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Avatar n tn it started yesterday and my left upper eye lid was swollen aswell. today the ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> both ilight>eyesilight> is ilight>redilight>, dry and burns when \i put moisturizer on it. i thought it might be eczema cuz of the cold but why would it start only now?
Avatar m tn i got itchy ilight>redilight> and dry ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> it is on the upper eyelid up to the eyebrows and spreads around the corner of my eyes to under my eyes. it turns really red and burns some days and then ease off some days.
Avatar f tn My skin also is ilight>redilight> ilight>aroundilight> the outside edge of my ilight>eyesilight> and a little bit under my ilight>eyesilight> is ilight>redilight> as well. i have hpv, hsv-2, and a form of poxvirus that causes lower abdominal mulloscum contagiosum. Apart from the skin rosacea and overall weakening of my skin, the redness around the outside of my eyes has become embarrassing and tough to control strictly by stress levels and sleep habits. is there something else wrong? Dr did blood tests and says i am perfectly normal otherwise.
Avatar n tn i have the same issue: tiny ilight>redilight> bumps ilight>aroundilight> both ilight>eyesilight> - sometimes many and sometimes a few, sometimes itchy and sometimes not, sometimes sore. i've had it since July. they also sometimes appear in the creases around my mouth and around my nose. i have no history of allergies, and am generally really healthy. Help!
Avatar f tn for a bout 2 years now i have had dry ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> - its ilight>redilight> and scaly and sore the doctor has given me creams and none of them work - the skin is scaly and inflamed all at the same time anyone had this before?
Avatar f tn What is the cause of itchy and ilight>redilight> dry ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> the ilight>eyesilight>; also the ilight>skinilight> flakes off. Uncomfortable condition.
5519088 tn?1369149479 i am wary with using corticosteroid as it permanently thins the ilight>skinilight>, and the area ilight>aroundilight> the ilight>eyesilight> is already thin. i have also tried Bacroban Cream (mild effect) and ichthammol Ointment 20% (mild effect). What i believe started this is a multitude of things. For about a year i have been juicing as much as possible, and when juicing i skin a large aloe leave and after blending in the 'meat' i wipe the skin over my hair and skin as a kind of conditioner.
Avatar n tn What you describe, ilight>aroundilight> your ilight>eyesilight>, does sound like an allergic reaction. i can’t tell from your note whether you developed the swelling and dryness before or after the Keflex® (cephalexin monohydrate) was given. the redness could well be a reaction to the Keflex® (cephalexin monohydrate). You would do best to accept your doctor’s diagnosis of infection and his/her recommendation of treatment for it. Both redness and swelling could be either allergy or infection.
Avatar n tn why do i weak up with the ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> burning and it turns ilight>redilight> and its like i was burned in my sleep in 48 hrs the skin is hard and will peel in the red spots it weaks me up what is going on this has been going on 2 years. i fell 2 years ago and depresed disc in my neak and it was numb for 9 weeks. i read it could have something to do with that fall? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/296091'>Burning skin sensation...</a>.
3891475 tn?1363677130 i am 53 lead a very healthy lifestyle drink 2+ liters of water a day. i only reasondly started with this problem were my ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> and eyelids are so dry and flakey. i use a good eye cream and find i have to put this on a few times a day. i also wake up with red bags under the eyes, this really stresses me out as i have never had any kind of skin problem before i have used cortesone cream at night but seem this is also not working. is there anything i can do ?
Avatar f tn i greatly appreciate it. Lately i’ve been having extreme issues with ilight>redilight>/swollen/dry ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight>. This has only begun recently – it started about three weeks ago, and at first appeared only as bits of dry skin. But as time has gone on, it’s gotten worse and worse. Now it’s to the point where it’s almost painful just to blink, and stings horribly when i wash my face. the stinging continues for about half an hour after i wash.
Avatar n tn the redness also seems to stand, at times, in stark contrast to patchy, blanched areas of white ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight>. the ilight>skinilight> is smooth to the touch and not bumpy, just red with white patches. it's really annoying and causes me to be extremely self-conscious. Any idea?
Avatar f tn So lately the ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> have been getting incredibly dry. Not only that, they've also started to itch. To add on to this, now the skin around my eye is puffy and red/purple. i honestly got asked if i was okay and if i got punched in the eye. Please help anyone!! i know the skin around your eye is incredibly sensitive so i don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn This morning, after straining during a bout with constipation, i found i had red dots above, under, and along side of my left eye. the right eye is nearly as bad. Seems it would be broken blood vessels...but what to do? Heat, cold? Will this go away. i am 54, does that mean i may have this always? (it looks like red freckles,on the skin not on the eyeball).
Avatar m tn i awoke 12 hrs ago with ilight>redilight> puffy circles ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight>. i first thought it was lack of sleep since i am a new parent but soon realized it was far worse than "tired eyes". My eyelids are swollen with one top lid being more fluid filled and puffy. there is a red rash on the far sides of both my eyes and the skin is slightly broken, mildly irritated and burns a bit. the bags under my eyes are now wrinkled and look streched with dry patches throughout.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having ilight>skinilight> rashes ilight>aroundilight> his ilight>eyesilight>, raised small ilight>redilight> bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar n tn Hi, i have spots around my eyes they started of as little white spots & are now red & sore. My skin is also really dry around my eyes (even eye creams sting?). What are they & what can i put on them to get rid of them. they look horrendous.
Avatar n tn i think the purple spots ilight>aroundilight> ilight>eyesilight> in hiv are KS lesions with is a type of ilight>skinilight> cancer, this would be a latent stage of hiv
Avatar f tn i'm 17 years old, and for the past eight months to a year, the ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> has been really dry. it peels also. i'm trying everything i can to prevent this. At night, i put Dermasil: Dry skin Treatment Lotion and Petroleum Jelly on my eyes. it helps, but it takes two to three days for the peeling to go away. if i don't keep up with this, it returns. i've been to a doctor, and he prescribed eye drops to rub on the skin round my eyes. it worked for awhile, but once i stopped it came back.
Avatar n tn i am having this ilight>skinilight> rashes ilight>aroundilight> my lips and ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight>. it looks white in coulour to me i had it for past 3 months. Actually i neglected it and like a month ago it went away but now it came back i dont know why it gets really really itchy and its spreading under my eyes and lips very fast.
Avatar f tn i have dark circles around my eyes and i have dandruff too. i try and put cucumber slices ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight> but it has not helped. Since last 1 month, the ilight>skinilight> under my left eye has started peeling. Not the whole aread but just a little patch under my eye is peeling. Prior to it started peeling, it was very itchy hence i scratched a bit. This itchiness and peeling was initially under both eyes but now its only under left eye. i put moisturiser for soothing but the peeling has not stopped.
Avatar n tn dry and itchy on the outside ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> my ilight>eyesilight>. i didn't have trouble with my vision or inside of my ilight>eyesilight>, at that point. About the 5th month of the meds, the itchy skin and very dry skin was still a problem. My Gi prescribed Elidel cream, which helped somewhat but not completely. i also broke out with the rash other places on my body that was a real bother.
Avatar n tn i understand that it comes from a pooling of blood in those areas and shows through the thin ilight>skinilight> ilight>aroundilight> the ilight>eyesilight>. However, i used to be able to make it go away simply by getting a good night's sleep with my head elevated. Lately though, that hasn't been the case. in the past half a year or so it hasn't been going away.