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, shampoo three times a week and after the shampoo, topically apply Olive Oil or Tea Tree Oil to my scalp and face. My face has been clear since last week and a half after a week of that but I know that it will surface again. Now you suggested mild steroids and antifungals - what particular items are best? I am willing to spend the money if its a sure tail thing that it will work.
Reduced sweets, do not smoke or drink 7). Tree tea oil in bath (Started recently) 8). Drinking a cup of Oolong tea daily (Started recently) I tried before Ketoconazole, Desonide, Promiseb (probably the culprit for my skin discoloration start), Xolegel.
You could try neem soap or tea tree oil soap. Also white vinegar dabbed on face at night. It causes temporary redness, so night is best.
I've used hydrocortizone creams, even apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and notthiing else works. Here's a good idea though. Go on a detox. Literally for like a week or something. Drink green tea for a week, and apples maybe but thats it. Your skin will start to calm down. Hope this works.
I use jojoba oil and tea tree oil everyday and it works for me so if you want you can use it too everyday but dont quote me on that and make sure you wash your face with the oil of olay foam wash for sensitive skin before applying the tea tree oil and jojoba oil just to make sure you face is not dirty. Anyways sorry again about responding so late. Good luck.
He prescribed griseofulvin and Ketoconazole shampoo and cream. I use eucerin on her skin. I was using tea tree oil, but he recommended using nothing. Her hair is dry and she has patches on her head,and she constantly scratches her scalp. she also has bumps that reappear. I keep her hair braided. There is flaking behind her ears. and she has red and itchy bumps that comes between her legs and her bottom she is about to start school and i will like to keep it under control.
(Works good but not sure if the skin discoloration is because of this) 6). Reduced sweets, do not smoke or drink 7). Tree tea oil in bath (Started recently) 8). Drinking a cup of Oolong tea daily (Started recently) I tried before Ketoconazole, Desonide, Promiseb (probably the culprit for my skin discoloration start), Xolegel.
Then I rinse thoroughly, massaging the Tea Tree Shampoo into the eybrows and across the rest of my face, then rinse again thoroughly. After dressing etc, I apply a very small amount of Sudocrem and massage into eyebrow area. I have given up using makeup or brow/eye makeup, it just isn't worth it. So far, the SD has been kept at bay and I am getting the eyebrow hairs growing back again. Oh Joy !!!!! You just have to keep on trying different things until you find one that works for you.
Hi Doctor, I have a bad case of seborrheic dermatitis in my eyebrows. I tried Desonide, which helped, but when I switched to Elidel, it wasn't successful in controlling my seb derm. And my derm told me to switch back to desonide. ~10 days, twice daily desonide ~2-3 weeks twice daily Elidel ~10 days twice daily desonide+salycylic acid, 6% ~a few days Elidel My treatment has probably gone on for a little over six weeks total (which is what's listed about). 1.
The problem now is 2 1/2 inches wide and just about encircles my entire ankle. I have now tried tea tree oil and and ready to go to the acupuncturist for treatment. My three dermatologists are with Scripps in LaJolla and they keep experimenting with creams. And that is my story and problem, can you advise me where to turn?
That didn't work either but rather made it worse. I recently acquired some tea tree oil lotion which is a 15% solution with alchohol, purified water, and emulsifier, and rubbed some into the sides of my nose before going to bed. It simply got worse. I'm fed up witht his problem, and its making my life simply unbearable. I used to be an outgoing person who enjoyed being around people, but now I'd rather hide myself away from the world.
Hi Tea tree oil has been known for antibacterial properties and I am not sure of their effectivity in trying to restore pigmentation. No I haven't heard of tea tree oil being used for pigmented skin conditions. However, this has been noted for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. In terms of effectivity though, I may not be able to provide much information. As for dandruff shampoo, if this is fungal in nature then this may respond.
I used tea tree oil on my face and it messed up and my dandruff came back. so I stop using tea tree oil. I use neutrogena facial soap to clean my chin area. I dont know what else to use or nothing at all. when the humidity is back, I feel more itchy.
I have been taking homeopathic pills from AZO Yeast (twice a day) and applying diluted (safe for face) tea tree oil (anti-fungal agent) topically to the areas at night. I have only been doing this for two days and my skin is pretty much completely clear (knock on wood). I've never written on these forums before, but know how frustrating this is. Give this a shot. Eat well, get sleep, try to stop stressing and try this. Hope it helps you too.
