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400713_tn?1201412145 I was using the nuvaring for a few months. last month i never put one in. just forgot. had sex six days after the end of my prd.... so eleven after my lmp.... and i am late... is it possible to get pregnant at that point?
400713_tn?1201412145 posting this again... I was using the nuvaring for a few months. last month i never put one in. just forgot. had sex six days after the end of my prd.... so eleven after my lmp.... and i am late... is it possible to get pregnant at that point?
Avatar_m_tn I quit the nuvaring mid cycle, last month. i had put it in aftermy period and quit it a week after that. I bled again, for a week and then my cycle started over. Im two days late on my current period, am i pregnant?
Avatar_f_tn I also put it back in 5 days late because one, I forgot and two, when I was at the pharmacy I was scared to put it in because if I am prego with it have any defects because I put it back in? Kind of freaked out.
Avatar_f_tn This is my second month using the nuvaring first month I got a normal period and the forth week when I was ring free I had unprotected sex but put the ring back in on the appropriate day when my week ring free was up.. that was two Weeks ago and now i'm having brown spotting, headaches, stomach pain., nauseousness, and hot flashes.. is there a chance i'm pregnant even though I used it correctly?
Avatar_f_tn on it so i switched to NUVARING except now after a month i took it out to start my period and im not starting. Its been six days. I put in a new ring tomorrow but without a period? Iv taken tests and there negative. Has anyone else gone through this with nuvaring?
Avatar_n_tn During my period when the NuvaRing is out, am I protected against pregnancy still by the hormones produced when it was in? Or am I only protected during those 3 weeks? 2. I've read that you can wash the NuvaRing off and put it back in if it falls out during sex so long as it wasn't out for more than 3 hours. My boyfriend and I CAN feel it during sex and I find it to be very uncomfortable.
Avatar_f_tn Was late a week in putting in my nuvaring was suppose to be in Jan 6 didn't put it in till the 12th ovulation is on the 20th had unprotected sex on the 17th what are the chances I could get pregnant if the 7th day would since I put in the nuvaring be the 19th.
400713_tn?1201412145 I was using the nuvaring for a few months. last month i never put one in. just forgot. had sex six days after the end of my prd.... so eleven after my lmp.... and i am late... is it possible to get pregnant at that point?
Avatar_n_tn i was on the nuvaring but put it in a day late and took it out last tuesday on may 5th and usually get my period on the friday following. Friday came and went, saturday came and went and DH and i DTD on Sunday i had very slight spotting like twice when i went to the bathroom i wiped and that was it. Took a digital pregnancy test on tuesday and wednesday and said not pregnant and then went for a beta test and they told me negative!
Avatar_n_tn It's not supposed to hurt either, you shouldn't even feel it in there. Maybe you are allergic to it, causing some swelling, or it's not put in right. I would suggest taking it out, rinsing it with luke warm water and then reinserting it. Good luck! If it still hurts after that, I would consult your doctor or the nurse to see if they suggest a different method all together.
Avatar_n_tn I don't know how, but I got the days confussed and put it in on Wednesday instead. Will this make a big difference? For those of you who have responded to my previous posts. I still feel this burning sensation sometimes and it is obviously beyond annoying. Although I have noticed that since I put the NR in it isn't bothering me all that much, but then again, it's only been like 2 days. It also doesn't bother me as much when I don't sit down all the time.
Avatar_f_tn 22-26 and was supposed to put the ring back in on the Oct. 24. I did not put it in until Nov. 1st, 8 days late. My husband and I had sex without condoms or any other contraceptive on Oct. 28th and Nov. 4th. My WomanLog app has my ovulation forecast on the 6th. My Qs: I know there is a possibility of being pregnant but I'm asking if it is a high chance? I am gonna take a HPT but what day should I take it?
Avatar_f_tn 2 days after I stopped bleeding I had sex. The person a had sex with ejaculated in me, and yes the nuvaring was still in. I immediately rushed to the bathroom after to find that I had what looked like a brown discharge, and shortly after I started bleeding. I have been bleeding for two days now.. What do I do..?
Avatar_f_tn If I put my nuvaring in a week late will I still start on my regular date or will it come a week later?
