Risperdal and breastfeeding

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I waited a few months to make sure that going off of the Lithobid did not worsen any of my syptoms, and then started a long process of going off of my Risperdal. I was taking 4mg and over about 5-6 months I slowly got off of that as well. I had been very apprehensive about what problems might arise without the Risperdal. In the past I have had a lot of problems with anxiety and manic phases.
Does anyone know a medication for schizoaffective disorder that doesn't make you a boring person with a flat personality and doesn't make you gain weight as well as being safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding? I know olanzapine has been given to pregnant women and breastfeeding women but it causes weight gain even if you don't change your diet after you start it. I gained 50lbs last time I took it and I can't afford to gain 50lbs again because I would probably get diabetes.
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