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Avatar f tn Because of my symptoms, my doctor is ruling out physical causes before diagnosing it as stress (which will be his diagnosis if my daily adrenaline levels turn out to be high). He put me on Propranolol for a month for anxiety and my other issues.
1504778 tn?1321398245 i have a condition similiar but mine palpotates when my heart is over woi entrked i have an extra nerve on it ,they put me on propranolol for what i had i didnt have palpotations but the pill made me real tired and slugish so i got off it ,if your not feeling that give it a little time to work if it stops the palps and not feeling exhausted every day you should be good ,if you have no change call him after a few days i went through like three different meds before they got it right hope that h
Avatar f tn Had a stress test Thursday and 4 minutes in they started happening repetedly and we had to stop the test because of the pain. They said that they were PVc's and they were benign. The doc would call me Friday. From the moment of the test to Friday PM I never felt the same after. The thumps were happening sitting and moving. The doc didnt call me and I was just trying to tell myself that no news is good news. However Friday night my husband came home after being gone for a week.
769503 tn?1238499921 Hi. I am taking 10mg Ramipril daily. 40mg propranolol daily for high blood pressure. I have been stable for some time however this week my BP is very high. Is it ok for me to take another propranolol daily. What doses of this mixture is anyone else on please.
769503 tn?1238499921 Hi. I am taking 10mg Ramipril daily. 40mg propranolol daily for high blood pressure. I have been stable for some time however this week my BP is very high. Is it ok for me to take another propranolol daily. What doses of this mixture is anyone else on please.
769503 tn?1238499921 No, do not take any more medication other than what has been prescribed for you. It is irrelevant what doses other people are on, because the doctor will prescribe a dose that is for you. If you are still having very high blood pressure, you need to make an appointment and see your doctor. He will either change the dose or change the medication to a different one.
1475202 tn?1388955435 I take propranolol 80 mg er once daily. Objective is to maintain a resting heart rate of 50-60 bpm since I have grade three varices caused from portal hypertension a symptom of stage C decompensated cirrhosis. Since beginning this new medications (taken before bed) I wake up many morning with my heart pounding really hard then after about an half hour it returns to normal. Could this be a side effect of the medication or something else? Thanks for any information.
5252520 tn?1366047834 I am 22 and I've been on propranolol for about 3 years starting at 160mg for panic attacks and anxiety. I have weaned myself (with the help of my doc) down to 10 mg in the morn and 10 mg at night. It's taken about a year and a half! Last week I found out I was pregnant! Unplanned but exciting! however I have to come off my propranolol now for good. I've started to miss my evening dose and then next week they want me to do 10mg on alternate days, then cut it out completely.
Avatar f tn You are absolutely right about the propranolol helping with the physical symptoms and if you only have the physical symptoms, then sometimes a doctor will prescribe it alone. Reason being that if the physical symptoms go away, then the anxiety does too. (Propranolol is prescribed for people who have essential tremor. Some times these people who have the tremor become anxious because of it. Once the tremor is gone, generally by taking the beta blocker, then the anxiety goes too.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 10 mg of Inderal twice a day and I'm stopping because I lost my health insurance, my doctor is being a jerk (doesn't want to prescribe meds for me if I can't come in for a visit and I can't afford it!) and I don't want to have to depend on this med or a doctor to get it anymore. I was just taking it to prevent my HR from getting too high during panic and anxiety and to help with PACs. How should I get off this?
Avatar f tn 3 years after that I had nuclear stress test that turned out fine. Now at age 50, I am taking 40 mg twice a day of propranolol, equate one daily multi-vitamin for men,150mg ranitidine daily, and am currently taking 500 mg of Amocillin for a slight sinus infection that is slightly in the chest[some colored discharge], I have been coughing uncontrollably, with a tickle in my throat, sweating profusely when it is in the low to mid 50's this April, and many times over the past 2-3 years.
Avatar n tn I take 20 mg's of Propranolol as needed for pvc's as per my cardiologist. Sometimes I go weeks with no pvc's and other times I get thousands per day. On the bad stretches, when I am taking the Propranolol more frequently, I am not sure how many hours after taking a dose I should wait before taking another. My cardiologist did not really answer my question as to how long each dose was effective. I would like to get an idea, because if I take more than 20 mg's, it affects my blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Prior to being pregnant I would take 5-10mg of Propranolol a few times a month for performance anxiety. I have withheld using it so far but it has really hindered me at work. I have a big presentation I need to give this week in front of 150 people and fear getting on stage without taking it. However, I am also nervous about any potential harm to my baby. Can you clarify if it is safe to use propranolol (5mg) infrequently during the remainder of my pregnancy??? thank you very much!!
1414724 tn?1283234845 I've been taking 40mg of Nadolol for like 20 years and I think that it's a wonderful drug for those of us who suffer from IST type issues and palps that seem to flare up with stress and caffeine and sugar intake, etc. I've never felt bad when taking this, never had fatigue or anything. I know it's not the exact same BB, but hopefully you will be side-effect free too! My BB doesn't affect the way my heart reacts to exercise.
