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has recenlty been traumatized, then had a complete meltdown which the docs called a Psychotic Break? They are hospitalized for being a danger to themselves & others. I don't have much more info than that. What does this mean? Is it temporary? How long can it last & does anyone know how long you can be held by law? Or is that a state by state issue? Thanks for your help.
i asked where you lived because alot of times when this happens to people in their 20's, it's often at that time because they have to make major life decisions - move out on their own, career path, etc. and it precipitates major stress, and then the psychotic break. the best thing you can do it get help, from a really good professional. find out what's goin' on... it could even be tied in to your addiction/reason for using: what are you trying to suppress or "run" from?
I have a sister who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, another who is hypochondriac who has hidden her diagnosis from everyone but I know for a fact that she is both paranoid delusional and psychotic, a son who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, an aunt who has some kind of mental disorder and takes the same meds as the first three ... Olanzapine. My grandmother died of encephalitus of the brain. My father suffered from depression.
She suffered from migraines while going through puberty, For the past two days she has been acting strange. Last night she had a psychotic break. She has a calcified cyst in her peniul gland. The doctor told us not to worry about it and sent her home. Are her migraines what brought this on attached with external stress or is this more serious?
But eventually I would break down crying because I know that I do not have a history of violence in my family.I also experienced some type of panic attacks that do not resemble the typical panic attacks.I felt nervous at times, reason unknown and would run and cry my way out of a location that I may have been in.However,it did not fit the description of a heart attack, etc. Along with those crying fits came explosive anger that I only showed when I was alone.
I have a sister who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, another who is hypochondriac who has hidden her diagnosis from everyone but I know for a fact that she is both paranoid delusional and psychotic, a son who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, an aunt who has some kind of mental disorder and takes the same meds as the first three ... Olanzapine. My grandmother died of encephalitus of the brain. My father suffered from depression.
Try just accepting that what happened has happened and there's nothing you can do to change the past and you don't know if another psychotic break is going to occur just as much as your illness itself probably doesn't even know if another one is going to occur. Have family and friends you trust and are close to tell you if you are getting worse and listen to them and inform your doctor. Be careful doing this however, they could not be very trustworthy in this regard for various reasons.
I don't just look like a psychotic person, I actually go psychotic and had a psychotic break a little more than a year into my recovery. I walked down the street screaming at the top of my lungs, "Kill me and pour my blood in the garden, then I will at least be of some good, JUST KILL ME!" This was to explain I know exactly how you feel, but I didn't just feel and look the part, I am psychotic, so, how do I accept that? In a word, TIME.
~began to cry ~told us to stay away from him, get out of the house, “get away from me, I might hurt you”, “im going to die”… later…”are the cops coming?”, “don’t do it”, “don’t kill me”… etc…. he was trying to make himself vomit… was making a “dry heave” noise??... like metal music… etc black metal growl noise… ???
i liked him as a friend but after awhile, i fell in love with him. i started getting upset about his past and crying and asking him all sort of questions. it bothered me so much that i would call him about 100 times to get answers. i became a psychotic *****, it drove me crazy that he was with all these girls before. oh and btw, whe we got together, he said that it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR HIM WHEN HE FIRST SAW ME! i mean then why the were you with so many girls then me right?
5mg tablet, and before that 2mg of Haldol after a psychotic break. First, is it all right to be breaking these unscored tablets in half? I was told it was ok to do. Second, I am also wondering about side effects related to long-term dosing with these meds. Third, I have been told I could try to go off the Zyprexa, and I have no idea how this will work for me.
Hi My 22 year old daughter with mosaic down syndrome had a psychotic break last February and she ended up in the hospital for a months stay. Up until this point she was very high functioning and attending a special program at a local university. My daughter was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 13 and was treated with paxil. Her paxil was increased to 40mg last February and Respirdol was added to help with the psychosis.
Hallucinations have eased up, but happen now and then, Last night i was alone till 4am, ifelt so supid being so scared of something i knew wasnt real. But at the time, i thought it was. I had a mental break, or short term psychosis. Today, for real, i am hitting the clinic when my girl gets of work, im past the point of tolerance. Im gonna be honest, and ask for more clonodine, xanax or 15mg valium, or gabapentin. Suicide, hah, never would, but im amazed that it seems appealing at this time.
I feel like I am changing back into that psychotic person I was. I haven't been taking my meds and to be honest I never believed that I really needed them. Maybe this is evidence that that isn't the case. I find myself completely alert right now in a state of mania I am sure. I haven't slept in days and I feel delirious. I've never felt so tired and so wide awake at the same time before. Maybe I have. I've been so emotional for the past week or two and right now in this moment I feel nothing.
