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Avatar n tn recently having pain to right leg only in the area behind kneee soreness and swelling and inability to walk due to pain.
341655 tn?1240372439 I have been on prednisone for 1 month now, 5 days of IV solumedrol and now i'm on a maintenance of 80mg of pred. I'm having severe side effects and don't know how to deal with them. *leg swelling *night sweats *severe mood swings *uncontrolled hunger *severe body pain any advice on how to cut down on some of the symptoms?
Avatar n tn I have had every test there is to run I swear, and the Doctors can not find anything wrong with me. Over the past 3 months I have went from 134lbs to 172lbs this is soooooooooooooooooooo not normal. I am swelling everywhere, My face is swollen along with my neck, arms, hands, knees, legs, but the worst is my ANKLES, FEET and TOES.
Avatar f tn It has been probably 4-6 more weeks and the swelling is up and down but the other leg is now getting some swelling. They had put her on prednisone for the itching and that helped a little but she now isn't taking anything and just suffering. If the wound was getting worse I would think she had another infection but it is stable and actually drying up gradually. My next try is Horse Chestnut Extract.
408795 tn?1324939275 I have a daily fight going on with swelling of my feet, lower legs, and my hands. I've been prescribed lasix and spironolactone and it helps but it only helps to get me to go to the bathroom more I don't really think it minimizes the swelling. Anyways I have two questions for y'all as I know there's at least two other ppl on this forum who take these direutics. 1. What if the Lasix stops working, is there another direutic I can take that you know about? 2.
Avatar n tn ). It just starts to wear on you after this long. Also, the prednisone has caused my menstrual cycle to be every 2 1/2 weeks, which in turn makes my disease flare. AAUUGGGHHH! Autoimmune disorders stink! (Can you tell I am having a bad prednisone day?) I am usually in very high spirits, I work with kindergarten children, have 2 girl scout troops and 3 very active kids, so I stay very busy and involved.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 yr old healthy female. 2 years ago I began to have numbness/tingling/pain in my right leg. It is only on the outside of the leg, and is centered around a 2" by 2" area. There is no mark or temperature difference in that side. The symptoms disappeared for almost a year when I had a seated job. Now I am back to being on my feet all day and it is back with a vengence.
Avatar n tn also by evening, elbows are swollen and I had a sore throat. I was prescribed and taking Prednisone and Benedryl and an epinepherine pen. Day 2: a.) Seemed better but in the morning my nose swelled wide and went numb followed by upper lip then lower lip then chin and then throat; b.) ER room gave me an IV with Prednisone and another antihistamine followed by b.) an Epinephrine shot and 30 minutes later, 10 minutes of tremors followed by c.
4661387 tn?1359418798 yesterday pain persisted so I went to ER, they did x-rays and said of course osterperosis and injury do not go well together so you have swelling and muscle sprain. Ok fine and dandy... continue my morphine and started me on a week of prednisone again. I'm having lots of swelling in both hands and feet...major body aches so bad that I can barely turn in bed.
Avatar n tn He prescribed an antibiotic and prednisone initially. The swelling has now centralized around my knees and ankles in my left leg, and I have been experiencing chronic pain in my left leg, hip, and lower back. I now have a prescription for tramadol. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do next? Do I need to see a rheumotologist?
Avatar n tn Hi I am 41 years old I have this burning on my hands and feet also on some parts of my leg and arm muscles. I have swollen legs and feet at night wich disturbs me terribly and making me feel tired all the time. I am embarressed with my burning hands when shaking hand. This has been going on since around 2,5 months now. I have gone trough some basic tests in hospital which all came out normal.
Avatar n tn been to many doctors and had two MRI's and x-rays and no one can tell me anything. They can not find a diagnosis. Now just recently I started to get a rash on my ankle and the areas that are red are warm. It is very concerning for me and would like to finally find a answer.
Avatar n tn recently having pain to right leg only in the area behind kneee soreness and swelling and inability to walk due to pain.
Avatar n tn recently having pain to right leg only in the area behind kneee soreness and swelling and inability to walk due to pain.
Avatar n tn I had an unexpected allergic reaction to Ampicillan 2 months ago. Vomiting, rash, slight throat swelling. Hospital gave my Benydryl and Prednisone - went away. One week later I thought I had a sore throat, feelings of severe throat swelling. Dr. said it was tonsillitis, Biaxin didn't work, put me on Levaquin and Prednisone. ENT said it was my lymph nodes and to stop the antibiotics. Test show swollen lymph nodes (no tumors/abnormalities) and elevated white cell count indicating infection.
496771 tn?1209698358 I recently had a reaction to hair dye and I am still burning and itching. I received 5 days of prednisone and I am still itching and my mouth is burning. My already hot flashes has gotten worse and I am not sure why. I think I am going to go back to the Dr. to get more prednisone because the itching is coming back. I need to feel better quick my birthday is in five days and I am graduating from college with my master degree.
