice, and it was a disaster. Wipes are wet, and you can't tell if you are cleaned off or not...they were a total nightmare.
Stye or hordeolum as it is medically called could be recurrent due to diabetes, recurrent touching of eye, poor hygiene, immunoglobulin M (IgM) deficiency, dry eyes, refractive errors of the eye like near sightedness or farsightedness and chronic infection of eyelids. Warm compress, topical antibiotics and good person hygiene usually does the trick. In all probability the hormonal change during the cycle could be increasing the susceptibility to stye. Get blood sugar tested. Hope this helps.
He has lost 40+ pounds in the past 6 months, is vomiting blood and has bloody diarrhea now. His skin is bright red from his neck up, his legs are very pale and tonight his feet are actually black. He is having extreme abdominal pain and he is shaking badly. His BP is very high and his pulse is 125+. The ER doctors are running blood tests and a CT scan now. They suspect "alcoholic pancreatitis" but are not explaining anything.
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