It was Zach's psychiatrist who told me there is actual brain damage going on in a psychotic break and the longer they are off a theraputic dose the worse it is. At this point the nonadmitting doctor is worsening a patience's physical condition. Suing to change whatever law gives a person not in their right mind a choice at this point is the problem. There needs to parents and caregivers rights also, especially if they have a record of taking good care of the patient.
Just found out (although also found out that husband has known about for 18 mos) that when they were 12/10 or 14/12, my older son sexually abused his younger brother. He is currently hospitalized after a psychotic break last night and stated this during his "assessment" by the doctor of what's been going on/what brought him to the ER. I was totally stunned and unaware that this has happened, if in fact it has. The boys/men!? are now 21 and 19 years old.
Feeling secure of my emotional state I became confident and started to miss my doses or didn't take my meds on a regular basis. I went manic during spring break and ventured into psychosis depression. I didn't feel comfortable with my own skin type of experience but I did get treatment and counseling. I had to change medications three times before the doctor found the right combination. It was a doosie of an episode. It was life changing. I look at the eposide like in terms of B.C. and A.D.
I was diagnosed after a serious psychotic break (and suicide attempt) six months prior to asking for help. I went back to the pdoc to try to get help with my depression (I had been treated for depression for years prior to this). After talking with him, etc., he diagnosed me with Bipolar I. It's been an eye opener to say the least on why things have happened to me in the past. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have been on meds ever since.
I wish Wellbutrin were an option.. I was placed on it a few years ago and had a psychotic break.
I know I have psychotic problems as well and cannot do without psychotic meds. I find life to be almost unbearable in the mornings and I dread nights. I hope none of the rest of you go thru this. I know longer know what I have mentally and feel lost. Don't worry, I am not actively suicidal, just keep my options open for the time when I run out of available meds and have to go unmedicated.
yada yada.... ANYWAY, I attempted finally on 3/30/08, after struggling for MONTHS with a psychotic break. I (obviously) wasn't successful. Now, I am stable (on correct meds and diagnosed 9/08), and I still have thoughts. I control them more by knowing they will pass. I am not afraid of them anymore, and I am really glad that I am not afraid- and won't let them pass without observing them for what they are....thoughts (not some evil little demon.
Due to going psychotic on Lithium and having flat affect from Lamictal, I have been off all meds for several months now. My Psychotic Break a year ago this month lead me to try meds, but quite them, once I felt stable enough. I went to see my doctor and discovered I have 3 fractured vertebrae in my back, which explains a lot, my physical limitations trigger me.
There are genetic components from both families, and he used lots of street drugs in high school and college which he seems to think helped trigger his first psychotic break. Long story short, many hospitalizations, much family work, many doctors, many different drugs, a marriage, two children, many jobs, a divorce. Some stable times. What I am writing about now is that my son has continued to victimize me and his wonderful, generous, loving Step-father who raised him.
As most of you know my husband has been taking Risperdal and Depakote for the pat 7 months (after being diagnosed with Bipolar--after trying to commit suicide, having a Major Manic Episode/ extremely psychotic and paranoid).
ok, so I have had bad anxiety episodes in the past which I fully healed from.. meaning I didn't live my life in fear. I am now going through another episode which is a lot longer and proves to be more severe. I should note that the other 2 times I had a nervous breakdown both lasted 3 months and I thought I was dying and or going insane. This time has lasted for a year now and I begin to get better, then have additional episodes that bring me closer to hopelessness.
He told her he was going to pour 2 gals of paint on her and break into school and kill her and hurt her. While she was telling me this at the end of the day he ran into her pushing her. We went home and talked about the rules of wearing your mittens home and that's her job. We also talked about yelling at a teacher and what you can and cannot do when you are mad. He wrote an apology letter to her, we took away a toy to give to charity and talked about having a better day the next day.
MOST Schizophrenic pt's have their first psychotic break-thru in their early 20's, even late teens. A psychotic break later in life is not impossible....but it RARE. I have actually witnessed my dearest friend's sister have her first psychotic break at a young age of 22 (timing is everything just happened to occur while the 3 of us were on our FIRST "adult" trip to FLA was awful). It is not something you ever forget...
Hi everyone, The following question was raised recently in court hearing with my husband (we're trying to settle for Visitation w/ 3 year old). For the past 1 year since he tried to commit suicide and had a really bad Manic Episode (psychotic/paranoid) I have been very careful with letting him alone with our 3 year old. The thing is he prohibited his doctors form talking to me and he abruptly stopped taking all meds.
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