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sure they're both stimulants but actually ritalin would be closer to coke, and adderall is close to methamphetamine. not that it makes it any better... kids are obviously the target market for Shire Pharmeceutical, which i think is awful. i agree with woozy that kids should not be on this stuff, unless it's the absolute last resort. it's given out to toddlers and grade-schoolers like fuggin' candy! guess what, they're KIDS, being inattentive is what they DO!
A good psychiatrist will be willing to sit down with you and have a 'cost vs benefits' discussion about your treatment options. Though many adults do benefit from taking stimulants, you may need to try more than one before you find a good fit. Stimulant alternatives (such as Strattera) have not been shown to be as effective for management of adult ADHD, but that does not mean that they might not give you some benefit without the same side effect profile.
Anyway, I just wanted to mention that so far we have had the best luck with Ritalin LA. We tried Adderall and had severe side effects including major panic and hallucinations (very scary) and then we were given Strattera, which I thought was our miracle drug until it just stopped working all together shortly after we started it. There are other "crosses to bare" with the Ritalin LA, one being that although it's called LA (Long Acting) for us it does not last all that long.
The drugs for ADD have what's called a paradoxical effect on kids, meaning they have the opposite effect. Ritalin, Adderall, they are all stimulants which, paradoxically, have a calming effect on kids. In high schools, kids sell their ADD drugs, because for some kids they do act as a stimulant, and some kids actually use them for cramming for tests or for weight loss.
If one feels they need to try a medication, in my opinon, it would not be amphetamine, such as Adderall. Contrary to popular belief, ritalin ( methlypenadate) is not classified as an amphetamine. Adderall is an amphetamine. Try going easy, do your homework, and meds do work. Just do the homework, and know what you are doing. Some people with ADD in adulthood can function without meds, but ritalin turned my life around for the better at age 52. Thx.
We give Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta to patients at work all the time, but that doesn't help because I know that they work totally opposite for children vs adults. It will be a challenge for me to put some of these conceptions I have about certain meds aside. The other thing I would like to do is to just share a bit about my dgtr to hear your opinions. Now, I KNOW none of you can truly evaluate her by reading online, and that's okay...I'm not going to the bank with your insight...
I did a lot of research. We got him an appointment with a Psychiatrist. After much trepidation, we put him on Ritalin. We saw almost immediate results! He was actually able to focus! It was like he was a completely different kid. he started succeeding in school. He was actually reading and doing his homework! Then, after a little while, the Ritalin stopped working. Instead, he became irritable and started lashing out at his sister. It was pretty bad. They would bicker and he would hit her.
Boy, would I love to see a science based study looking at children that were given natural remedies vs. nothing vs. medication for adhd/add. My child is not on medicine but I know of many many success stories of children that found themselves achieving what THEY have always wanted to achieve in school. When it is a success, it is a wonderful thing. When it is a disaster it is a terrible thing. That is why one can only share their own experience with their family or people they know well vs.
What I know to be true is this...my son acts very differently at home vs at school...he has always preferred adults/older children over children his own age...I have witnessed this "poor" behavior the school speaks of when he is around children of his own age or children who are more active/unruly and he does require more focused attention to stay on track and behave (not an independent worker). One last thing...
One powerful coping mechanism is to self- medicate with stimulants like caffeine, Adderall, Ritalin or even cocaine or meta-amphetamines. These stimulants push one’s brain and body into a state of high alert, often with side effects of mild to extreme anxiety, anger or fear but, at the same time, forcing one’s brain-state into the state he or she wants at the moment. The emotional complex here is often difficult to describe. This often leads to cycles of substance abuse and addiction. 3.16.
I am an RN, second year doctoral student studying addiction (takes one to know one). I am on the medication for mood stabilization. I just wanted to say about hair loss, weight loss, and, dopiness...for the record I am on 300mgs a day I do not experience the first two (i.e.
Ritalin and Cyclert show to inhance dopaminergic functioning -H2s is produced endogenously in many body tissues as a break-down product of metabolism -(p.106)Hydrogen Sulfide is metabolized through 3 pathways: oxidation, methylation, and reactions with metalloproteins or disulfide-containing proteins. Although the major metabolic pathway for detoxification is oxidation of the sulfide to sulfate in the liver, methylation also serves to detoxify sulfide.
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