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When I was 5 wks and 4days I had pink discharge then turned to bleeding ,as long as u don't have blood clots ,u should be fine , I had a scan at 6 wks and baby was fine and saw the heart beat :) ,
This month i normally come on like the 16 or like the 18 and it is now the 24 and i know my periods last for a long time but it never carry over to the next month!!! Im now having bad cramps when i pee and im having light pink discharge when i wipe...what is that??
Today when i went to the bathroom, after i wiped i noticed there was a light pink discharge and clear mucas on the tp. I had a regular period starting on the 4th of sep. My periods have been pretty regular and only last for about 5 days. After doing some research, everything i find comes back to it possibly being implantation. But im not in any pain. My friends tell me to take a test but im scared its too early to tell since it was only last week when we last had sex.
i have light pink stuff when i wipe but my period already came and went on December 1st -7th its the 15th now...whats going on??
I know that when I have sex multiple times a day I have a little show when I wipe. I wouldn't be too worried unless it becomes a great amount of blood or doesn't go away within the next couple of days. Hope this helps a little.
Hi... I am 6 weeks and having pink discharge but only when I wipe with mild back pain.the pain however feels like muscle pain. Is this normal? So I need to go to the ER it call me doctor? I am worried.
i have been having pink discharge for 2 days when i wipe and that is it. i was suppose to start my period sept.19th and never did....what does pink discharge mean??
I had a lot of pink discharge. Do you think the discharge was from hemroids (blood mixed w/ regular discharge) when I wiped? The baby moves a lot now & she kicks my cervex a lot so now I am a bit nervous. I am trying to stay calm but there is nothing worse than wiping & seeing that. BTW I am 20 weeks today.
yes i am a mother of 3 and i had my period and and i quit bleeding and about 4 or 5 days later i had pinkish blood when i wipe for 2 weeks. Is this a sign of anything to be worried about. I have been fixed and tubes were suppose to be cut tied and burnt.but i think the pinkish for about 2 weeks is a little wierd and i have ahad a lot of lower back pain during that time. can u all tell me what u think, i think its nutts and impossible to get pg but i know it happend. what do u all think?
Ig anything with previous periods I used to get the brownish discharge a day before period,that's always been the case,but because this was really light light pink when wipe that's why wondered?? I know our cycles like to play silly buggers ag times sO this will just be one of those times.
I am at least 9 weeks pregnant, I go to the Dr on the 10th and will find out EDD for sure. Anyway, several times today there has been a brown tint to the tp when I wipe. Is this something to be concerned about? I have no cramping and feel great otherwise. Come to think of it, I had the same thing once or twice yesterday. Being New Year's Eve I know my Dr won't be in again until Wednesday and I am worried out of my mind.
Today exactly a week later from my first episode of one time pink discharge i discover it again. So my hubby took me to the ER again and baby was fine. But im so worried that something is wrong and im trying so hard not to be. I'm praying really hard it do sent come back again.
I've been ttc after stopping my birth control about 2 weeks ago and I did have my cycle. Today though when I went to wipe I had peach stretchy discharge. It only happened once when I whiped. Any ideas what it may be?
I've been ttc after stopping my birth control about 2 weeks ago and I did have my cycle. Today though when I went to wipe I had peach stretchy discharge. It only happened once when I whiped which is crazy. Any ideas what it may be?
No i don't usually have two periods but this discharge is only there when i wipe that's y it confuses me. I have been throwing up n cramping in my lower abdomen n left side. Also my stomach feels tight n my Boobs have started to hurt.
I am 5 weeks 2 days and as of this morning ive had on and off light pink discharge that gets a little darker once in a while when I wipe. Nothing heavy to stain my underwear or a pad. I did have sex with my husband yesterday morning and ive read that is a trigger for vaginal bleeding but im still soooo worried.
Today, I have also had some very light pinkish discharge on my tp when I wipe. Not very much at all and not everytime I wipe. I have been having mild cramps/lower back pain the past few days, off and on. I know my cycle may be off because of the mc, but I am just wondering if there may be a chance that I am pregnant and having implantation bleeding. My nerves are on edge because of my history.
I am currently going through the same thing.. I have no pain when I pee at all, but I pee frequently, than normally. After I pee, I wipe blood very thin..Its been going on for 5 days one day I will bleed the next I won't and it continues. It's not my period just had it June 2.. So I'm expecting my period the beginning of next month.. I feel crampy and my back hurts.. I'm confused! If anyone could tell me something..
i have light pink discharge coming from my vagina, not on my under ware but when i wipe. is this normal? If i was on antibiotics when i had a tooth pulled would it get rid of an std or infection if i had one.
so I have been asking a lot of questions. Sorry.... I just went to the bathroom. When I wiped, I noticed a bit of pink on the t.p. I began to wipe "higher" There seems to be a pinkish / orange discharge. a bit sticky. sorry for all the info... is this normal?
I have been having a light pink discharge for 5 days mostly when i wipe. wondering could this be my period coming back already and if not how long will it take to come bk?
i am twenty five and have wiped and only see pink when i wipe for two days i am supposed to be on my period. i had sex 21,22,23,25,28 trying to have a baby. cramped last week, have been feeling tire and sick when i go to lay down for bed. boobs dont hurt at all. peeing alot though could i be pregnant.
Yeah I called my docs office and talked to the nurse I didnt tell my nurse about the nausea or that I thought I might be pregnant I just told her about the discharge and she told me she thinks its ovulation and I could start my period with in a week and I called them two weeks ago when i had the pink discharge originally and that nurse said the same thing that it could be I am ovualating anf I should start my period with in a week.
Please help... I'm currently TTC #1. We've been trying since August without success. This month was my first cycle on Clomid 25mg days 3-7. My last period was on 12/22 and I have a 30 day cycle. I had an ultrasound done last Tuesday 1/12 to see if the Clomid worked and everything looked great. On Wednesday 1/13 I had my progesterone level drawn and it was a 16.4. I was so excited because it has been low in the past. The doctor said that I definitely ovulated!
Today may8-2011 it is more of a light pink blood but nothing is appearing on my underwear its only when I wipe. I started a new birth control on april 19 since my last period ended on april 16.I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend during my high fertility week and even the day my body ovulated. Now a week before my period is supposed to start I'm having these spottings discharge.I have noticed I have used to rest room more frequently also.
I am a day short of 9 weeks. I have had pink discharge evry now and then. Its not red. Its weird its pink mucous like stuff. kinda stringy like. This is even before Im put on prometrium vaginal suppository. I really dont know what it is. It is only when I wipe atleast once a day then thats it. I have no cramping or abdominal pain. Now that Im on prometrium my discharhe is light brown to tan color and more than usual. I wont have an apt till Jan 20th. If you see your Dr.
TODAY-- I cant hold my i have a pinkish color when i wipe and I also am still clotting from time to time.....very small clots. I also never went back to the OB after I had my son, just bc I was very busy and blah blah (NO EXCUSES, I KNOW!) Anyway, I took a PG test last night it was negative....... ALSO I was very irregular before the baby, still a little but closer to then before for AF.
hello my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex a couple times when i was fertile and ive got about a week and a half until my period is due and the past 36 hours ive had some light cramping/activity in my uterus area and when i wipe in the bathroom ive got a light pink *** is this implantation bleeding? or is it something else is this a sign that i could be pregnant? My boyfriend and i are ttc.
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