An antibiotic to apply to skin is sometimes difficult, because they're usually oils, but you could try tea tree or neem oil (neem is smelly and messy, tea tree just smelly). There are many preparations you can find in health food stores. It could also be rosacea, but given your hormonal situation, that's probably what it is.
I've been bagging my clothing, changing clothes multiple times per day and vacuuming and doing laundry daily and self-treating with a series of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and supplies such as tea tree oil and coconut oil (applied to the skin) and bathing nightly in borax/epsom salts water (5x/week) and dilute bleach (2 x/week).
Not entirely convinced of this but will see the result of Betnovate for the 5cm lesion on my hip and Dermol emulsion for the leg. As for my face I am using Tea Tree oil and hydrocortisone. I just wondered if I could have an immune problem.
Wash my hair in the morning (nizoral,Tricomin,Aloe vera,tea tree oil,Head and Shoulders,t-gel, ive tried them all), lather up and message into scalp, then begin to rinse out the shampoo, but if i try to touch my hair while rinsing, the hair is so squeeky clean that my fingers litarilly stick to the hairs ( like when youve scrubbed a plate squeeky clean and try to run youre fingers down it, it sticks to it) so i just have to allow the water to rinse it out.
is almost completely gone after my normal tea tree and tamanu oil regimen. What concerns me even more is that about a month ago, I started developing red bumps on my pubic bone area and legs. I am not sexually active so I know it's not herpes or STDs. I thought that the red bumps on my leg might be razor bumps, but they've changed from red bumps to flat red areas on my leg.
(i was on antibiotics for months for lyme wreaked havoc on mine) it seems tea tree oil helps... my doctor seems to think i'm crazy... so i'm looking for a new one... I hope this helps...
As in the past, I used Micreme, which helped but never got completely rid of it this time. After trying several natural/alternative treatments for fungal/jock itch (tea-tree oil, oregano oil, etc.), a doctor had me tested and found no fungal infection present, and prescribed Hydrocortison cream 1%, which again improved but never completely got rid of it.
to dilute it at bit (approximately 20 to 30 drops of tea tree per once of carrier oil) before applying it. Using a carrier oil with the tea tree instead of applying it directly to the skin would probably prevent the peeling and painful skin - just in case you end up having to treat the area again in the future.
Change your pillow case every night. Try neem shampoo. Be sure to wash your ears and face with the neem soap. Try tea tree oil on the rash areas. It even clears up toenail fungus.
Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair. I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
'Paul Mitchells Tea Tree Oil, and Neutrogena'. I have come to realize though, that this hair problems started a week after I started taking Natures Own Omega 3 ultra super strenght fish oil. Yes, I should have probably made the connection weeks ago but I didn't. I'm going to stop the fish oils and see if the hair returns to its non-greasy original state....
I used laundry soap, dish soap, tea tree oil shampoo, clarifying shampoos, vinegar, bakingsoda, lemon juice, and that just a few!! I even bought a new hair brush and pillows for my bed. I have switched everything I could think of. It almost feels like conditioner is left in my hair. So just in case I stopped using that. I have no idea whats going on, but it won't come out. I am not an unhealthy person. I shower everyday sometimes twice a day. I'm so frustrated!!
At this point it seems like I've tried most of the common anti-fungal shampoos. I've used 2% Nizoral, Loprox 1% (Cicloprox), Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar (Neutragena T-gel). I'm just hoping for some suggestions, so I will be prepared to suggest them to whichever physician I see. Also if it is fungal is it likely that I will have to apply medicines to it for the rest of my life?
Try to go for facials if you can afford it, for spots I know that dabbing a little tea tree oil on the spot makes them go away withing a few hours, it works for me but only on the spot you can't put it anywhere else. Steaming is very good although no it will not remove every blackhead as some of them are not ready to come out as they are embedded deep into the skin. Lemon juice is good aswell as a battered egg white with lemon juice mixed and using it as a face mask until it dries.
There have been many reported success from Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Orange Oil, Borax, Alcohol, and Sulfur mixes... I also read that Mustard Powder may be used to kill the mites, however you need to dilute it in water and be careful how much you use, it can burn your skin very easily. Google the Demodex mite, the results will frighten you. But what's more frightening is that western doctors will not acknowledge this as a real problem. They are CLUELESS.
So I'm counting that theory out. I've started rubbing tea tree oil on my crown. I've done this for 3 days and so far it's not helping. My hair has never been oily. Or scalp. In fact, it's still not oily. It's just my hair in that one spot is always sticky and LOOKS greasy. The area is about 4 inches diameter. It has to be something. I refuse to believe it is caused by a product because we are all using different products.
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