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Avatar_f_tn I was told not to take any herbal agents, soy etc. The physician did say that premarin vaginal cream 3 x per week would be okay. I am concerned. I have been told allot of different things. Do I risk taking the cream? Is it absorbed just locally? What is your suggestion.
Avatar_f_tn Do I need to continue taking Premarin .0625 or can I discontinue since I am past meopause age.
Avatar_n_tn Has anyone used premarin cream. I am just starting menopause with the hot flashes, weight gain, anxiety, etc, My GYN prescribed Avista-an estroten/progesterin pill. I took it for about 7 days and then decided the risk of heart disease and breast cancer wasn't worth it. Someone told me to try a prescription for premarin cream. I don't know if there are any side effects to it and if it is worth taking. Just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on it.
Avatar_n_tn I have een prescribe Premarin vaginal Cream for estrogen. So mujch has been written about Premarin that I am hesitant to use it. I have been told that Evening Prinrose Oil is a natural way to replace estrogen in women.
Avatar_n_tn I have een prescribe Premarin vaginal Cream for estrogen. So mujch has been written about Premarin that I am hesitant to use it. I have been told that Evening Prinrose Oil is a natural way to replace estrogen in women.
Avatar_m_tn I resently started using this cream to avoid vaginal pain during intercourse. I haven't had sex for a number of years but knew I needed something if I was going to have a relationship with a man that I've been dating for some time. I am post menepausal and started treatment 5 days ago. Is it safe (for me and or the man) to have intercourse while using this cream? I just don't want him to fear what could happen to him upon contact with some residual cream.
Avatar_f_tn Sitz baths helped some but it's still there and not healed After it didn't heal the urologist recommended light application of Premarin [said vagina and urether are inter-related] I was reluctant since I had estrogen receptor positive DCIS years ago He said it would be ok - using a tiny amount topically-and not to insert the cream Just picked it up and the dosag is 0.
Avatar_f_tn can you buy an over the counter drug like premarin? i know that premarin is estrogen, so what med would i look for/ i thought maybe they had an otc brand. not the creams but pills. would i look in the vitamin section of my store? im sorry for all the questions.
Avatar_n_tn I have been taking Evista QD for many years and after a repair of vaginal prolapse in February the surgeon Rx'd Premarin vaginal cream 2 x a week. Is it safe to take these 2 Rx's or is it contraindicated? (I also take synthroid.)Thank you!
Avatar_f_tn I do use a separate estrogen cream for the vaginal issues. I tried Osphena which worked great but it causes HOT FLASHES and big ones at that!! Yes, I will continue to research this . I do have a new GYN who does seem to be up to speed. Thanks!
135691_tn?1271100723 Sorry to barge in here...but I have been following along with Becky regarding this issue. (difficult surgical menopause, age 49, surgery 6 months ago due to complex cysts, no ovca but very interested in this issue now as a result). I do question the safety of estrogen for us ALL. I noticed you said "...I would consider estrogen, low dose and without the addition of progesterone" and I wondered if you could perhaps expand on why no progesterone? Or are you referring to progestin?
Avatar_n_tn After 2 days of taking Prempro I decided not for me. I think I need Progesterone and would like to know if others use the cream and what brand. Or any advice appreciated. Thank- you.
Avatar_n_tn I have always had sensitivity in my vaginal area. I was prescribed PREMARIN Vaginal Cream for low estrogen. I am 27 also. So, after always having burning/iching/redness/swollenness et al a doctor suggested I had a low estrogen problem. I am also prone to yeast infections, so it's hard to differentiate symptoms of these two issues. I still have these symptoms and I am not sure how to get RELIEF. It gets to the point sometimes where I cannot walk.
Avatar_m_tn I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure in 2011 after not having had a menstrual cycle for three years. In June, my doctor put me on a twice-weekly dose of Premarin cream to treat vaginal dryness and atrophy. In August, I had premenstrual symptoms, followed by a surprise bright red period that lasted 4 days.
Avatar_n_tn I have used Premarin cream intravaginally for 15-20 years-following a hysterectomy and removal of ovaries. I only learned yesterday that there is a danger for men exposed (via trans-dermal) to estrogen. I don't know, or care, why I never saw or was told any information regarding this, my only concern now is my husband's health. As I have a "cuff" rather than anything else, I know there is often enough residue for him to have had quite a lot transferred to his skin.
Avatar_n_tn the answer seems to be that there are not increased blood levels of estrogen if vaginal cream is used alone. I have pasted an abstract below. vaginal estrogen is used routinely in women who have experienced breast cancer and who have severe vaginal thinning.
