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i had pink discharge i was supposed to start feb 9, 2008. i don't have anymore i have slight cramping not period like...i 'm never late,not stressing...someone help don't wanna be pg i already have a 7 month old..
today i had some pink creamy discharge. I've never had this before in my life between periods. Its the 14th day of my cycle so thats just weird? i also did a ovulation test and it came out negative. Whats going on???
For about two to three months I noticed that before my period will come I would get a light pink discharge. My period came in August at the end around the 26th or 27th. In September around the same time I had a light pink discharge so I figured my period was coming but today is October 16 2010 and it still hasn't came. I took a pregnacy test tonight and it was negative. WHAT COULD BE WRONG WITH ME???
6 right after having sex, I had a very light pink discharge. And havent had it since. Im due to have af on12/23. I just get disappointed after neg. pt. Any suggestion to what could be wrong. I also had a very sharp cramping pain on my right side, felt by my overy, that was the night of 12/4. I had a tubal 2 1/2 yrs ago,which my left overy and tube was removed. Im losing hope in wheather I can concieve.
Took a hpt at 3 days late and was neg. Having many signs of pregnancy though and havent been late in 3 Yrs. Have been trying with my husband. Just waiting now to see what happens I guess.
Ive always eatin alot. Ive been having trouble sleeping, and this morning I had light pink discharge. that happens only a day before my full period. My period Isnt due for another week or two. I would love to have a baby. But about a year ago with my ex I was convinced that I could NOT get pregnant. He has no children. But my now boyfriend has two that are not mine. Could I be pregnant? I also thought that the light pink discharge was from rough sex. theory.
Personally, I did not experience any discharge in pregnancy. But with one pregnancy, I did have a pink show one month, which was a threatened miscarriage and I miscarried the following month.
ive gotten one faint positive and i have experienced some light pink discharge. i just now talked with a nurse on the phone and she said they dont worry about the brown discharge because most likely your uterus is just getting rid of old lining or something. she said watch out if your cramping gets bad or if you start getting bright red blood. i also have some slight cramping. my fingers are crossed for both of us!
We had intercourse four times during the week, each time lasting longer than an hour. Late in the evening I noticed a bit of a light pink discharge that seemed very much like I was getting a very light period, but it was a different color than normal. Yesterday there was a bit more throughout the day, with a bit of brown. This morning there was some, but not since then. Then, today, I noticed some slight pain in my abdomen.
Right after the appointment, I did have brown spotting, but it was only once and went away that night. Yesterday (the following day) I was fine all day, and then last night, late, I had a ton of pink cm on the toilet paper (sorry if TMI). Is this pink cm from the exam or is this different - possibly mucus plug or related to labor on the way? I've been having a ton of contractions, but they are fleeting. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to expect.
I would contact your gyn or whoever prescribed the pills and see if you can go in and see about getting a blood pregnancy test and if negative, perhaps changing pills. Regardless, you need to contact your doctor, because if the pills aren't strong enough, then you are at risk for becoming pregnant in the future.
I had a partial molar pregnancy with a D&C in July 2010. Since my D&C my periods have been irregular (27-32 day cycles). I was cleared to try again. My last period was December 25th. I had pink spotting once on the 19th of Jan. On Jan 24th I had bad cramps and back pain with no period (I never got cramps w/o a period before). On Jan 25th the cramps/back pain continued with a small amount of light brown spotting.
Ok so I always get on a read these things but I figured now it would be okay to post my own question. I am 3 days late (not very long I know), but I had pink discharge last week which I think could have been implantation bleeding, my gums bleed when I brush my teeth, I am having stomach pains which I know can be the uterus expanding, I get really dizzy, and have been getting a lot of discharge.
In October I was 2 weeks late and when I got my period it was with severeeee cramps. Didnt got my period in november. It was due on the 5th of Dec but got pink/brownish smelly spotting for 5 days and I'm still waiting for it. Went to the doctor om the 1st of Dec she gave me Canesten to treat what she called a thrush. I really dont wanna be pregnant. I feel exhausted but I think it's because im working with children. It's my new job. And I'm a little bit moody. I do have random cramps.
