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As a result of my hypothyroidism, I have developed and eating disorder over the years which I am finally working on. My nutritionist, who I do like, wants me to drink whey protein shakes (1 per day) to get my protein levels up. A friend of mine with hypo told me to STOP drinking them, and considering I am on new medication (Armour-2 grains) and gaining weight with recurring hypo symptoms (please, do not tell me to eat less, I am eating under 1300 calories a day), she may be right.
Healthy carbohydrate sources include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You might also consider buying a protein powder and drink shakes between you meals and after exercising. Personally i use QuickMass from Allmax Nutrition. I was was 118 lbs when i started it 1 month ago and now I'm 129. Also if you are already used to exercise and have already built a correct endurance you can go for extra weight and less repetition. Something like 3X6 or 7 and wait 30 seconds between each repetition.
With you saying that you drink protein shakes at the age of 14, made me wonder if drinking protein whilst you are a growing teenager is actually safe for you. I did some research and found the information that I have pasted below. I would also suggested that you read the instructions on the product to see if it is recommended for use with people of your age. I believe that at your age, you do not need to consume additional protein as in these shakes.
I contacted my doctor and she said to stop even the protein shake powder she has me on, in case that's what is causing a reaction...but in the meantime, what CAN I eat!? I'm a little frustrated and don't know what to do...I'm really hungry and weak...this has now been going on for a few days. I've been living off those shakes and a little brown rice when I can tolerate it, but I'm not sure it's enough.
I was struggling with dizziness and actually low blood pressure, but protein shakes did the trick for me in combination with constant meat consumption. If that doesn't help after a few days and you haven't gone into labor, talk to your doctor again.
i am currently preg with twins and my doc was worried so they put me on boost shakes i drink 800 empty calories a day but the protein is good for the twins and im finally able to gain weight
I ate more eggs today and a few more protein shakes... I just hope tomorrow is better for us all. Have you tried Valierum Root for helping you sleep? I have some but have been taking pres sleeping pills (only got 15 so i won't get addicted I hope!) i am going to try the Valierum root tonight to see if it can help me instead of the script one. I am trying to drink water, its weird i used to drink 5-8 bottles a day but having trouble drinking during this time....
a good chicken soup, tomato soup, eat as healthy as possible ...some protein shakes. drink a lot of fluids to keep you hydrated ... gatorades, green tea, tonic water Hylands restful legs to help you with RLS maybe some natural stuff to help you with sleep like melatonin and valerian root ( good for anxiety too). lots of hot baths ( with epsom salts if you have them ...) and keep posting and telling us how are you doing , OK? good luck !!
I didn't quite get all my weight back so will be trying to bulk up a little over the next couple of weeks. Getting ingredients for protein shakes together but need to do a little more reseach in that area.
Iam not taking anything now but my atenenol for BP and valium to help sleep. Staying clear of iron...but someone said Protein itself can rise levels...I don't eat red meat or meat period really...but started eating more soy and turkey protein to get some protein in me. Could this cause it?? Desperatly looking for answers! I was so excited all was going well til this call. Thanks guys! Don't know what I would do without your info and caring!
Also, I have two questions, can you drink decafe coffee and can you use protein shakes (as long as their is not sugar) for one or two meals? Thanks and looking forward to meeting new friends.
Instead she pumps her full of protein and vitamin shakes. Usually I find that about only half the time is she taking her prescibed meds. Only being there 20 hours a week there is nothing I can do about that. My patient rarely remembers on her own to take them. The addition of any other "western" meds is out of the question, but thank you for your suggestion. I will stay as long as I can, but at some point, quite honestly, I can't be this woman's savior.
a good chicken soup, tomato soup, eat as healthy as possible ...some protein shakes. this is very important, .....drink a lot of fluids to keep you hydrated ...
Make sure you are aging hydrating, Drink protein shakes, take vitamins, move around as much as possible. You are detoxing now. You are on the up swing.
Thanks Spider6. I read up on the Thomas recipe and got all the vitamins and am making Whey protein shakes with Spirulina and bananas. I also started Gabapentin again with my doc's permission. The RLS and jerking stopped after starting the Gaba but I am still burning with fire!!!! I am taking hot baths with salts. The burning goes away while I am in the bath but as soon as I am out and cool down it starts again. I did get some sleep last night.