Avatar_f_tn The Women's Health Initiative showed that combined HRT as Prempro (conjugated estrogen plus progestin formulation medroxyprogesterone acetate) increased the risk of breast cancer. Estrogen taken without a progestin (Premarin) did not increase risk of breast cancer. But you are correct that a progestin or progesterone needs to be taken with estrogen to protect the uterine lining from proliferation and risk of hyperplasia or cancer.
135691_tn?1271100723 I'm going to lose my mind with all this hormone stuff. I take .90mg of Premarin daily and my weight is slowly going up, up, up. I am hanging onto 30lbs from chemo and it's all around my stomach! I'm eating less, starting to exercise and have gained 2 more lbs. Is it my Estrogen? If I lowered my dosage (which I want to anyways) would that help the situation at all? I know that having more fat around your abdomen can increase estrogen levels in your body - is that still true if I have no ovaries?
Avatar_f_tn Also, I've heard that the whole reason men progress faster than women in Hep C is because they don't have the estrogen as a protective factor. My theory is that if I stop my estrogen and go through menopause instantaneously that my fibrosis will progress even faster than it already has been. As I said above, I have had the hysterectomy and I have no ovaries, uterus, cervix, tubes, etc., etc., so stopping my HRT will mean INSTANT menopause.
Avatar_f_tn Ask if it is possible to use Premarin. Doctors won't give you a systemic estrogen for a reason, but maybe Premarin (a cream you use in the vagina) would not be seen as so dangerous. Why do you want the hormone, anyway? Are you having bad symptoms?
Avatar_f_tn So, after two months of creams and ointments and pills, I still am having symptoms (burning area on vulva right outside the vagina and urethra fluttering and a feeling of being swollen) so the Dr. put me on Premarin which is an estrogen cream. My question is if there are any natural or nutritional ways to up my estrogen levels so I don't have to stay on this cream the rest of my life. I googled "foods for low estrogen" and it came up with a long list.
Avatar_n_tn Also, it's looking like she's getting peach fuzz on her vaginal area - is this because of the estrogen cream, even though we're putting it on the inside?? Not sure if I should wait it out or take her back to the surgeon and have it taken care of since she doesn't complain of pain.
437280_tn?1225521403 I think that you should remind your doctor about your anti-estrogen treatment as I believe that the topical estrogen cream for your vagina can have some form of systemic absorption which is really in conflict with your anti-estrogen treatment. For your menopausal symptoms, you can ask your doctor about the drug Effexor (Venlafaxine) which is indicated to control these symptoms.
Avatar_n_tn One doesn't need progesterone if one's uterus is removed. Many women do not need testosterone and are fine on estrogen alone. Premarin is a very good estrogen, but any will do if the dose is high enough for the person's symptoms.
Avatar_n_tn I have reoccuring yeast infections so my doctor diagnosed a yeast infection and prescribed 10 days of Diflucan. She also prescribed Vag. Premarin everyday 1 gram for 6 weeks. I can't find any info about this other than for HRT. It also says to use it for as short a time as possible as it can increase the risk of cancer. I'm scared to use it because it says it causes yeast infections. I really don't want another one. Also, do I really need estrogen for a dry vagina and pain?
1344197_tn?1392822771 estrone, a derivative of estradiol and the second most dominant estrogen; and estriol, a very short-acting estrogen and the least biologically active. The first misconception is that US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated drugs are not bioidentical. This is wrong. A long list of FDA-approved hormone products contain 17-beta estradiol and, therefore, are bioidentical. Examples include oral esterase, estradiol transdermal patches (Climara®, Vivelle®) and the vaginal ring (Estring®).
405614_tn?1329147714 So, it could be not the Premarin, since I take that every month, and the premarin cream I've added isn't a large amount. Are you saying that it could be related to my period itself, and the placebo pills, even adding the Premarin? Hmm, but that's monthly, too. Or, it may be the sinus issue acting up again, or just something that can't be named.
1112541_tn?1286314813 Charliegirl: So glad to hear that your doctor is open to alternative remedies. There are so many that are very closed-minded, and refuse to even consider alternatives to HRT or other prescription meds. Please keep us updated! SassyLassie: You are so right about taking progestins to "oppose" any estrogens that we are taking - especially for those of us who haven't had a hysterectomy.
Avatar_f_tn said that in the area that burns my skin is down to the blood capillaries with almost no protection, hence the burning. I was already using premarin cream nightly, but he switched me to VagFem tabs & Estrace cream to apply directly on the "bad area." I reacted to something in the estrace & the inflammation & burning got worse.