Pink discharge two weeks after period

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And that was ilight>afterilight> i wiped myself ilight>afterilight> urinating. it was not a lot of ilight>pinkilight> ilight>dischargeilight> on th T.P. And here and there, i get a little crampy, but not the usual hell cramps i experience every month, just little cramps.Those are not every day either. then the next day, just clear discharge. the following, a little just that once again. Today, nothing. Just clear and thick. my boobs have NOT been sore at all. i think i better go get a hpt. Could this be an ectopic? implantation?
About a week after my period, i got some water-like discharge that is a really light ilight>pinkilight> tint. Now, ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> ilight>afterilight> my ilight>periodilight>, a strong and almost rotten smell has been eminating from my vagina. i can't stand it, have no idea what it is, and feel as though people may notice the horrible smell but won't mention it. Also, right after i urinate it sometimes smells really strongly of amonia. it reminds me of the smell of cat pee.
i am 5-6 ilight>weeksilight> pregnant and have a very light ilight>pinkilight> colored ilight>dischargeilight> and lower abdominal cramping. the cramping is like a menstrual cramp with lower back pain as well. Can this be normal?
Following my ilight>periodilight>, which ended almost ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> ago, i have been having a really watery discharge. Literally, the discharge is JUST like water... it also has a pinkish tint to it and has a bad odor. i have to wear a mini pad all day. i have tried yeast medicine... didn't work. it followed my period but also started after i had sexual contact with someone. We didnt have sex but our genitals touched.
Following my ilight>periodilight>, which ended almost ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> ago, i have been having a really watery discharge. Literally, the discharge is JUST like water... it also has a pinkish tint to it and has a bad odor. i have to wear a mini pad all day. i have tried yeast medicine... didn't work. it followed my period but also started after i had sexual contact with someone. We didnt have sex but our genitals touched.
i have already had my ilight>periodilight> for this month now im having light ilight>pinkilight> ilight>dischargeilight> and a negative pregnancy test so far but it was taken in the night
i'm so glad i'm not alone i just turned 18 when all this brown ilight>dischargeilight> started coming, it tends to come to me a week or ilight>twoilight> ilight>afterilight> my ilight>periodilight>, my ilight>periodilight> would last about 3 to 4 days and then stop. it comes in the form of a gel like blob and all i have is spotting, i know its dried up blood but it tend to spot for a couple of days and the smell is really strange, if the discharge has a foul odor does it mean i have an infection?
i have been spotting for ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> now. i should have had my ilight>periodilight> a week and a half ago. my spotting has been brownish and once in awhile pink with a little stringy red running through it. i will have it one day and not the next. i have also been extremely tired, but it could be because of the end of my college semester and Christmas coming. i have heard that some women actually have their periods the first few months of pregnancy, so as you can see, i am a little worried.
Yes i've been having unprotected sex every other day, three days before my ilight>periodilight> ended right up til the week ilight>afterilight> my ilight>periodilight>. We've been trying to conceive so is it possible that i might be pregnant?
i am having this brownish, smelling ilight>dischargeilight> for ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> now ilight>afterilight> my 3days peroid which came for the second time in the same month some mintues after having another unprotected sex five days after the Use of postinor-2. Am i pregnant?
i didn't get a ilight>periodilight> this month but i started having ilight>pinkilight> sticky ilight>dischargeilight> could i be pregnant or just starting my period?
im 6w 4d and for the past two days i've had a pinkish then more of a brownish color ilight>dischargeilight> when i wipe. i am not cramping and its not red like ilight>periodilight> blood. i had a little ilight>pinkilight> ilight>dischargeilight> a little over a week ago but it went away after a day so i didnt worry much. Now its brown and there is more. Should i be worried? Has Anyone experienced this?
i'm now 8 days late af was suppose tob on July 9th but nvr came i had a bfn 4 days b4 missed af and a bfn 3 days ilight>afterilight> on the 12th and 13th i had brownish ilight>pinkilight> ilight>dischargeilight> only when i wiped then the 14th nothing on the 15th same thing wiped and there was the brownish pink discharge but it stopped the same day ....
i might go a few days without losing any blood, recently i had ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> rest, it was nice. just ilight>afterilight> that ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> is when i started my period and the gushing clear liquid discharge started. i am glad to find this forum as i too thought i was alone and was wondering how in the world to explain this to a dr. i did go the dr when i was 18 and the most they could come up with was that i had lazy ovaries, of course after accusing me of having a miscarriage..
my ilight>periodilight> is ilight>twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> late which means i'm 47 days since my last ilight>periodilight> came on. i took several home test and i also had a blood test done this past Wednesday when i was only 14 days late for my period. Could i have tested too early and could i still in fact be pregnant. i am doing no bleeding whatsoever, no spotting or nothing. i have been having some flu like symptoms and queasiness in my stomache with very mild cramps off and on.
i am experiencing brown to light ilight>pinkilight> ilight>dischargeilight> ONLY when i wipe ilight>afterilight> using the bathroom and it is NOT every time. i did have unprotected sex during my last cycle twice.. i have taken two HPT and both came back negative... Could this be my period?
ilight>Afterilight> ending my ilight>periodilight> on JUne 27 by july 4th i started bleeding ilight>pinkilight> and brown ilight>dischargeilight> and i have been ever since, even when i have sex i bleed real blood but that'll be it, no more that day just back to pink and brown.
it wasn't until i skipped the next months ilight>periodilight> that i put ilight>twoilight> and ilight>twoilight> together and sure enough i was already 8 ilight>weeksilight> !
i hope i don't get my period for a long time since i'm breast feeding, lol...with Elijah i bled six ilight>weeksilight> straight, stopped and ilight>twoilight> or three ilight>weeksilight> later got my ilight>periodilight> again.
i had the usual pink discharge i would normally have the day before my ilight>periodilight>. then comes the next day when my ilight>periodilight> should have been heavier...still very light ilight>pinkilight>, then the next day, still light pink but then a bit more red (after a bm though lol)...then today pretty much gone perhaps a little brown. This discharged was noticed only after peeing and wiping. What is the deal? i have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms since 1 dpo (yep, really).
my last ilight>periodilight> started on the 22nd of June and on the 6th of July i started to get a very light ilight>pinkilight> ilight>dischargeilight>. the light pink discharge only lasted for maybe an hour only when i went to the washroom then after that it turned into a dark brown stringy discharge and stopped yesterday the 7th of July. i expect my period on the 13th or the 20th.What does this mean? could it be implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding or should i be concerned at all?
Yea, though what worried me more is that i have wicked bad pmdd. ilight>Twoilight> ilight>weeksilight> before AFs due it starts and its been that was since i regulated almost 10 years ago.. and so far im 5 days away and nothing. No breasts so tender i cant touch them, no nausea, no cramps no crazy intense mood swings. ive only had headachs and lower back pain.
i am concerned because we had 5 day Blasts transfered on May 6th and i am having ilight>dischargeilight>. What could this mean? it is kinda clumpy (sorry TMi) and white. i know it has only been ilight>twoilight> days, but i am concerned this may mean it didn't work. Can anyone ease my mind. or at least let me know what is going on?
) happened to me ilight>afterilight> sex once and i was so scared but 29 ilight>weeksilight> with a very heathy baby girl
is it normal to have brown sticky ilight>dischargeilight> now and again it not all the time im about 7 ilight>weeksilight> having like a ilight>periodilight> belly, i have 2 other children but never had this with them !!!!!!!
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