Protruding tongue in newborn

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I thought I would just weigh in. I have three kids. On all three pregnancies I took hydros. I started in with pre eclampsia at about 20 weeks. Killer headaches. I never abused them when I was pregnant but all three kids were taken to NICU shortly after birth. I know that the hydros were not the reason for that, it was underdeveloped lungs, but I tell ya, it sure goes through your mind. That kind of guilt is not worth it.
Hi, I have just diagonized with GERD only but negative to H.Poly bacteria. I have to tried variety of medicines (including homeo) for GERD but nothing works. Usually I don't blurp a lot. But there is lot of pain (not pain exactly but sort of strange feeling on the upper part of the stomach and doctors say this is common due to GERD) But I must say that I felt a lot better with had the candida related drug (Called Threelac bought from US). Usually I feel worse during the winter.
Until the person reaches this point there are only educated guesses This is only reliable in the face of supportive care only. In other words no heroics. And an accurate assessment of level of consciousness may be skewed in the presence of drugs used to make the person comfortable. However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control.
But they swabbed my tongue and I felt fine after that, then I realised I was in quite a bit of pain from the incision and I told them so they must have given me more drugs because it went away. I had an epidural as well as general anesthesia, but I don't know if that is typical. I think it may have been so I wouldn't have to have morphine because of the baby. My partner stayed a few nights in the hospital with me and that was a huge help.
Last year I got married, bought a house, and became a step mom all within two months! Guess when all of my symptoms started, May, the wedding was in June, house purchase in April, oh and I turned 30 in April too. Maybe all of this was too much for me at once, but it was kind of delayed symptoms if that makes sense? I would love to take the effexor and be done with it, but something inside of me is saying to try the natural herbal way first.
The last blood test I took a few weeks ago was negative too, they claim it probably was too early to detect then. He wants me to come back in a couple weeks. Day before yesterday when I went in, all he told me is that the lining of my uterus was really thick, and I know that happens when you're pregnant to nourish and protect the baby while it's in there ya know, but he didn't tell me much else. They keep giving me the run around.
I am 3 dpo, at least by my calculation, and also am having an increase in cm. Same as in Blain's description. I am on third cycle since TTC #2 . First one was conceived first cycle off the pill. So it is very frustrating already to not have conceived yet. I also do not remember if I had an increase in CM with my first pregnancy. I was glad you asked today because I was thinking do I have my ovulation days off or what. So begins the 2ww.
It's been a little while since last time I posted, and before I give you guys my update, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words in posts, messages and notes I have recieved! I really appreciate all the support! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. As many of you know, we've had family in town for the past 16 days, and then my husband was laid off in the middle of their visit, which forced us to make a decision whether or not to continue with the IVF.
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