Red bumps on fingers and toes

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I get these same type of red bumps on the tops and sides of my fingers, and on my elbows and kneecaps. I have noticed a correlation with the sun and when the bumps come. They sound the same as the bumps that are being described here- red, uncomfortable to the touch, dry. I had none of these over the winter. Now that there has been sun these last few beautiful days, some popped up again.
I started getting these red bumps in the palm of my hand on my hand and also on my elbow I've been looking for pictures anything that looks similar to the ones I have and what could I take to take care of them
The first stage is acute and presents as itchy blisters on the hands, fingers and toes. Then the chronic stage shows more peeling, cracking, or crusting. Then the skin heals up, or the blistering may start again. I suggest you to get it evaluated from a dermatologist and get it ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Pompholyx primarily involves the hands and fingers and then may involve the feet. The first stage is acute and presents as itchy blisters on the hands, fingers and toes. Then the chronic stage shows more peeling, cracking, or crusting. Then the skin heals up, or the blistering may start again. The exact cause is not known and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons.
Her feet at their worst, the peeling and cracking covered the entire bottom, between the toes, and around to the top of the toes and very top of the foot. The pics are from the web and are as close as I could find- I can't seem to post pics.
I have been getting small red blistery bumps on my fingers and discolored red/purple spots on my feet. It appears as a deep bruise on the bottoms of my toes and is very sore. Has a red/purple discoloring on the tops and between my toes. Very sore. The bumps on my fingers hurt if you bump them or touch them. I have been doing this for several years, what could it be.
These included feeling very weak, shaking all over, light headed/dizzy,numbness/tingling on fingertips and toes, slight shortness of breath and chill. I felt like passing out, flushed. I figured it was from not eating so I grabbed a burger and it seemed to alleviate the problems. Well, it happened again around the same time of day a few days later. But this time, eating didn't help as much. Eventually the symptoms went away. My colleagues observed that I looked very pale.
i have had it for about 6 months now and it wont go away, i wake up and itch my fingers till they bleed and i have it on 5 of my fingers it is so gross and nothin seems to help \. the dr. tells me to stay out of water well we all know how easy that is! but mine is so bad all 5 fingers sre dug raw and swollen and burn so bad. please let me know if you come across anything thank you !
I got rid of my painful bumps by putting athlete's foot medicine on my FEET, NOT MY HANDS. Wash your feet twice a day at first, using CLOTRIMAZOLE CREAM between the toes, or probably any anifungal cream. If your painful bumps are the same as mine, they will start to disappear in a day or 2. I continue to use the cream EVERY DAY after showering, with no more bumps on my fingers at all. Rite Aid pharmacies have a pretty good price on their own brand of generic cream in the foot section.
My boyfriend and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE last weekend and he has an itchy rash on his waist, ankles and thighs. I have red bumps on my ankles and knees. Some of my bumps are raised and seem to be filled with liquid. He went to the doctor but could not get a diagonosis because doctor sen't sure what it was and prescribed a cortizone cream and antihistimine. Mine seem to be going away. We are thinking his could be scabies and are afraid to sleep together as it could be contagious.
The warty appearance only appears on the palms of my hands and fingers. And these bumps seem to not break out as much if I wash my hand like 100 times a day. (Duh!
im 35. I first saw about 3 small bumps on my feet and 2 on my ankles at about 28. Now I can clearly see ALOT on my feet and ankles and really small ones on my hands. I have looked this up alot and 1 have seen that mine most closely resembles Stucco Keratosis. Since I have not been to a Dr for it yet as it has only began seriously mutliplying latley. I had picked up a topical solution from Walgreens called Kerasal.
I've noticed it on two fingers and thumb on my left hand and only one of these bumps on one finger on my right hand. Three of them on my pointer finger, left hand, have seemed to have turned red. Areas on left hand where these bumps are How raised they are on my pointer finger.
In particular, perniosis could be the cause and it can be due to poor circulation and an allergic response to the cold. They are often painful and extremely itchy and may appear on your toes and fingers or your palms. It is usually aggravated by little personal physical exercise, lack of adequate sleep , imbalanced diet, or exposure to sudden cold. If this is not the case, and the corticosteroid cream does not help, it would be best to see your doctor for further evaluation and management.
