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Avatar f tn Hi, I just turned 35, and for the past few months I have been experiencing a burning sensation inside my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span>. I feel a lump close to the base of my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span>, but this <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation feels more pronounced close to the surface of my breast. I haven't had my period for 2 years but I'm not anemic. My doctor said that there is no problem, that it could be early menopause, but I'm not sure. I get cold whenever the temperature is below 84 degrees (I'm always cold) and I'm always tired.
Avatar f tn Since then, my back pain is on and off till lately, I experienced pain on my legs, along the outer region of my thigh, leg and on the calf <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> down to my feet and toes. i also felt the same <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> SENSATION mostly on the back of the leg (calves). At times also have sharp pain shooting from my back down my buttock and leg. I am undergoing physio therapy (traction) for my back and doing some stretching excerises at home. i am also dignosed with mild cervical spondylosis.
248167 tn?1220367290 And what should I look for? I get this weird pain/sensation sometimes <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> in the middle of my upper stomach, <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> where my ribs start. Could it be my gallbladder?
Avatar n tn the mass does not completey disappear after my cycle 2. heating sensation in this <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> 3. pain in <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> and armpit that radiates through the arm 4. heaviness of breast. 5. unable to sleep on that side I have no history of breast cancer in my family. Could I be the first victim of breast cancer in my family?
Avatar f tn I am 30 yr old female, had saline breast implant in 2008 and everything was fine until last month oct 2011 suddenly i started feeling <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation on my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> near the nipple. it does not happen all the time but quite often - no pattern. i don not have any rash,dryness or any visible marks. what should i do? thinking of going to the Dr. but which one since i had my implant done overseas and not know of any Dr. who can handle breast question with implants in Houston.
1278876 tn?1304911919 DD is now a little over 3 weeks old and just the last few days I've noticed that randomly throughout the day and when i feed her i have this <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation in my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> and nipple..Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this? Also what exactly does the letdown reflex feel like?
177988 tn?1266802499 Hi ladies. I have a stinging sensation in my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span>. Sometimes it feels almost like an itch but then when I go to touch it I realize it hurts way too bad. Has anyone felt an almost burning sensation in their breasts? it only happens sometimes but drives me nuts!
Avatar n tn I have been having this <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span>/pain under my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> for about two weeks it also goes around to my back about he same distance down. I am 25 weeks pregnant and wanted to see if anyone else has or has had this problem it is almost unbearable the only thing that helps is when I lay flat on my back.
Avatar n tn Recently upon removal of an underwire bra I got a searing/<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> pain in my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> between the nipple and arm pit. I can actually localize it with my finger and upon applying pressure the pain is unbearable. Even just standing up (without a bra) can cause horrific pain. Now just yesterday it happened again and the pain is really not subsiding at all. I'm sure this is nothing to worry about, but I thought I'd pose the question to this forum.
4466644 tn?1355060116 I am 30 years old and for the past week I have been having severe pain and burning in my left <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span>. I did a self examination and found a lump on the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> side of my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span>. My mother had breast cancer when she was 45 and when I asked her about her lump hers burned. My mom gas had two aunts pass away from cancer. I'm scared and can't call my doctor until Monday.
Avatar n tn Towards the end of July I started to have a slight <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation in my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> and then my nipple felt like it was leaking, although it wasn't. That went on for a couple days, then my nipple felt normal again, but the burning has never went away. The sensation is intermittent, lasting only a second, but happening almost daily for the last 2 months. My Dr doesn't know what is causing it, but is sending me for another mammogram in Dec. Do you have any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have been experienceing a really uncomfortable and painful <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation under the centre of my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> down to above my belly button, there all the time but worse after eating, also getting cramps and feeling nausea. I had a period 2 weeks ago. if anyone could shed any light on this for me i would be very grateful.
Avatar n tn I have had an intermittent <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation inside my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> tissue (not on the skin) for approximately one year. The sensation has occurred in both breasts at different times, but it occurs mainly in the left breast (usually several times per day). It does not seem to occur due to any particular activity, nor does the time of occurance follow any pattern. When I mention the burning sensation to the Dr., he never replies.
Avatar n tn The feelings quickly ran away. However, not too long afterwards,the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation on my side <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> under my arm-pit bothers me a lot. I went to see my family doctor and she felt nothing but could be my over worked muscle. Two days afterward, I had my mammogram and sonogram. A benign calcium deposit was found and need 6-months follow up. Today, I ran on the treadmill and bouncing down the staircase, the burning on my left side breast is more intensified and longlasting.
Avatar f tn Iv been experiancing a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation just in the centre of my bra line. It comes and goes, its a burning sensation. I stopped wearing a bra because I assumed could be irritating the skin, but I still get it. The area is not red or anything just feels like a burning sensation. Its really wierd Am I the only one experiancing this?
1252901 tn?1271135468 I usually attribute any torso and back pain to that, but today I'm having a sort of <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation in my stomach/rib area. Usually the pain is on my left side where the ribs were broken, but it's more in the middle today. It hurts more when I sit up. I've never had a problem with stomach acid or heartburn. I had a good day about five days ago so I used it to do the dishes and clean up a little. in the past couple of days, my pain has gotten worse.
Avatar f tn I have ms and have recently started experiencing a sunburned feeling under my right <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> also on my back on my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> side is this a symptom of ms? if anyone could shed some light on this it would be very appreciated thankyou.
Avatar n tn i am a 38 year old women living in the state of kentucky and i have fairly large breasts and just this past weeki have been feeling this strong burnning sensation in my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> exsp. when bending forward.. as well as pain in both breasts.. thnks so much robin frm kentucky..
370181 tn?1428180348 I noticed on about my third trip that I had a burning sensation in the area just above each <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span>. I also had a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation in the center of my chest which I did put down to the GERD. My pants weren't all that tight, but I was doing a lot of bending over and I know that can cause the GERD to "act up." But this was the first time I'd felt this on the upper sides of my chest area. If I stopped what I was doing and stood up straigt, the feelings went away in just a few seconds.
Avatar f tn I went back to my family dr dec 07, told her that I still have <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation in my stomach. So dr, sent me to gastroscopy. I went an endoscopy this morning and nothing found or wrong in my stomach. Everything looks fine and normal. I even told that burning in my stomach didn't go away and pain in my rib. The gastro dr gave dexilant capsule 60 mg 1x a day. I don't know what else I can do to cure my acid and understand why my stomach is burning and i can feel the hot on top of my stomach.
Avatar n tn I have been having this awful <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation in my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> accompanied with pain in my chest bone also on the right side for about two weeks. I really only feel it when im either laying on my left or right side. I feel like its getting a little worse and is slightly tender to the touch. Im not breast feeding so i dont have any milk coming in anymore. Im just wondering if anyone has ever had this before. Im taking my son to see the dr. Wednesday so im gonna ask him about it.
Avatar n tn The past few days I have had a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>burn<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>in</span>g</span> sensation on my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>right</span> <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>breast</span> towards the middle. At first I thought it was the wire in my bra was coming out and poking me. It wasn't but it is the sensation I get. I am 30 and pretty healthy just a little bothered by the fact it won't go away. I was just curious if i should have it looked at?