Avatar n tn The only thing that helps keep the swelling down is prednisone. Whenever I try and decrease the dosage, the swelling and pain comes back worse than ever. So whatever is causing this, must still be around. I am at the end of my rope also. Why do doctors not listen to their patients? You try and tell them your level of pain and they just ignore you. I will pray for you that you find relief.
Avatar n tn He prescribed an antibiotic and prednisone initially. The swelling has now centralized around my knees and ankles in my left leg, and I have been experiencing chronic pain in my left leg, hip, and lower back. I now have a prescription for tramadol. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do next? Do I need to see a rheumotologist?
Avatar f tn After 5 months of on and off hives and occasionally prednizone treatment when it got really bad....I now have developed severer leg pain , The pains run through my legs entirety , coming and going and more severe at night. very scary and other that that i have no obvious illness. Everywhere I research says they cannot find out what causes chronic hives and the leg pains are just another symptom of it and there is no cure.......just some pills to ease the itch and pain.
Avatar n tn Pain in my left lower calf, upper left buttock, as well as pain in my lower back. It has been 7 weeks since my second surgery and I'm still taking prednisone and nurotin. My surgeon said I'm a rare/unusual case and I was so relieved and grateful to find others who've experienced the same symptoms as me. They say 90% of the people who have this surgery are completely well after two weeks. I'm back at work now and take ibuprofen to manage the pains.
Avatar n tn I was doing fine for awhile...until August 2009 crept up and the swelling started staying. And then there wasn't just swelling in my ankles, it continued to the tops of my feet, my legs, my fingers, my neck and my middle. So I went back to the doctor and she sent me to the cardiologist. Healthy. Then I went to my gyno. Healthy. Then I went to a Vascualar surgeon. Healthy. And then an Endocrinologist. Healthy. And then I was referred to an Allergist. Healthy. Finally at a nephrologist...
Avatar n tn Also they have compression stocking kinda like a thigh high stocking but it will put compression on both your ankle and knee and reduce the swelling.
Avatar f tn When I was released from the rehab hospital, I was still using a platform walker. My left leg has shown some improvement in my ability to lift my leg and place it down as long as I had the walker & my arms as a way to bear some of the weight. My hip flexors had improved and continued to improve through the next months of outpatient rehab (April through August). By the middle of August I was ambulating with forearm crutches for short (>200 ft) distances.
Avatar m tn Today my left ankle is swelling, the back of my left knee is swelling as well, and very painful. HELP!!!!! ***Since writing this 2 days ago, my left leg has continued to swell up through my calf. It feels warm to the touch and hard. Lots of pain.
Avatar m tn I examined her leg and didn't see any reason for the limping, but noticed her front left leg was a bit swollen. I thought my younger brother might have did something since he was over that day but in the morning both her front legs were swollen with no explanation.
Avatar n tn right after surgery, MY LEFT LEG WENT NUM, SWELLING. My doctor also said it was normal and would go away. Well, it hasn't YET!! I know its still SOON, but...i am really having a hard time. I had a Venus Doppler done to rule out blood clot, he did say it was so much nerve damage and went so long to have surgery that this would take a while. I have had 4 spinal epiderals. None of them worked. Now, from walking with a limp, my back pain has re-occured. Can't win for losing.
Avatar n tn no numbness or anything on the back of my leg. While the leg is numb, it still gets itcy and it is very irritating to scratch it. If I stand or walk for too long, the burning sensation comes into play, and I have to sit down, because it also hurts my lower back, makes my back feel like it will break if I don't sit down. This has been going on for 23 years! And not one doctor can tell me what is wrong...
Avatar f tn I have history of chronic sinusitis and had surgery a few years ago for it, was on prednisone, levaquin and avelox in nov/dec and ct scan showed some blockage, but surgeon said he could do surgery but I wasn't sure. My pcp said that this ent is a good doc, and doesn't just do surgery on everyone which I like, but while i was in with the ent he said the radiologist saw more blockage than he was seeing. Could this be d/t radiologist is looking at my films and ent is looking at a CD?
Avatar n tn Hi, I found this website because my 4 yr old has been getting high fever of 104 with leg and stomach pains but it only last for about 24 to 48 hours tops and then she will be fine. I thought is was growing pains. She has had them for about 2 years. They were not frequent spells until the last two months where it happened 3 times. Today is day two and she is only complaining of pain in her legs.
Avatar n tn And as of 4 days ago, the left leg above the knee has started to swell drastically making the skin look tight. 3 days after the swelling the right leg has started as well. I've also noticed that this swelling has appeared before about the same time last fall of last year. But during that time she took a fall and split her knee wide open, exposing bone,due to a wound that was already there. After that, she underwent I-V therapy, which did improve her condition but then quit on her.