Propranolol and low blood pressure

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1232907 tn?1367475337 My doctor put me on Propranolol 20mg 3 x a day due to high HR however my blood pressure is usually low. What should I do? Should tis concern me?
Avatar f tn I've been taking Propranolol for high blood pressure and tachycardia(10mg at 8am, 2pm, and 8pm) for about 18 days now, and four days ago I woke up feeling quite dizzy. Since then it seemed to get better, but now I feel lethargic, dizzy, and generally unwell. Is it my drug? Note: I'm a 15-year-old male.
Avatar f tn Being that this medication is used for blood pressure, my heartrate has slowed to a point that the neurologist isn't comfortable chancing a further increase in dose (and a further lowering of heart rate). I have not but one time experienced the somewhat common side effect of muscle weakness. The one time that I did, I was sitting idle for a long time one evening and got up very abruptly, finding that my legs were completely nonfunctional for just long enough for me to collapse.
769503 tn?1238499921 She was put on medication for a short time, but the pb dropped too low. My mother has diabetes, and the blood pressure always went up when she had an infection. What the doctor can do, is take into account your own blood pressure readings - record the time and date when you check your pb.. Or he can get you to wear a blood pressure monitor that you wear around your waist and this will take readings at different times of the day. There is also a pb monitor that is used on the wrist.
Avatar f tn The ER doc told me that my levels were to low and I researched my blood work over the past few years and my levels are low all the time. Emedicine health says the same thing but my Internal Medicine doc told me that my levels are not low enough to cause or amplify my PVC's. Im going to ask the cardiologist today.
Avatar f tn it is a fairly safe drug to take and perfect if u have high blood pressure. maybe you should give it a chance and see how you feel.... although it can take up to a couple of months for the full effects of Propranalol to become apparant.
769503 tn?1238499921 You need to be relaxed and not talk when your blood pressure is being taken. Any stress and anxiety will also increase your blood pressure, so try and avoid stressful situations. Cut down on your intake of salt which is know to raise blood pressure. Do relaxation to low stress levels. Make an appointment to see your doctor.
769503 tn?1238499921 If you are taking your own blood pressure, do bear in mind that if you are rushing about, had a cup of coffee just before, talking, all these things will not give you a correct reading and the blood pressure will be higher than normal. You need to be relaxed and not talk when your blood pressure is being taken. Any stress and anxiety will also increase your blood pressure, so try and avoid stressful situations. Cut down on your intake of salt which is know to raise blood pressure.
Avatar n tn It can contribute to increasing your blood pressure despite keeping your heart rate low. There is no medication that will make the use of cocaine less dangerous. I know it is very addictive but you need to get help. Professional help or at least some form of drug rehab is usually necessary if you can't stop. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My blood pressure runs on the low side, so if yours does not perhaps you can tolerate much more Propranolol than I can. I have found that oftentimes, the Propranolol will not take effect until two hours later and sometimes not at all. Most of the time though it does help. What did they give you in the hospital to stop it?
Avatar f tn That is why it is used for short term relief and not meant to be used on a long term basis. My point here is, it all depends on the individual. If you have low blood pressure, you may find that the propanolol will make you very drowsy although the extra adrenaline you get from anticipating a presentation should counteract that.
Avatar m tn Is long distance running ok while taking this medicine?(10-30min runs) i know its also used for blood pressure and things so i want to be 100% i am not risking any damage to my heart or anything like that.
Avatar f tn People with normal blood pressure and normal heart rate will often poorly tolerate beta blockers. It would be interesting to know how your blood pressure is at heart rate 58. It may be either too high or too low. Please keep in touch with your doctor regarding this. What you experience is unacceptable and I would refuse to leave the doctor's office until he provides an explaination and treatment.
Avatar f tn I read an article this morning on how nerve damage can effect the heart rate. If my blood work is fine and my echo was fine and I have had a CT then I dont know what else it could be. I was getting Neuropathy a few months ago and it went away with Acupuncture. I wonder if I am just still having issues with my heart. Question is how do you fix nerve damage? What is an ablation? I see that a lot on this site.
Avatar f tn Hello, I recently gave birth to my son 4 weeks ago and during my pregnancy I was put on Propranolol 20mg twice a day to help lower my blood pressure and also because I was having panic attacks that would cause heart palpitations. Now fast forward to now I recently have been having heart palpitations resting, lying down, standing up too fast, sitting down too fast, bending over, you name it I’ve been been having them consistently throughout the day.
