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I'm really upset. You see in 2007 my Lupus attacked my right kidney, it blew up and I had to have it removed. Now my left kidney is really infected and the docs are doing everything they can to save it yet in the back of my mind I'm afraid that I might loose this one too. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do , i've been drinking water and cranberry juice yet it has been three weeks so far without no inprovement.
Is Prednisone the treatment for your fatigue and pain? Yes, those are possible side effects of Prednisone. I used to have body aches and pains,my co worker Doctor told me to check my Vit D levels since I worked nights, and found I was deficient. I took the prescribed 50,000 IU for several weeks and my body aches got better. I now take 2000 iu per day for maintenance. Magnesium, Vit D and calcium works together for Mg Ca balance. This helps a lot of health issues including what you have.
I am not sure what to tell you as far as the stinging urine. I have had mild kidney disfunction from my last flare. The prednisone fixed that. I havent been getting dehydrated but my kidneys just werent working right. I could feel it. So I took some cranberry pills and drank an enourmous amount of water and started on the steriods and it helped a ton. I would DEFINATELY talk to your doctor about putting you on Plaquenil. It will change your world.
I have 10 mg Prednisone tabs with me but the directions are to take 40 mg for angioedema and gradually decrease dosage. I know that if I take this dosage I will be up all night but am really uncertain about how much I should take. Using Aveeno to sooth the welts with minimal effect. I empathize with anyone going through this experience. Any suggestions appreciated. Am thinking of thinking an immunologist since the allergist was absolutely no health.
I have been on 40 mg of prednisone for about 7 months and tapered off the last month or so. I did not gain a lot of weight while on the high dosage, in fact, I lost some weight. However, as I began to taper off and got down to 20 mg, I became really bloated and got moonface. I'm wondering why the symptoms only showed up as I was getting off the medication. There is not a significant gain of weight, but I look 20 lbs heavier. How long should I expect for the bloating and monnface to last?
My rheumatologist prescribed 20 mg of prednisone for me to take for lupus. Well, he didn't explain too much about the drug at the office other than it's a steroid that will help with my fatigue and pain and to take it with food. When I got home, I researched the med online and found the side effects to be HORRIBLE! Both the long and short term side effects are so scary, it almost seems as bad as the lupus itself!
Since then, I've had pain in my back and feet. I've heard that Prednisone encourages arthritis. Anyone else heard this or have problems? For the past 6 months, I'm in constant pain and am now being told it might be Fibromyalgia. One good way to get rid of the pain . . . Prednisone! I don't want to go there again. Any suggestions? Any solutions to the moon face or help with the weight loss?
Sometimes high doses of steroids can't be avoided depending on what would happen if not used but then close monitoring via bloodwork is done to make sure it is not hurting liver or kidney function. Like Corazone wrote the prednisone is to slow the autoimmune component in lupus. Often times it can be tapered down and in some cases discontinued depending on your symptoms and whether the symptoms decrease at some point.
My question is could the dose of prednisone over a month ago caused this? Should I be worried about other things like kidney issues or congestive heart failure. I'm 41, 112 pounds female. I walk about 2 miles a day first thing in the morning but do have an office job where i sit all day. I read somewhere if you press on a swollen ankle and it leaves a dent it means its swollen, but mine doesn't leave a dent. It's more like i'm pressing on a jelly that bounces it really swollen?
My kidney removal was supposed to happen on Aug 6, but now they have put it off b/c of the prednisone. I wondering how long I'll have to wait, whether or not I can get the nephrostomy out while I'm waiting...basically I'm impatient with the pee bag, especially since there's almost no pee in it and it is, literally, a pain in the back.
Metronidazole, Forti Flora Packets, Azodyl Caps, Prednisone for a few days) and Famotidine tabs. Vet said prednisone is only for a few days because late next week, she wants to run an ACTH stimulation test on him and he'll need to be off the Prednisone for a few days so that when they run the test, that the prednisone won't cause a false test result for Addison's. Today Courage seems totally fine.
s dr said now nephrectomy is necessary. my question is there risk invole in nephrectomy ?
Weight gain, bruising, insane mood disorders, last week I smiled and my lip split. My kidney pain is excrutiating. Now my teeth are chipping. I constantly lose the feeling in my legs and my body is retaining so much fluid. Two weeks ago I started to develop a numbness in my right hand. The one thing I did notice was since my diagnoses I spent a few winter months in Crested Butte, Co. I did not have one bad asthma attack. Just a few minor ones.
He is considering reverting to Hydrocortisone (instead of Prednisone). Since prednisone stays in one's system for much longer than hydrocortisone, could he still have an ACTH Stim test? If so, how? Also, since he is feeling better (but not completely himself) he is considering hiking a mountain this week. Should I be concerned? He has not yet been given the tools or meds to give himself an injection. I am new to this forum.
