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1) Why she need stiches after pulling teeth? If she had any surgery in her mouth any risk? 2) After removing stiches and blowjob any risk?
i would bet the farm that your issues have nothing at all to do with your wisdom teeth. There is indeed risk in removing them-- it is surgery. If there is no dental reason to remove them, and they are not bothering you, you should leave them alone. the "spacing" issue you referred to is not a valid one, as teeth drift forward into spaces, not backwards. but again, there are risks in the surgery such as infection and damage to local nerves.
You do want to do something about your dental issues because mouth issues do come up during treatment. Not sure if this relates to pulling teeth, but hopefully others will chime in about that. I just wanted to comment on this tx in relation to your mouth so you know what your up against. First tx will dry you out, including your mouth. The mouth can become a breeding ground for microbes causing an imbalance in your normal mouth flora, not in a good way.
I saw somewhere...dont remember where that when youre pregnant/ right after your teeth are at more risk. Gingevatis(sp?) is more common in pregnant women. I guess the enamel is weakened. So you have to take extra good care of your teeth. My teeth can be very sensative as it is. With hots and colds. Just be careful! Youre just going to have to deal. If youre uncomfortable without it then go see a dentist.
Was there risk from the sexual act? 2. Did pulling down the middle of the condom to check for breakage put me at any risk? 3. If the water splashed on my face during the water test does that place me at any risk of infection? And lastly is there any risk of exposure while using a visibly intact condom? I tested negative on the 25th of October and again on the 29th of November.
My cat, Mitzi, makes a terrible grinding sound since she had her teeth cleaned 5 days ago. Took her back to vet who decided to remove a tooth that might be causing the trouble. This meant anesthesia twice in 3 days. She wouldn't eat, so I've brought her home. She tried to eat but the grinding sound is still there. She takes a tiny bite and starts shaking her head and making this sound. She is 17 - she was eating perfectly before the dental cleaning.
Here goes, last night I met a strange "girl" on Craigslist. i say "girl" because even now I am not really sure it was a "girl". "She" had a vagina ... but some alarms went off .. tall ... deeper voice .. kind of strange generally. Anyway, we ended up having sex. For a few seconds, I STUPIDLY, inserted my penis into "her" vagina and pumped maybe 5 times before coming to my senses, pulling out and then putting on a condom to finish the job.
Dear Doctor I want to know whether I am at a realistic risk of getting HIV from the following exposure and whether you would advise me to take PEP. On Saturday night (31 August) around 10pm, whilst brushing my teeth before a night out, I accidently hit my gums (the red part underneath the lower set of my teeth) with the plastic side of my toothbrush and it hurt, but there was no bleeding.
I know you do not have a risk. No risk because HIV is not transmitted through enviromental means and the virus is inactive when exposed to air and saliva has proteins and enzymes which inactivates the virus. Anyone of of those leads to no risk, so 3 is no risk.
The bruising and pain that goes with pulling wisdom teeth can be severe, and I really doubt that oral sex would be any fun at all for a while. Make sure you use condoms for any vaginal or anal sex, and you will not get HIV from it. That will be a good start for your plan of 50 healthy years.
Here's what happened On the first of december I had unprotected oral sex (on me) from a sex worker. She said she just brushed her her teeth about 15 mins before Also briefly i performed oral on her. we had protected vaginal sex, her condom. I guess it is paranoid to think she sabatoged the condom, i saw her unroll it on me and plus it was intact at the end i then pulled it off and she fellated me to orgasm.
As i said i am not sure the condom was slip while she was pulling her body or it was slip inside her vagina what i saw she pull herself the condom was on her vagina , the tip was inside and round opening side was outside the vagina. So if the chances are it was slip in vagina , should i still be in risk there was no blood interaction in this whole incident no kissing nothing. As per my doctor all my symptoms are because of thyroid.
I cannot think of any facts I left out and I want an honest opinion on my risk. Your earlier posting state low risk when using a condom, (next to zero and 1/1000 unprotected). However, every set of circumstances is different, so I guess I need some type of validation. 1%, 5%, 10% chance... Regardless, I will still probably end up a hypochondriac until this is confirmed or denied. Thanks in Advance for your help.
If theres no sign of skin puncture I will not be risk in hepatitis or hiv? 2. if I brushed my teeth and I used my hand to gurle and if my hand have a blood of hepatitis person because I touched lot of things before I brush my teeth. Do you think im risk of hepatitis and hiv? 3.i smoke the cigarette of my friend if he is a hepatitis person and he have active bleeding wound do you think I will contract hepatitis? 4. i woked up in the morning with cuts.