Avatar_f_tn I don't think I have been using it perfectly, I've been forgetting to take it out maybe a day or two late and I'd put a new one in too early or last time I put it in too late. My last period has been very light spotting only for a day, but I figured it could of been because me and my boyfriend broke up and the change made my period messed up (we are back together now). I have been experiencing wierd things with my body, side effects or pregnancy symptomes? I'm not too sure.
Avatar_f_tn I wasn't saying you can't get pregnany, im saying that once you're off of ANY kinda of birth control you're cycle can take months to regulate. You very well may be pregnant, but it may be your period just late. How was your period the first month you got off the Nuva? Did it come 28 days still, or was it off a little?
Avatar_n_tn I am 32, I have 3 kids, and in Jan 2005, I had a c section with a TUBAL... my period is late, but not sure how late yet. I know that Aug 16 I already had it and was expecting it to leave..(dont remember the day it came) I have been feeling strange feelings that only happen to me during pregnancy. I did take a HPT 2 days ago and it was negative.. however, in 1997, I also took one and ended up pregnant anyway! I AM FREAKING OUT...!!!! ahhhhhhhh!
Avatar_n_tn i am having sytoms my breast is tender my nipples are always hard like they are cold they never relax i have mild cramping here and there i have never been late in my life. i have this white discharge (i know that is gross) i am always naused i have sever headaches i am always slepping i can hardley get my eyes open i have been taking drugs to help me get preganant could i really be PG. on my first child the i showed positive the day i was late .
123759_tn?1226934204 it's the 18th of july and i still haven't started. i've taken several at home tests and they've all come back neg! on the 15th i put a tampon in just in case i started and i was a day late or so. when i pulled it out later in the day nothing was on it. did the same thing again and the next time i pulled it out there was a *hint* of blood but i mean, it was hardly on there at all! so my heart sank to think i started my period but the strange thing is...
Avatar_n_tn i am two months late all 3 HPTs shows negetive i also dont have any sickness but am an gaining lot of weight could i be preg am worried
Avatar_n_tn I would recommend the nuvaring. It's what I've liked the best out of the pill and patch. I tried the pill in high school and it was too hard to remember becuase whenever I was on breaks from school my schedule changed. But you can tlak to the dr. about what is best for you. Good Luck!
Avatar_n_tn I took off my nuvaring and had my period normal ended on 3/9 but I didn't put it back in again because I forgot (i been going thru alot of Stress this past months dead in the family) so I had unprotected sex w/my husband 4x and now its the end of the month and was supposed to get my period already and I'm 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test and both where negative. what should I do? my breast are tender and i have cramps but thats it. Maybe is Stress?
400713_tn?1201412145 I was using the nuvaring for a few months. last month i never put one in. just forgot. had sex six days after the end of my prd.... so eleven after my lmp.... and i am late... is it possible to get pregnant at that point?
Avatar_f_tn Now i find out today I have VD so I was perscribed clindamycin phosphate vaginal cream its to late to get ahold of my doctor and i forgot to ask ...should I take out my nuvaring or leave it in while using this cream im soppose to use it for 7 days once at bedtime so also if I take it out while using the cream when should I put it back in...
Avatar_n_tn I have been on cold meds and wondering if that has something to do with me being late. I did not realize I was late until 2 days pasr. However, I have had a cold in the past and I was not late then. I read that I should wait a few more days and then test again. Any ideas??? Yes I have taken a three home PG tests everyday in the mourn for the past three days. They have been all negative.
Avatar_n_tn i used nuvaring and i think with using it for the first time, you wait till you have your period and put it in straight away.
Avatar_f_tn If you put it in on July 7th you should have taken it out the 28th. Then one week later put in the new one. I find that it's easier to always put in a new one on the first of the month so you don't forget. I've forgotten to take it out until like a day or 2 later than I should have but you're still protected, and I just put the new one in on the first as usual.
Avatar_n_tn I have been on nuva ring for about 3 months now I've never had any problems except for some pain trying to put it back in. My fiancé and I recently had unprotected sex twice both times he ejactulated in me. I am scared that I may get pregnant I never tested to see if the nuva ring worked. What should I do?