In October I was 2 weeks late and when I got my period it was with severeeee cramps. Didnt got my period in november. It was due on the 5th of Dec but got pink/brownish smelly spotting for 5 days and I'm still waiting for it. Went to the doctor om the 1st of Dec she gave me Canesten to treat what she called a thrush. I really dont wanna be pregnant. I feel exhausted but I think it's because im working with children. It's my new job. And I'm a little bit moody. I do have random cramps.
Hi girls, Have any of you ever had a small amount of carnation pink discharge while late in your 1st trimester? It looks like an implantation bleed. I've had it twice this week, with days in between, and only a tiny bit on my pantiliner. No real cramping or pain anywhere but I am supposedly absorbing a small cyst. Could it be a bit of blood from that? I've already had 2 miscarriages so I'm a little nervous. I know some women lightly bleed thorough their whole pregnancy but that's not really me.
I took a PG test the day after I seen the discharge and there was a very faint pink line in the test window I waited 2 days and took another one it came up negative...
What I wanted to know is, has anyone else experienced the same discharge? The pink discharge looked slightly like ewcm but tinted pink. The next day it was the same but was not pink and had a slight streak of blood in it. I am just curious to know what this could have been. I have given up on ovulation tests etc and just taking it as I go. That way I am not so disappointed.
Im 6w 4d and for the past two days I've had a pinkish then more of a brownish color discharge when I wipe. I am not cramping and its not red like period blood. I had a little pink discharge a little over a week ago but it went away after a day so I didnt worry much. Now its brown and there is more. Should I be worried? Has Anyone experienced this?
If you are usually on the dot, the pink discharge may just be spotting due to your body adjusting to the change but I think the chances of pregnancy are very slim considering how careful you are.
Hello, You've gotten good advice already. I suggest you see your physician to have a pelvic exam and a pregnancy test in the office (urine and/or blood). Also, remember, some answers come with time. Be patient and this will all sort itself out. Best regards, Dr.
Havent been on here in awhile. So ive heard and read that each pregnancy is different. Well back in october 2011 i experienced implantation bleeding..well today im 4 days late for AF , ive been so moody,a little hungrier than normal well i think so. But most definetly moody. I have been experiencing some nausea not alot.
I am having some brown discharge. This last time i had brown discharge was when i had a chemical pregnancy. I wonder what is going on?
I have been writing notes since November 2010 of my periods and i noticed that after 18 days after period i have period pains and i discharge pink brownish like red discharge then an egg white comes out with spots of blood in it then it disapears this happens Nov Dec and now Jan.Could it be implantation bleeding but my worry is i stii go on my periods pliz help me its confusing me.I wiil be so happy if u can help me.
Maybe it's an infection, I've heard of infections causing pink discharge so I'd give your OB a call and make an appointment, have you tested for pregnancy??
On 9/18 I started to experience a brown discharge in my underwear and on the toilet paper after wiping. But the only other signs of pregnancy were lower back pain. Today is 9/27 and still no period. The brown discharge continues but if I am about to get my period than why don't my breasts hurt? And I usually gain about 5 lbs before menstration and my face breaks out????
Obviously it wasnt implantation spotting I thought it may have pregnancy is may have ovulated later in your cycle.which will make your period come later.if your period hasnt come in a week or so,it maybe worth a visit to your doctor.who will run further tests,its normal to have the odd cycle thats out of whack.
So I thought this is it - my period came earlier, only that the period was very light - again brown/pink/redish and intermitent (very little in quantity). In this time I had headeaches, nauseea, been very tired and had cramps period like. It felt like implantation bleeding, and so much hoping for it...but today I made a pregnancy test and it was negative. :( So disapointed...and so worried now...
I've suppose to have started af on Thursday which I did but it was spotting only when I wipe it stopped Friday it was light pink with cramps it stopped Saturday I had cramps it was pink again only when I wipe. Need to know if this could be pregnancy signsand when is the best time to take a pregnancy test. Baby Dust To You All!!!!!!
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