I have red bumps on the joints of most of my fingers, sometimes they come and go but they are there more then not. They are extremely itchy but hurt when I itch them and make my joints stiff. I've had them for about 3 years last year the doctor prescibed some cortizone cream saying it may be a skin condition but it did nothing. They are both on the sides of my fingers and on top.
I still get them occasionally -- I'm 17--, mostly on my fingers behind the cuticles, sometimes other places on my fingers. I do also get them on my toes and sometimes, it seems, on my tongue. I have never been able to find some type of pattern for the breakouts, though i think i do get them more often in the spring. I always thought, because of them appearing on feet, hands, and mouth, that it might be some mutated, recurring form of HFM disease, which i did have as a child.
I have been getting these small red bumps, /blisters on my palms and fingers for about 8 years now off and on. they hurt When they are touched directly. Other wise no symptoms...such as itching or pain. The blisters appear to have a very small dot in the center. They never pop. They are there for a while and then go away with out leaving a mark. I started getting these at the end of march. they appear on my palms and fingers, sometimes in a cluster or sometimes alone.
The first stage is acute and presents as itchy blisters on the hands, fingers and toes. Then the chronic stage shows more peeling, cracking, or crusting. Then the skin heals up, or the blistering may start again. The exact cause is not known and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons. To confirm the diagnosis, you need to get an evaluation done from a dermatologist.
They are located mostly on the palm side of my index and middle finger, with some smaller blisters on the side and even fewer on the back of my fingers. Both hands are affected in the same way. I first noticed them a week ago, but there was only one smaller bump on my finger, but has since spread significantly. I have been under significant stress lately (law school exams). What is this, and is there a recommended treatment?
I also notice very very very very small blister type bumps on my fingers that i have popped and released some sort of fluid.. the bumps on my penis/butt/thighs do not seem to have any fluid in them.. just very itchy and red.. I have had sexual intercourse about 3 to 4 months ago.. and have noticed these irritations about 2 months ago.. can masterbation cause it to get worse?.. i was told by a friend that it may be bed bugs?.. is that possible? (fleas? or no?..
My two boys cam home from their grandmothers house with little red bumps that some looked like blisters and they itched and hurt him if he even walked on them. My second child had gotten a few on his hands and feet as well I took them both to the Emergency room because I was lost of what they were. Well it is a hand, foot, and mouth virus. There is nothing you can do for it except leave it alone and don't scratch it!
got red bumps and itching like anything on legs mostly... and its being 2-3 days.. what should i do?????????
The areas of the body most commonly affected by scabies are the hands and feet (especially the webs of skin between the fingers and toes), the inner part of the wrists, and the folds under the arms. It may also affect other areas of the body, particularly the elbows and the areas around the breasts, genitals, navel, and buttocks.
The symptoms were just like many people on this (and other) websites describe. The bumps are small and red and they are a little bit swollen, but don't hurt. They have a very slight white spot in the middle, like a pimple, but they aren't really a pimple like the big kind some people get when they are teenagers. If you scratch them or use a blackhead remover, then they break open a little bit.
redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting. Dyshidrosis or housewife’s eczema only occurs on palms, soles, and sides of fingers and toes. Tiny opaque bumps called vesicles, thickening, and cracks are accompanied by itching which gets worse at night. A common type of hand eczema, it worsens in warm weather. Dermatitis is often treated by glucocorticoid (a corticosteroid steroid) ointments, creams or lotions.
Hello, ive suddenly developed blisters on my hands and fingers which are red in colour. No itching but sore to bend my fingers or clench my fists. Ive not changed my routine with products or diet. Also my toes and around the outside of my foot has the same symtoms. It looks like measles although its not. It tends to flare up when im in the sun. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
These bumps initiated at the acutal joint on the fingers between my knuckle and the first joint, on my toes they initiated on the joint itself... I've tried to do research all over the place but nothing I have read or seen has matched what I have. Above is the best description I can give but it initiated at the joints in every case, not attached to the bone or deep, on my right toe it has moved to raised bumps on the hair follicle..... I'm still at a loss....