Janet continued to deteriorate; she refused to almost food later. But the liver did not have any news. James felt crazy. He decided to donate the remaining part of his liver to Janet. When he told it to Raymond, Raymond denied his ideas. Raymond said that although the liver was regeneration, it could be fully restored a year later. The time was He donated liver was only five months, and he had donated 30% of the liver at the first time. James hesitated. However, Janet's life was in danger.
in 2010 I got tested for hiv again, he had been tested in october of 2009 and was hiv negative but was positve for syphilis. I had seeing him but one day we had sex and the condom came off as he was pulling it out. I've been nerveous every since. I went to get tested for hiv 41/2 to 5 weeks after the condom came off and the test showed negaative as always but this time the cbc that was ran with the test showed a drop in my platelets.
Hello Im a HHA and i work with a guy who is HIV positive. 3 weeks ago he got 5 teeth pulled. After the surgery in his mouth he was given juice. His mouth was full with blood. As he drunk his juice he had difficulties so i helped him. While helping him juice mix with his blood fell from his mouth unto my fingers. I didnt think anything of it until 5 days later when i began feeling sick. After thinking about it I remembered pulling the white stuff in between my nails. It wasnt bleeding.
Normally I wouldn't think twice about kissing, but the guy kissing me had quite a bad technique and his teeth were sort of chewing on/pulling at my lips. I remember feeling cross because I was not enjoying it and put up with it for a short while. As far as I am aware I did not bleed but I am unsure as to whether this guy had any bleeding in his mouth. I am guessing that for there to have been any significant risk, there would have been visible or tasted blood.
There is lots you can do dental wise while pregnant. Though my dentist told me that pulling a wisdom tooth can creat problems, risk of infectio, risk of going in to labor and so forth. However, it could have just been my situation. I had to have a plastic surgeon work on my face to remove my teeth, as I have a small mouth.
He took x-rays and told me that probably the cement of the crown was loose and that he didnt want to risk pulling it out and damaging the crown. That was approximately 7 months ago. The last week I have noticed that the tooth is even more loose and upon fidgeting with it I pulled it out and it looked like my tooth had broken, there was a hole in the middle (the gum part), and a metal pin attached to the crown with what looked the rest of my tooth on it.
Ask yourself if you would be prepared to pay out for treatment if YOU had an abscessed tooth. Abscessed teeth are no fun. It won't go away by itself, and if left untreated could even possibly spread to the bone, or worse. Pulling the tooth is the best plan. But a course of antibiotics could kill the infection. And that won't cost a bomb.
3) I asked her about any recent dental surgury and she answerd no and she didn't brush her teeth befor it but she had sore throat. Does it increase the risk of transmition from Oral sex? I didn't have any visible scrath on my penis and I am curcimcised as well.
Undected since week 2 geno 2. is it ok to being having some heavy duty dental work soon...like pulling a few teeth and more. 2) A friend of mine was recently diagonsed with C geno 2. He started treatment with 800 Ribvairn and I 1 started with 1200. I weighed around 175. He weighhs now about 188, I question the dosage of 800 the doctor placed him on.. Any thoughts...
She put a condom on me and gave me a protected blow job. She could have applied her teeth on the condom. Later she pulled the condom a long way to check whether there were any breakages, and said it was ok (I did not see myself). We went ahead with vaginal intercourse with this same condom on. I did not ejaculate inside. Then she proceeded with a hand job after removing the condom. Her hands could have contained vaginal juices.
Hi I had my two top wisdom teeth pulled when I was 18.My dentist told me at the time that my bottom wisdom teeth would probably never come in.Well,they are.I have had extreme pain for about two weeks.Just the past couple of days i've noticed that it's causing my ear and jaw to hurt.Today I woke up and my gland in my neck,directly under my ear is swollen and it kind of hurts.I have a bad smell and taste coming from the tooth.
Well after that the pain went from when I ate certain foods to all the time i ate on my right upper tooth which is tooth #3 (wisdom teeth removed at appx 20's) I am now 38. He then told me I should get a better guard for my teeth grinding. That cost $450.00 for the guard. At my next visit he says, I should get a crown. He shows me thru the xray a crack but all the lines on the xray looked the same. To me the untrained person all the lines looked like cracks on that tooth xray.
Recently I noticed peeling off my mucus layer inside my mouth (Could see all the layer peeling off after brushing my teeth) And coming to my concern, I have been to a strip club recently (10 days back) and was sitting at the dance floor with a beer. I hugged and rubbed my face against 3 strippers, I even licked one of the strippers stomach (close to pubic area), while the stripper bit on my ear (I noticed a small teeth mark).
He sucked my nipples and was biting the nipples also while sucking them. He was also pulling my nipples with his teeth. It was a bit painful. This lasted for about 20 minutes. I would like to know if there are any risks for HIV transmission for this particular instance of biting and sucking nipples. Would it be a zero risk activity for HIV or any other STD? Could you also please explain why? Also, I sucked the guy's feet and he put his toes in my mouth and i sucked and licked his toes.
I am going for a 2nd opinion on Monday July 2nd to see what this doctor thinks my levels should be at - i did talk my current endo into increasing my medication but it was like pulling teeth. I also miss be hyper - i liked having engery - now i have none when i am done with work i can not doing anything else but sit around - i was never like this but am unable to function like before.
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