I have been following your story and what your feeling is pritty typical of methadone post withdrawals you will get better gradually 30 days will come around and you will feel better then you do now at 60 again better but 90 days seams to be the mark that most people start to see real progress with stuff like sleep and the energy crash anxiety goes away and you finely feel like it is going to end...
its not 12 grams a your weight x.08 as in 150lbs x .8= 120 grams and protein shakes are a great way to boost your protein !! the CT drink seems more a pyramid scam then a good drink..there are so many...most are just sugar and sugar with fancy names..and or eletrolites.. to be your $$ the quick drinks drop your energy after..and arent realy worth the $$ real cheap & good is a product called EMERGEN-C TASTE GREAT WITH ELECTROLITES IN IT... most drug stores have it..
Take calcium, magnesium, zinc 100% RDA-4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. A good multivitamin, protein shakes, and electrolyte drinks help me a lot. Hot baths with epsom salts and get immodium. Move around as much as you can, a walk, a swim, or even laps in the room, but it helps. You've come a long way, just a little longer. You can do this. Keep us posted.
If your protein intake is not enough, your body will use your muscle as a source. That's why on treatment, you should increase the protein (using protein powder for shakes is a great option). "enjoy all those treats while you can" No....that will make her insulin resistant.
You may not feel like eating much, but you really need to get the nutrition and keep yourself hydrated. Protein shakes, Ensure, Boost, etc. are great if you are having trouble with appetite. I found Vitamin Water, "Revive" formula to be a Godsend in that first week. It has 100% of daily B's and C's as well as potassium and electrolytes - bought it by the case then, and still drink it every day (5 months later).
My friend has a condition that means he has to eat often and as when he doesnt he shakes sweats and gets dizzy but as soon as he has eaten then he is fine, they dont glucose test on hi i think i cant remeber though what it is called. hopefully somebody will post too.
Eggs are also an excellent source of protein, if you can tolerate them that'd be a good way to go. Milk and cheese are also a good source. Or protein shakes, some are soy based and some are based on egg protein (others I'm not sure what they put in them)...whatever works that you can tolerate. And as an aside, remember that ribavirin absorption is greatly enhanced by consuming it with a fat rich meal or snack (it doesn't have to be animal fat, vegetable fat works too).
Answer - Ultram (Tramadol) Withdrawal Tramadol is highly addictive. Normally your doctor would reduce intake slowly. Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here. The length of time withdrawal symptoms occur can range from a couple of days to weeks depending on how high your dose was and how long you were on the drug.
Plus they have a tons of protein shakes, just add water ( I love them) and snack bars. I looked on releana . com and they said She was the only Dr. out here who is contracted with them. I have heard alot of places are selling knock off brands and that some places are charging 1000.00. I asked my Dr is write me and RX but it is patent pending right now so you can't just get it at any pharmacy. I think alot of Med Spas are starting to contract with the Releana Company for the product.
I also might mention that my husband has cirrhosis so his hgb is still below normal even when not treating but we did see it rise a little when we increased his protein consumption , mostly from whey protein shakes and eggs. I don't know if this would help while on TX or not.
I went and bought a high mineral multi-vitamin, melatonin, samE, 5-HTP and I have protein powder to make shakes. I even bought flaxseed and omega3 fish oil because my goal after quitting the sub is to get healthy, join a gym, and do whatever it takes to get my body back on track. Is there anything else I need? I do need the Ltyrosine but they didn't have it at walmart so I will pick some up at GNC tomorrow.
Do you have instructions or guidance about the injection? And, you know the importance of staying on schedule with the meds? All shots, all pills on time even when you don't feel like it.
when feeling w/d because it is full of B vitamins, potassium and electrolytes - all GOOD for you right now), and eat healthy - protein shakes or carnation meals if you don't feel like eating food right now. We have been through this and want to help . . . . keep posting if you have questions and let us know how you are feeling. Good luck!
it takes a wile to get your energy back and I agree with the above posters....myself I found whey protein shakes help a lot there loaded with vitamins and have a lot of the amino acids in them also+ protein is what the body/mind need to heal...
curious as to what the inhaled steroid is ? Marley also has shakes his head ... ears are clean .. ( when we got him 6years ago he was so scabby and ears were crusted black ) poor guy we figured out his food allergy ..beef, grains, corn ...etc ... but this head congestion is too much and when he sneezes .. lots snot comes out .. it is not that's good . but nose MAY run and run throughout the day. and yes on walks !
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