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I live on a main road, and so people get pulled over on my side street (corner lot) quite often. I'll be sitting here and see red and blue lights flashing and I go into a panic attack. I have not done anything illegal in the least to get into trouble again, nor will I ever again, but I see those lights and I have to look out the window to see that someone is indeed pulled over.
have you ever taken skelaxin (muscle relaxer)? i've been prescribed that for my back. is it addictive or anything like that?
I have been on Ultram (4 back pain), Zoloft (anxiety), Resperal and Resderal (sedative and anti-thinking, anxiety), Tylenol w/codeine (back pain), hydrocodine/Vicodin (back pain, crohn's), Xanax (anxiety), skelaxin (back pain), prozac (depression), 6mp(crohn's), over the counter sleep aids, herbal homeopathic remedies, you name it....and I wanted to let you know how they affected me...