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What does a pink discharge mean, it was watery with a sign of pink through it. My AF is not due for another week and i am having slight cramps and a major sore muscle spasm in my right leg although i don't think that means anything.
Pink discharge means your vaginal walls or cervix may be irritated. Pink is a mix of the discharge and new blood. I'd actually go ahead and make a doctor's appointment to check the discharge and make sure all is well. For yeast, they can give you a fast acting systemic pill that works great. And if it is another type of infection, they can treat that.
Wondering if it's normal for light pink discharge to come out after sex. I'm 4 months pregnant n it's the first time I see it.
i am 4 and a half pregnant going to 5 months and i time to time get pink discharge. is it normal?
second yes you could be pregnant hope fully this discharge is implantation bleeding. if it increases from pink to fresh red blood and increases in amount it could be that you are just about to start your menstrual cycle. however i am bit confused about the length of your cycle. do you know when you ovulated? and what Cycle day are you on right now?
So I'm 5 weeks 3 days edd 6/14/15. I have had occasionally light pink discharge for a few days and mild cramping. Just wiped and there was a pretty good amount of it again. Other than that, I feel fine. Should I be worried?
I am supposed to start my period this coming weekend and this past Saturday I had some very light pink discharge. No pain or anything to make me thik it would be a bladder infection or a UTI. I also have had extremely sore breasts. The nipple doesn't hurt but right under it hurts really bad. My face is breaking out which is never a problem for me. I have had heavy discharge (clear, mucus-like) for the past 4 days.
Last night after passing my urine I noticed a light pink discharge on the paper. I woke up this morning and there was nothing, then I passed my stools and noticed a darker discharge. What shall I do? what does it mean? I am really worried.
I didn't get a period this month but I started having pink sticky discharge could I be pregnant or just starting my period?
I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and have a very light pink colored discharge and lower abdominal cramping. The cramping is like a menstrual cramp with lower back pain as well. Can this be normal?
But as soon as he started going in it felt tight and painful so I told him to stop and then he tried again but this time went in slightly deeper which really hurt but when I got home everything was normal until the next day or the day after I went to the toilet and wiped myself and realised I had a light pink discharge and I got nervous because I looked up on the Internet and it means implantation and beginnings of being pregnant I started to panic a lot that it made me get scared and throw up
My husband is having severe rectal pain throbbing since mon after colonoscopy which dr says is normal also having pink bloody discharge w pus in it. He had diarrhea 6wks ago that lasted 3wks w severe abdominal pain and fever the dr gave antibiotic 2000mg day X 10 days Dr did ct scan saw mass on entrance of Colin dr did colonoscopy mon said all clear but he is still bet sick. What could be wrong?
Im 6w 4d and for the past two days I've had a pinkish then more of a brownish color discharge when I wipe. I am not cramping and its not red like period blood. I had a little pink discharge a little over a week ago but it went away after a day so I didnt worry much. Now its brown and there is more. Should I be worried? Has Anyone experienced this?
What I wanted to know is, has anyone else experienced the same discharge? The pink discharge looked slightly like ewcm but tinted pink. The next day it was the same but was not pink and had a slight streak of blood in it. I am just curious to know what this could have been. I have given up on ovulation tests etc and just taking it as I go. That way I am not so disappointed.
That could be implantation bleeding. Sometimes there is brown and pink blood in the discharge. It is nothing to worry about unless it becomes BRIGHT red with clots. That is, saying you are pregnant. Implantation bleeding can occur 5-12 DPO. Please let me know what happens!
But, when I went to the bathroom afterwards, I had some watery pinkish discharge. Is this normal? I have not had anything other than normal clear discharge at all during this pregnancy. for the past couple of days, I have also been experiencing some round ligament pain. But, I would not say it is cramping by any means. Any thoughts on the pinkish discharge?
We just adopted a little kitten (about 3mo old). Recently, the backside of his right ear became white & light pink and coarse & dry (haven't seen any discharge). He's also missing fur in that spot. He was checked and cleared for ear mites at his vet appt last week. I also noticed he had a similar spot on his front leg with what looks like a dry cut. He seems to be in no pain and never touches these spots (itching or otherwise), but I'd like to figure out what's wrong.
Ok so yesterday I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was a lot of brownish/pink discharge. I'm not sure if this is normal or I should be worried??? Has anyone gone through this.. I'm 6w6d.
Wednesday I had thick lite pink discharge then Sunday I had a scant amount of brown discharge. I'm on seasonale bc pill. Could i be pregnant?
please comment- af was due on sunday but I started to bleed dark red/brown in color on friday stoped that night started again on saturday, but light pink, stopped that night again and started on sunday and stopped then started again this afternoon-all very light not enough to change a pad. I am on clomid 50mg I o'd on the 19th of feb. af is ussually very heavy and alot of clots(sorry so graphic) this time no clots I had a blood test done last monday and it was negative.
Today when I wiped at first it was just green discharge, but now it's light pink and brown....should I be concerned? Should I contact my dr?
It is good you have an appointment to see your doc again. I am not sure what the brownish/pink discharge means. I am only 4wks but had light brown discharge for about 3 days. I would think that if you notice anything more, you should go in to your doc sooner. I am sure things are ok...looks like your numbers are doing good. Maybe it is just some late implantation residual stuff. I hope you get some good anwsers soon.
but today is the 23rd but my period still havent came yet. i am right now having some pink/bloody discharge for almost more than one week now... i am kind of scared because this had never happen to me before. i did a pregnancy test last thursday but it was negative...what is wrong with me... help!!!???
Then again, I've had it before so I kind of knew. I get a fishy odor, pink or brown discharge and sometimes a very sensitive vagina. This time I also had slight itching on my labia minora. It's a pain in the butt!
Since 2 days ago, i'm experiencing weird light brown discharge and yesterday it becomes pink so i thought my period is coming today...but it didn't instead the brown discharge is back..I thought that i'm going to have a heavy period while i'm on the copper but this is all I got...should i be worried? anyways my boobs are still sore until today..The soreness usually stop on my period day itself. does it mean that all the discharge is a warning sign and my period is coming up.
Sometimes its normal for woman to have this discharge. With my first pregnancy I had that discharge for my whole first trimester and the whole 3 months they had me on bed rest because my dr had said it was a threaten miscarriage. Once I started my second trimester the bleeding stoped and I had my daughter. Now am pregnant again and I started the same way with the brown discharge. My dr said it was a normal thing for me. I stoped spoting after 12 weeks.
Today when i went to the bathroom, after i wiped i noticed there was a light pink discharge and clear mucas on the tp. I had a regular period starting on the 4th of sep. My periods have been pretty regular and only last for about 5 days. After doing some research, everything i find comes back to it possibly being implantation. But im not in any pain. My friends tell me to take a test but im scared its too early to tell since it was only last week when we last had sex.
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