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So, when prednisone is prescribed to alleviate an allergic reaction and then upon stopping prednisone a rash flares up "with a vengeance" - ----1]Could it be an allergy to a bacteria, since I never developed a fever when my hand got infected and then spread and then swelled up my face, and I never finished the whole dosage of antibiotics? ------2]What type of doctor should one seek, besides a dermatologist or an allergist?
My sister told me she thought I had shingles and not an allergic reaction. Do allergic reactions normally take this long to go away? I'm on my way to work today looking like I have some disorder or measles or exzema? I can't stay out of work any longer. No one else in the family has broken out so I'm guessing I'm not contageious either. Should I ask to have my blood taken? What would tell us why this happened if anything?
Both of us were shocked that something he would have been giving me if I were having an allergic reaction to something else appeared to be causing one! And I had never had a reaction to SM before. Curious. The thing that occurs to me is that I have been changing my diet extremely.
I just received a call from my Dermatologist that the biopsy he took on one of the spots on my arm shows an allergic reaction to something. I believe this all started with the Armour Thyroid. I am so beside myself with the pain in my joints and the rash that I could scream.
But generally speaking, rest assured there are a large percentage of SVR people out there that are using steroidal creams/shampoos (which are absorbed into your body and do have an immunosuppressive effect) for rashes, and/or are using steroidal nasal sprays for congestion, and/or are taking steroidal inhalers for asthma, and/or in rare instances have used strong steroidal meds like IV solumedrol to suppress a serious allergic reaction (like from a bee sting).
Yes, I had an allergic reaction to it, I didn't know what it was until I ran out of it and stopped taking it and the itching and rashes all over my body went away.
I have had an allergic reaction before to an antibiotic (don't remember what kind it was, but I was taking it for acne when I was a teenager) except that was full blown, head to toe hives that itched AWFULLY. This, so far, is just very small bumps that itch kinda like it feels when your skin gets dry. Is it unusual to have a reaction that far into an antibiotic? That is the only thing I can think of that could be causing it? Could it be something I ate or drank with it?
What it does, is stops the bodies natural immune response to foreign attackers. If the Dr gave it to you, he believes you are having an allergic reaction to something. If you are on tx, this is not a good drug to take at all. I was just Rx'ed it for a rash that I developed, and was told to take it only as a last resort. It does cause alot of sx's. Anxiety being right out front, and palpations, chest pain, and a very spacey feeling. It is metabolized by the liver..
You can search online for dog prednisone side effects or call your vet and discuss dosage, side effects, and what the cause might be.
I recently was given a methylprednisolone pack for an allergic reaction to something we haven't identified yet. First, I had an iv of steroids and then I took the taper dose of prednisolone. I took 3 days worth and had to quit because it made my anxiety horrible. Now I have tingling in my head all the time and am going to the bathroom alot. I am drinking plenty of liquids because now I have a bladder infection. What are the symptoms of adrenal crisis?
Hey all, After having a severe allergic reaction this weekend to an unknown substance, I am currently in the midst of a taper of the drug Prednisone. The docs had to give it to me thru an IV at the ER, and then they told me I had to taper off it for hte next 15 days (I didnt have much choice in matter considering the shape I was in).
I was stung on the eyelid by a hornet 8 days ago. I am allergic so went to the Doctor immediately with epi pen in hand. The reaction was not severe, a few hives an hour after the sting, a queasy stomach and some swelling around the eye and face area. After 5 days or so all the swelling went away and back to normal. The sting area never itched like all the other stings I have had. This is my first hornet sting experience.
Hi Cindy, Wow you are so helpfull. Thank you so much you have really helped me out. I am on a tapering of course & I am about to go down again today. It is so nice to know that the bloating & moonface does go away when you get down in dosage. 60mg of prednisone for 6mnths seems so high? Does your daughter have rheumatoid too? Anyway thanks again I am going to the doctor today & I will find that book. Good luck & I hope your daughter is soing well still.
Hello,sorry to hear about your poison Oak. My daughter is 8 and had a severe allergic reaction to poision sumac and was put on the exact same thing as you. (prednisone) The only side effects I noticed were increased eating and a slightly hostile attitude (lol). Make sure you ween off just as the doctor says and you will be fine.
Hi, You need to take the child to the pediatrician urgently. This could be an allergic reaction to the drug - and it would need to be treated or there is a possibility that it continues to worsen. Some such cases have known to even be fatal. I am not trying to scare you, but just to make you realise the urgency. You would be advised admission if the rash is severe or some medication including steroids if the doctor thinks it is mild in intensity.
the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
Well Folks - this year is phenomenally horrid with flora and fauna that I am allergic to. So I'm down capacity in lungs with Asthma and cannot breathe very well, even with Albuterol and other meds. I'm currently on these medications: Advair, Singulair, Neonase, Albuterol, Combivent plus benedryl and if that doesn't work, I go to Zyrtec then to Allegra... I also drink a ton of Dayquil when it gets really bad.... Take Mucinex and other mucous thinners.
