Pneumonia contagious chickens

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Avatar_n_tn Hope he is doing okay now...Jules just got over strep and walking pneumonia at same time, so I know what will probably come next is an attack of his FMF..... I am preparing for it.
Avatar_m_tn scabies, morgellons, birdmites, contact dermatitis or the likes. its contagious. people who have come to my house complain of being bitten, they ask me if i have fleas. they seemed to notice i have a problem and disappear. this, by the way is all without me telling them i have a problem... so, its not like they just think 'oh its in his head what a nutjob better drop him from the crew'. they see the problem without me explaining. the docs i have seen, sit infront of me scratching...
Avatar_f_tn NON- REACTIVE IN 3 WEEKS, A HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS HEPATITIS B WAS REVERTED TO NON-INFECTIOUS STATE WHICH IS UNUSUAL. AT present… Patient is on the 5th week of treatment..I believe he will not finish the 48 weeks treatment. JAMES MARTINEZ M.D.