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Avatar_n_tn After about a month he started having a problem with his legs and groin itching. He took himself off the Singulair as that is what he decided was the problem. He has gotten by with just the Advair inhaler. In the past month he's really been struggling with breathing problems. He went to a different pulmonologist that put him back on Singulair, Advair (bigger dosage), Provetil (rescue inhaler), Claritin, and a drug for acid reflux--starts with 'o' but I can't remember the name.
Avatar_n_tn After stopping the medication for over a week, I am still experiencing numbness and itching on my left hand. In addition, while taking the medication, I experienced severe mood swings and irritability which ceased within 2 days after stopping the drug. Unless you suffer from life-threatening asthma, I would not recommend taking this drug to treat seasonal allergies. The side effects are not worth it.
Avatar_m_tn My wife even use a body lice cream and sprayed the bed for bugs. I have searched our beds for bed bugs several times. None of these work. I get some relief from Gold Bond cream but it does not work well, or every time or on all parts I put it on. We have been prescribed several anti depressants, such as doxipene (me, I'm already on citalopram)and amytriptoline (my wife is trying the latter now). She was also prescribed hydroxyzine, which will help with sleeping but does not stop the itch.
Avatar_m_tn In the meantime, ask whoever gave you the prescription for Zyrtec for a second medication, Singulair. You have to take these everyday. This combination is effective for treating itching skin.
1438638_tn?1304950057 ) Going for a holter monitor tomorrow...don't think it's gonna show anything. I don't believe I have any arrhythmias or an irregular heartbeat with the NCS but we'll see!
198419_tn?1360245956 So, I've been on hydroxyzine and Singulair for the past few months and haven't had but one or two tiny hives since. The hydroxyzine in very mild and doesn't leave you feeling "hungover" the next morning, and the Singulair has no drowsy side effects. Just wanted to tell you this so that you wouldn't be afraid your doctor was going to take you off of the Rebif. He might, I don't know.
Avatar_f_tn I take an antihistamine for airborne allergies, and that does nothing for the itching. I use Benedryl spray, which helps for a couple of hours. The Copaxone people have no other recommendations. Because of my allergies I'm an itchy person generally, and my nerve endings seem to be hypersensitive. Sometimes it feels that my bod has issued to general alarm to scratch everywhere.
Avatar_m_tn I am now on Alavert as I find it does the job of Zyrtec and is a lot cheaper and I also take Singulair for its anti-alergy benefits. I also take Advair which keeps me open and breathing normally and not keeping my wife up with my weezing. So, I suggest the pulmonologist or a really good ENT / Alergist. Best of luck.
1097503_tn?1257398437 my skin started itching the next day but i dismissed it because i got flu-like symptoms as well and was on cold medication for for a couple of weeks. at the 2nd vaccine, i told the doctor about the itching and he put me on a course of prednisolone and allegra for one week, saying the the hep b vaccine couldn't have caused it. the itching came back after the medication was done, and he went ahead and did the 3rd hep b vaccine.
Avatar_n_tn My son has had a severe itching problem for about 5 years now. It tends to come and go, with episodes in summer, fall, and spring getting worse. He usually has small scabs from itching so much, his face and arms are covered with them. He itches in between his toes, fingers, head and legs. He has severe sleep problems because the itching is so bad. No doctors can seem to give a sufficient answer - we've been told food allergies.
Avatar_f_tn I have been on and off prednisone for over the last 3 months to due to sensitivity to dust and mold. I take either Allergra D or Zyrtec D normally, as well as Flonase and Singulair. My skin test were negative, as well as RAST. I have also had blood work and chest x-ray and CT of sinus. Everything normal. Out of concern of the side effects of prednisone, I have weaned off it(under doctor's supervison) and took last dosage 5 days ago.
Avatar_f_tn They prescribed Nystatin cream- which did not help so they prescribed Diflucan- oral doses for 10 days. After the 10 days there was still no improvement. The area still itched and was really red. So his pediatrician prescribed Keflex- oral doses for 10 days - to treat a possible staph infection of his scrotum and anus- no improvement with that. And Finally he prescribed Clotrimazole & Betamethasone cream 5 days- which not to my surprise- did NOT help!
97615_tn?1212682189 I posted a while ago thinking I might have uriticaria, well now I am having severe itching on my legs, arms, feet, torso, face, head and the rash will be on my hands, chest, neck, feet, and arms. it is only w/ a temperature change but the temperature change is within me, not just outside. If I start to exercise, get upset, sexual intercourse, going from inside to outside or vice versa. Anything that changes my blood pressure has this effect on me.
Avatar_m_tn Hello, First time on this forum. For the last three years I have developed a progressively worsening allergy to many allergens (I just started w an ENT who also treats allergies and I was severely allergic to everything but oak trees and food). This started as a little sniffling here and there and has progressed to polyps in my sinuses, recurrent sinus infections (every few weeks), debilitating asthma.