This could be why I don't smell right now, but people are still allergic to me (I have smelled like feces in the past though, before the allergic reactions). -Sulfide is oxidized to sulfate in the LIVER (TMAU connection, could be a similarity). -Nitrates such as amyl & sodium nitrates induce methemoglobin, which inactivates sulfide.
I am only taking .025 of the thyroid. I always have a bad reaction after taking this amount despite the amount being so small. I want to increase but am afraid that my bad reaction will also increase as well. I am curious to know a couple of things: If you have hashimotos, what dosage of medication do you take? Did you start on this amount or did you work your way up? Have you tried taking more, or tried taking less? what happens then?
Hi I often take prednisone in small doses (5-20mg short spurts) for allergic reactions of a systemic nature and lately Ive had to get cortisone shots for either allergy or tendon shoulder issues. My thyroid tested between 1-2 right where doc wants it but my hair is still slightly coming out down drain (more then normal) and I wonder what the cortisone shots and prednisone will do to my thyroid ? I mean will it tend to make me more hypo needing more synthroid or needing less?
) If your dog is getting the welts everyday, you really need to find out what is causing the reaction. For temporary relief, and Until you find out what is causing your dogs allergic reaction, you can give the dog Benedryl..(diphenhydramine hydrochloride) 1 mg of Benedryl per pound of dog is the standard dosage. The dosage can be repeated every 8 hours if needed. If the welts do not go away, or if they go away, but, continue to return, take your dog to the vet.
at my school, and they did a bunch of blood work and told me that it was probably an allergic reaction to either the e-myecin or the percocet--and that the prednisone was surpressing this reaction. (The knee issue occured 2 days after I stopped e-myecin and prednisone.) This was 4 weeks ago. 5 weeks since I took the e-myecin or the percocet. The dr. at my school prescribed me darvocet, gave me a shot of tordol, and put me on a higher dosage of prednisone.
about them, and he said it was erythema nodosum as a result of an allergic reaction to Levaquin. However, since then I've had minor difficulty breathing. I'm an asthmatic, so that's not abnormal, but still... Any help would be appreciated.
Hello, Can an allergic reaction to a medication trigger an asthma attack? Also,can prednisone,advair,albuterol and singulair be taken together safley?
but i had some itchy bumps on my left thigh,, and then i the next day i had 5 or 6 mnore ithcy bumps on my left thigh,, my pcp, gave me acorisone cream and benedryl and it started to get better, the next day i picked uyp one of my sons shirts, and it brushed my right elboe, it immediately burned as it touched my skin, i washed it off with technu,,but within a 10 minutes my right elbow became inflamed, and little bumps in a line ran up my arm, it hought this was more poison ivy, showed my primar
I won't see my neuro until next month, and I have had more difficulty with allergic reaction to Avonex. For the last couple of months, I've been able to control it with 10mg of oral prednisone, and two benadryl tablets- along with the usual pre medication for interferon. Last week, the rash persisted for an additional day. This week, the rash/itchiness is still present, three days later. I don't want to give up! Other than the skin rash, this dmd has been the most tolerable for me.
I noticed that overnight (after taking prednisone for the first and LAST day...took a small dosage, couldn't stand the side effects so I was taken off of it) my ears became itchy, and then very tender, warm and red the next day. Also noticed dry skin just behind the ears. Is this something to be concerned about? anything I can do to treat it? Also, any advice for riding the poison ivy? Have tried several topical remedies that haven't been too effective.
Based on the pathologic reports, the dermatologist assumed I had an allergic reaction. No fungus or microbes were found in the biopsy. As soon as they started tapering the Prednisone, the symptoms came back and by the time I was on 10mg, I broke out all over my body again. This time I started taking Zyrtect, which relieved the intense itching. I am back on 30 mg of Prednisone, but I am now healing much more slowly than the first time I started it.
anywhere a callous has formed). Basically, it looks like an allergic reaction. I get periodic bouts of hive and itchiness, like it is in my veins. I have also broken out in hives like large polka-dots over my skin. Recommended medical treatments are have been largely unsuccessful in the control of my issues, other than treating the symptoms.
I was not sexually active until I was 17. Before then, i had these sores. Is it possible to have HSV2 in the mouth wihtout performing oral sex? like if I were to kiss someone who had caught HSV2 orally wouldnt I have HSV2 orally too? This is what Im trying to figure out, in reference to my allergies. thats the heals and then it appears again and so on and so forth. *so do you think I should up the dosage just to see if it will work.
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