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How will I live my life right when I endure so many painful memories of a fast life, an young age pregnancy, multiply issues and starvation for love with no one around who knows how to give it?
It comes along wit pregnancy. I have cried throughout my whole pregnancy.
I was wondering.. Was there a point in your pregnancy where you just felt more emotional and then another point later on where you'd just start crying for no reason? What are YOUR stories? I'm 15+1 and I'm starting to feel kind of emotional. Not down.. Just a bit teary. Is it just me?
Is it normal to have parts of your pregnancy when your not even happy or exited.
Im 18 weeks I cry so easily I try to stop as quickly as I can but its so hard I cried at the cooking channel three days ago.
It feels like I cry all the time. It's annoying. My mom says pregnancy when you're younger is harder. Especially with all the emotions and lack of energy.
Your are so not alone. I cry at the drop of a dime. My fiancé doesn't know what to sometimes. He just says Awww baby and huh me. I feel so silly afterward. If his tone of voice changes I cry and say your yelling at me. Smh..I was never like this before. I get mad at the drop off a dime also. I hate it.
38 weeks tomorrow... my emotions are like a roller coaster at this point.. my pains are increasing and I'm getting frustrated. One minute ill be upset because I want my little girl to come out and then the next minute ill be okay with her still being in there because that's where she's safe. I'm just hurting so bad now, I can tell she's a good sized baby.
I've always been good about my emotions. But crying has been my number one enemy throughout this pregnancy. Half the time I feel like it's for no reason. But the other half. For example. Last night it was 10 pm. My hubby was still awake so i just felt like having a conversation. I told him about my dream the night before which had me even more excited about my due date (i had a dream of what our baby would look like.) An all he said was okay.
I have to admit, lately i have been having very very strong feelings towards this baby. Just this morning i was crying because the kicks were so strong and it meant so much to me. Im still not sure if im ready for the long nights and all the perks that comes with a second child but the love i feel this time around is overwelming.. While he was kicking i just anted to hold him in my arms and kiss his little head.. WOW the feeling you get when your pregnant..
This is my 2nd pregnancy but will be my first child(if it's the Lord's will) but I am very happy and the guy well I just love him to pieces he's always been extra caring and sweet and nothing has changed since we found out actually I was a little disappointed because we aren't married he asked what was wrong because I had tears in my eyes but I didn't speak on it I really don't know what to say plus it's makes it harder because I haven't always been what he deserves I'm not worried just dint kno
I feel really alone in this pregnancy. I figured that this time would be different. With our first daughter he laid his hands on me a few times while I was pregnant. He says he wants a family and doesn't want to be alone. It doesn't look like he really wants a family and I'm the only one who is ending up alone. I am trying my best to make our relationship work I just feel like this is how it's always going to be and I want somebody who is going to be there for their family.
I think I was just keeping myself busy and not confronting my emotions. I talked to John's friend and my friend, Miranda (separately) about everything and broke down both times with them. I'm still finding this very hard to deal with. I still feel that pity for myself and can't help but to blame myself for my baby's loss of life. As much as I want to blame Ryan for giving me PID, I was very much a part of our actions. I could have suggested a condom. But I didn't.
I think i have finally hit the emotional stage in my pregnancy, i hate it... im 31 weeks and all the time im either angry sad lonely or crying... ! Im just hoping this goes away soon because i actually cried over a muffin yesterday...
When a pregnancy is unplanned it can cause many different emotions to occur in a rapid amount of time. My daughter was unplanned, and I was completely ignorant about the female body. I had always assumed because I had such irregular periods it would be difficult, and in my case I just got lucky. When I found out, I was furious. I hated myself, my husband, my family and my unborn daughter. I had grown up never wanting children, and hating the very thought of motherhood.
I try to explain to him that my hormones are out of whack but he tells me that im using my pregnancy as an excuse... oh well... hopefully your emotions will settle down the further along you get. Good Luck with the pregnancy and baby!
Con Air is a sweet movie I love the beginning except for when he beats those guys for being a gentlemen.
I mean don't get me wrong if it would have stuck I would've diapered it and fed it and loved it but I've put myself thru almost 3 years of pregnancy and have a toddler who relies on my help with 95% of her needs and a 6 month old who needs 100% of me and a 4 year old who is feeling left out because the little ones need so much and she can do 70% for herself. So I'm sad because I'm glad not sure that makes since but I'm over the top emotional right now.
Sadly there's not to much you can do you automatically become a mother if you marry someone who has a child. It's hard the last part of pregnancy but he is your husband's son and your stepchild he should be treated like you would treat your own child.
I've been that way this whole pregnancy. Everything either hurts my feelings and makes me cry or makes me mad. I hate not having control over my emotions. My husband is really understanding though. I was mad earlier and he just said, "let me make you some ice cream" hahaha.
My first pregnancy ended up being a molar pregnancy which I had to have a d&c at 11 weeks. I was devastated. I had to wait a year to get pregnant again since it was a molar and it was the worst time of my life. Anyone who has not lost a baby has absolutely no idea how badly it hurts. I also worked at a doctors office where new pregnant women would come in every day and I had a terrible time with it. I ended up going from 140 lbs down to 110 lbs.
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