Avatar_m_tn It may just be allergy related and post nasal drip causing the coughing which in that case a good daily dose of antihistamines or singulair should help. If the antihistamine doesn't help then you should ask for full pulmonary function tests to determine how severe the asthma is which will help the doctor decide what dose of inhaled steroids you should start off at.
Avatar_n_tn Good luck to you getting the appointment with the doc you mentioned. I hope you can find relief for your child. I know these allergies and the itching and eczema are so uncomfortable for them.
Avatar_m_tn but she finally belches and vomits mucus and sometimes food it smells like stomach acid she has been on singulair for about two months now and the last month it has stopped working she does this every night. the only way she stops is when i pat her back and she finally vomits but this takes 1-2 hrs. I elevate her head give her liquids and use an aurpurifier. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar_n_tn So my doctor gave me some samples of Singulair to take while I'm there. He also gave me Fexofenadine, which is like Allegra, and Hydroxyzine (for itching). I have also been taking the birth control pill, Tri-Previfem. Will any of these antihistamines decrease the effectiveness of my birth control pill? Does anyone know? I know some antibiotics can interact with birth control, but I'm not sure about antihistamines. Thanks.
Avatar_n_tn She is severe environmental allergies and pollen and all summer long is bad for her with grass, etc., HAVE THEY TRIED SINGULAIR FOR YOU ??? AND / OR ZANTAC ??? Both the those meds help block allergy triggers and are not commonly used (Zantac is not commonly used) but both can actually help perhaps and Singulair will help the asthma as well as allergies as it is now FDA approved for allergies in the US.
Avatar_m_tn I would be eliminated because I am unable to refrain from using antihistamines, Prednisone and Singulair for the month proceeding the injection. Really, if one has a bad case of hives, how on earth can you stop using medication? I finally found a doctor who is willing to try Xolair. I will have to pay for the medication but he will try to convince the insurance to cover it.
Avatar_n_tn Have had several bouts of skin itching no rash, only to be releived by steroid shots. Have had blood and allergy tests that come out negative. Taking Xyzal, singulair and atatrax . Atarax only at night. Now I have had sudden onset of aching joints. I feel like I had a great work out..but I have not. Please advise. I am grateful for any thoughts.
1092880_tn?1273978625 Thank you for the comment. It is not uncommon for me to itch as I have the skin condition Tinea Versicolor. And, I normally itch on my upper body, shoulders, neck and arms. But, tonight, just out of the blue. I started to itch ALL over my upper body and even my legs a bit. Even my hands and fingers. I have looked and looked..even had family members look. There seems to be no rash at all except for my skin condition. That is why I was wondering if it could just be anxiety related.
Avatar_f_tn as to the itching, singulair dries you out and if she has dry skin already, she might be very dry, and the dryness makes you itchy and sometimes even gives the skin a painful burning sensation. with my youngest daughter we went through hell with her skin and her asthma, and tried probably 20 different drugs, sometimes simultaneously to control her allergies and it dried her out so much it actually made things worse.
Avatar_n_tn I've taken allegra d for the past few years during Sep. to deal with seasonal allergies. This year it seems that my symtoms (sneezing, itchy throat and eyes) were persisting, so my doctor suggested to also take Singulair once daily, before bed, as it causes drowsiness and a heady feeling. However, after taking it, I can't get out of bed in the morning for an extra hour or two due to feelings of exhausten and dizzynes.
Avatar_m_tn Treatment comprises of antihistamines like cetrizine and for itching benadryl helps. If there severe reaction then epinephrine, corticosteroids oral and topical can be employed under medical supervision. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar_f_tn Your urticaria may respond to a combination of Zyrtec and Singulair. Ask your doctor for a prescription for the Singulair. Zrytec is available as an over the counter medication.
Avatar_n_tn I have had a chronic throat tickle for 4 months which causes me to cough regularly. I also sneeze after I start to get the throat itch. I have been to a primary care doctor and allegy specialist. I've been prescribed Zyrtec, Singulair, Flutiasone and Astelin. Nothing is working. I can't sleep at night and talking makes it worse. Any suggestions?
1517808_tn?1290817390 my dermatologist just has me on anti histamine drugs singulair etc.. these drugs only aid in the itching part of this. my joints constantly ache feet,knees etc.. some days its hard to walk and makes my job very difficult. i have heard of a medication called Kynatomine which is used for treatement of the liver, but heard good things about it in the treatment for hives. if anybody has any info on this or other treatments that worked for them it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
Avatar_n_tn I went and seen a doctor about this and was told I have allergies, I was perscribed the generic for singulair for 10 days, and zyrtec for about 2 weeks to see if I got better. I opted to take the medicine at night (tonight)...and i can't sleep and my throat is so dry even after water. I really dis like medicine...I get anxious...what are some other options to feel better?... HELP!
Avatar_n_tn If you notice a pattern to your symptoms that seems related to a certain food, stop eating it for a while and see if the hives stop.Also, do not exercise for 4 to 6 hours after you eat. You should stop exercising as soon as you notice the hives. If the hives don't go away in 5 to 10 minutes, or if you have other symptoms, call your doctor right away. It can be Exercise-induced anaphylaxis.