Avatar m tn Can I take such doses of propranolol (20mg-30mg daily) for prolonged time?? My resting heart rate is 72-75 (slighlty lower when on propranolol) and my BP is 130-80 (120-80 when on propranolol). When I swim I observed that my heart beats less forcefully but I can do my routine without any problems. The only side effect that I observed is that my hands get numb when I sleep and are slightly cold in the morning.
Avatar f tn My blood tests came back showing I have hyperthyroidism, which the doc said is causing my SVTS to become difficult and prescribed me Carbimazole 40mg once a day, and Propranolol 40mg three times a day. For the first five days I felt dreadful, tired, queasy, felt like I couldnt take a deep breath, resting heart rate at 58. Then I had a migraine aura for 10 minutes (zigzag vibrating patterns, large C shape, in both eyes), followed by a headache in my right temple.
Avatar f tn ok that is difficult for u ---inderal/propranolol is used in anxiety situitions as well -like public speaking -things like that --i dropped to 10 once a day for 2 mths than a half of 10 for about 3 weeks and then just stopped ,,i was on it for a good lenth of time cause i had problems with the anit-arrhythmias drugs ,,i too am very sestivite to meds ,,and it is difficult to find a balance ,,,my hr goes up all the time now most morning it 110-120 but dips down after a while ,i have an another are
Avatar m tn But 2 months ago i just wanted to make sure, so i went to my GP, and she too believed it was stress, she then put me on a course of Propranolol 40mg daily, which did the trick, and my symptoms died down, but recently they have appeared again, i'm considering going back to my GP, but i just wanted to hear what people think before i make a decision.
Avatar n tn Hello. How is your mother now ? The stress is to a large extent responsible to your symptoms. And there is a lot of anxiety inside you, regarding your mother's condition. Since you have been examined by the doctors, you need not worry about any MS or other illness. It would be great to see your symptoms vanish after your mother gets well. Try to talk to a close friend about your anxieties and fears.
Avatar n tn 192 HDL 32 LDL 103 Chol/Hdlc ratio 6.0 I hadn't taken the propranolol for 48 hrs for the upcoming test And yesterday during the test I had a panic attack. I had a couple of PVC's that worsened my already high anxiety This concerned the tech because my heart rate went to 173 bpm The Dr. asked a few questions, told me my EKG was normal and that the panic would explain the rapid heart rate. then told the tech to go ahead a get the images of my heart.
Avatar n tn It took me years to taper off of these benzos due to terrible rebound anxiety, chest pains, PVCs, and tachycardia. My doctor and I tried propranolol for a couple of years as an anxiolytic, but I started developing more and more PVCs, including nocturnal ones. Now, after ceasing all medications for months I have a few PVCs now and then but I've learned not to let them bother me. No caffeine, smoking etc and healthy lifestyle including jogging and good diet.
Avatar m tn I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist, and have been for months. He has prescribed me Propranolol and Buspar. I feel like these medications are not working and am considering seeing another doctor. I've started drinking alcohol to combat these symptoms, and it is helping more than anything else, but is causing serious bowl discomfort, and I of course recognize this is not a viable path to take.
Avatar f tn I've taken this test many, many times in the hospital for an actual stress test, as well as for physical training, so I know a little bit about them. For most people, the test is set up to fail. Everyone "punches out" eventually before the speed and incline is maxed out. Normally, the test is run long enough just to get adequate data to make an informed diagnosis on the condition of your heart.
Avatar f tn I have a positive relationship with my father). This placed a great deal of emotional stress on me. As the end of the school year approached**, I began experiencing episodes of tachycardia at school, as well as persistent diarrhea. I visited my doctor (about 1.5 months before the end of school) because of this diarrhea, and, while waiting for my appointment, experienced a very high heart rate.
Avatar n tn I had a Dobutamine Stress Test 3.5 wks ago. I was told to take my medications the morning of the test (Altace, Welbutrin, Zantac, and Clariten-D, Oxycontin). I have asthma. The report states, "The maximum heart rate attained was 147 beats per minute with a maximum blood pressure of 121/60." I was then given two mg of Inderal at which time I started to feel an enormous pain and extreme pressure in the center of my chest traveling down the right side of my chest.
Avatar n tn I was sent through a series of CAT scans and MRI's which made me worry even more. The docters said that I was fine and it was probably due to stress. I was fine for 3 months but then started having constant headaches and I thought I might have a brain tumor. I went to the ER and they did a CAT scan and everything was fine. Exactly 2 weeks later I had blood in the stool and thought I had colon cancer (I had a full blown panic attack).
709686 tn?1277435759 it does help little as it lowers your heart rate..
Avatar m tn You may choose to get placed on Propranolol 10Mg 2 X a day for a few weeks and see how you react. There are other medicines but from my experience these are some of the best medicines that will help you live a normal, or, more normal life. * Please remember Hearth problems can be caused by anxiety, so can chest problems. However, never take chances. If It gets this bad please call 911 and have them check you out at the hospital.
Avatar f tn After a major episode I landed in the ER again and admitted for 3 days for the regular battery of tests/scans. To be release with an uncertainty. My regular cardiologist suggested a repeat of Tilt Table Study. But I decided to proceed with the appt. for the EP and get his opinion. That appt. he said take Florinef/Fludrocortisone, drink 2-3 litres per day and lots of salt. After 7 days It gave me worsening migraines, more fatigue, moody, more shortness of breath, etc.