Avatar n tn I bought a blood pressure monitor and sure enought my blood pressure has been spiking. Last night I went to the ER and was all was well until I started dozing off to sleep, blood pressure went up and up. They gave me Adavan and watched me sleep. That did the trick and leveled out my blood pressure. The Dr. said it was not anxiety as I am asleep and it has something to do with my autonomic system and thryoid. Has anyone ever experienced this or high blood pressure with Hypothyroid?
Avatar n tn Potential side effects include bleeding, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea and leukopenia (low blood cell count). The half life (amount of time for half the drug to be cleared from the body is 42 hours but varies widely depending on the individual).
Avatar m tn people taking propranolol go to a dentist, get an injection of local anestethics containing adrenaline, and get a heart rate of 40 with blood pressure 200/110. If you on occations get a blood pressure of 210/110 without any obvious cause, you should consider ruling out conditions inappropriately increasing your stress hormones. A blood pressure of 210/110 is dangerous and should not be ignored.
Avatar m tn Hyperthyroidism is a cause of high blood pressure and high pulse pressure. Pulse pressure is the difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure readings and is normally around 40mmHg. Eg: 120/80 = 40. Your pulse pressure for your reading of 163/94 = 69 mmHg.
Avatar m tn Hi, thats what I think also, the beta blocker still work but only on the blood pressure and no the heart rate. Also 10mg of propranolol is a low dose and should not lower too much the blood pressure. Normally when I take my first dose of 10mg as soon as im awake, 1 hour later I can feel the lowering blood pressure effect and my blood pressure decrease from 130/80 to 110/60...In the past the heart rate was lowered from 100 sit to 60-65...
Avatar m tn I actually was prescribed this med for high blood pressure, but found relief from anxiety. I've been taking it for several months, but my hr is very low and I have to take two other meds to control the bp. My doctor told me to take one capsule everyday and on the day inbetween I take 300mg of Avapro. This is o.k., but can anyone tell me how I know when to stop taking it? I understand that not tapering off is not wise as there can be some serious results.
1475202 tn?1388955435 I am currently using a beta blocker (Metoprolol) and it is keeping my blood pressure right around 105/58. I try to watch lifting heavy but you know how that can go. I still have hopes of avoiding transplant but I know I need to be prepared just in case. I am actually here in Nashville only about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Memphis which might give me an advantage someday. Vanderbilt is the transplant center here and I'll see my new general doctor the first part of July.
Avatar n tn I took 10 mg (very low dose) yesterday morning, 24 hours ago. My current blood pressure and heart rate are 114/69 and 79. And that's without taking any of my beta blocker today. What's going on? My cardiologist office of spoke to a nurse on the phone and she spoke to him and he said to just take my beta blocker as needed. But really, what's going on? I know hypertension doesn't just go away. Is my heart quitting? Failing? I'm concerned to say the least.
Avatar n tn I've had hypertension and tachycardia problems for years now and have also been on a beta blocker for many years. The past week or so though, my normally high blood pressure has been low to normal and my heart rate has been exceptionally low. I'm currently taking half of my very low dose of propranolol (beta blocker). So when active my heart rate which is usually 85-110 active, has been 60-70 max. And my resting heart rate which is usually 60-75 has been. 40-50.
1318483 tn?1318350782 Throughout my life I have had low blood pressure but this has never been anything that any doctors have been concerned with and/or did anything about. The reading I had with the paramedics scares me and I don't know what to think about that. The muscle spasms is becoming a great concern to me, too. I feel like my muscles are out of control! I also have been getting twitch-like muscle jerks. These have gotten stronger and more frequent.
Avatar f tn I have very similar symptoms, along with blood pressure that spikes and then often goes very low. I am taking Carvedilol and Avapro for blood pressure and Clonazepam and Keppra for the neurological conditions. I couldn't function without these meds, but still have episodes out if the blue. Then I need to rest for several days to regain my strength.
Avatar f tn I have had these same sort of episodes and my doctor thinks it is related to my blood pressure/blood sugar. My episodes do tend to happen after I have been sitting or laying down and first stand up.
687614 tn?1244201579 low and behold, if you DON'T take it, you could actually have high blood pressure until your body adjusts again. I was on 300mg of metoprolol and 200mg propranolol and lisonopril for a while. I had never had high blood pressure either, it was all about rate aand rhythms. I take coreg instead now and plenty of other stuff but I am almost always at 90/50. When it gets much lower than THAT, but at that, I go to work, I make dinner, I just live life.