I am curious if concurrent use of Prednisone alters the outcome of blood tests such as: ANA, ENA, complement, BUN, creatinine, protein levels, etc. and/or spinal tap tests on someone? Can still have MS if the spinal tap and VEP come out negative but the MRI comes out positive for demyelinating disease?
They're hoping that by adding prednisone to his treatment will reduce his kidney swelling, but this is really the last thing they can do for him. If his bloods don't start improving then it really will be the end :-( My whole world is just going to be so much darker without him. His brother Murtaugh is already missing him. They have been together from the start. I hate the thought of them no longer playing together or finding the same box to sleep in.
This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
I had read (and CRYED) about all of the kidney failure posts on this forum. We are still missing what caused the Kidney failure (I suspect the anti-inflamitory drugs) and what cause his leg to go up in the first place. Any advice and of course words of comfort would be greatly appreciated. Bender is my baby, he is the child my husband and I never got to have, he means so much to me. He is the best dog, obedient, friendly, and when he feels good playful.
I have never taken Prednisone before. During the 12 days as I reduced the dose I experienced terrible pain in my knees and hips. My last dose was 6 days ago. After my last dose I experienced the joint pain for 2 days. It has since gone away, thankfully. However, I have been very nauseous (I'm NEVER nauseous normally) and very weak/tired since. I'm also getting a headache today as well (and I never get headaches). Also slight dizzyness. No body/joint pains, swollen glands or temperature.
Hi my name is steven 22 yr old male i was diagnosed with crohn's about 3 years ago by endoscopy and colonoscopy,i was put on prednisone pentasa and 6mp i got well very soon taking in consideration i droped from 190 to 115 in about 5 months and gained this back in 3 but i started flaring up again and i lost wieght again this was about 9 months ago now i weigh about 150 and since then i havent been all to well i have a small kidney stone on my left side but some times it hurts on my right side i
He also used to have abdominal pain after eating for over a year, and he said the pain is the same as that pain, however, it's constant now, and in the past, it would come and then go away. He said it moves around his abdomen, to the center, left, and right, but predominates on the right side. All of the 'traditional' GI issues have been ruled out with the CT scan (appendicitis, pancreatitis, gallstones, obstructions, etc even kidney infections and stones as UA was clear).
Chlaymidia - neg, Herepes - neg, UTI - neg, Penile Ultrasound - normal, Prostate examine - normal, Prostate Ultrasound - normal, Bladder Ultrasound - some indirect signs of small kidney stones, Kidney Ultrasound - normal, Cystoscope – normal. I have seen doctors and one urologist. Who are now are slumped for an answer even saw a psychiatrist to see if I was just going crazy and it was all in my head - he said no and that he thought I had a physical problem.
Recently he started having a lot of joint pain. Now his ankles and feet are swelling. His sugar levels are doing great. We have been to the doctor and he has had several test done. Everything is coming back good. Has anyone had these same symptoms? He is taking Metformin and I am wondering if this has anything to do with this.
My dog, a 10 year old female bichon frise, Daisy, was diagnosed with a kidney problem about 8 weeks ago. After having blood tests and a urine protein screen my vet explained that the kidneys were functioning, but that too much protein was passing thru holes in the kidneys. The vet put her on a low protein diet (Hill's Prescription Diet U/D, canned), prescribed 1/2 tablet of 5 mg. Enalapril twice daily and instructed me not to give her anything high in protein.
Best thing I ever did to improve my health. My weight gain was from long term prednisone for Nephrotic Syndrome I had 3 episodes in the last 5 yrs and although I'd lose 80% of weight the residual 20% compounded and I just couldn't lose all of it, after discussion with my surgeon he agreed (I was the smallest patient he'd operated on) depending on my pre-surgical test results...Sept 06 I had my surgery, by March 07 I was to begin the nightmare of frequent stone forming!
I am hoping that you can help me to narrow down what maybe the cause of the pain which I am having. Four months ago I began to experience severe pain in the region of my kidney, under the back portion of my lower back, under my rib cage. I have been seeking medical attention however the doctors are stumped as to what is causing the problem. I have listed what has been done thus far along with the results of the tests performed.
Everything I eat goes right thru me also, and I have horrible RUQ pain that radiates to my back. I'm always nauseous and the pain in middle is awful. I get by drinking ensure and have an appt with a doc in 2 weeks who is supposed to be good with this problem. Email me at ***@**** if you want to talk, because you are probably going thru the same thing as I am. Good luck!
and I am desperately trying to figure out why I continue to break out in hives and have joint pain in my elbows, feet, hands and legs. I too started breaking out in hives after taking the antibotic Solodyn for acne. After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that I had an alergic reaction to the medicine. I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. I have been tested for allergies and that was negative.
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