Pink discharge at 8 weeks

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Avatar f tn My m8f4'>iscarr8f4'>iage started w8f4'>ith l8f4'>ight 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 7 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> w8f4'>ith no pa8f4'>in. A few days later 8f4'>i had a complete m8f4'>iscarr8f4'>iage.
Avatar f tn 8f4'>i even not8f4'>iced 8f4'>when 8f4'>i went to the bathroom 8f4'>and w8f4'>iped there was a l8f4'>ight 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight>. 8f4'>is th8f4'>is normal, 8f4'>i'm scared 8f4'>and don't know 8f4'>if th8f4'>is 8f4'>is an early s8f4'>ign of m8f4'>iscarr8f4'>iage.
645930 tn?1230071690 8f4'>i had 2 ep8f4'>isodes of 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 10 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> pregnant. once on thurs 8f4'>and then on sat. 8f4'>i phoned m8f4'>idw8f4'>ife on thurs, cry8f4'>ing 8f4'>and she booked me a scan for monday. 8f4'>i came on here 8f4'>and most of the reasons were after sex wh8f4'>ich we had not had for a week, or 8f4'>implantat8f4'>ion but 8f4'>its too late for that, or 8 weeks/ 12 weeks (the t8f4'>imes a per8f4'>iod would have come). was worr8f4'>ied but found out 8f4'>it was qu8f4'>ite common, but not a lot of people had sa8f4'>id what happened later.
Avatar f tn 8f4'>i'm 7 weeks today... Had sex on saturday & have had d8f4'>ischarge s8f4'>ince. Th8f4'>is morn8f4'>ing 8f4'>i not8f4'>iced a very t8f4'>iny amount of 8f4'>p8f4'>ink 8f4'>when 8f4'>i w8f4'>iped 8f4'>and aga8f4'>in th8f4'>is afternoon. But a b8f4'>it more th8f4'>is afternoon than th8f4'>is morn8f4'>ing! 8f4'>i've just rushed down to the doctors who have referred me for an early scan tomorrow or the follow8f4'>ing day! 8f4'>i'm so worr8f4'>ied!! 8f4'>im not exper8f4'>ienc8f4'>ing any pa8f4'>in! Just the 'normal' cramps.
Avatar n tn My last per8f4'>iod was the 30th July, then my Bfr8f4'>iend 8f4'>and 8f4'>i had sex a few t8f4'>ime 8f4'>it the week 9 - 13 Aug. Last n8f4'>ight 16th Aug 8f4'>i went for a wee 8f4'>and 8f4'>when 8f4'>i w8f4'>iped 8f4'>i had l8f4'>ike 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight>? could th8f4'>is be 8f4'>implantat8f4'>ion bleed8f4'>ing??
Avatar n tn 8f4'>i am just 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>, 8f4'>and 8f4'>i started m8f4'>ild 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> spott8f4'>ing th8f4'>is morn8f4'>ing, freaked me out also...check8f4'>ing the calendar, 8f4'>i would have been due for my next per8f4'>iod today as well...
280369 tn?1316705641 8f4'>i'm just freak8f4'>ing out. 8f4'>when 8f4'>i had 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> w8f4'>ith my f8f4'>irst pregnancy 8f4'>i was 36weeks 8f4'>and gave b8f4'>irth 2 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> later. Anyone been through th8f4'>is 8f4'>and went full term???
Avatar n tn 8f4'>i am 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> days late for my per8f4'>iod. Today had very l8f4'>ight 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> cm. Took a hpt 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 3 days late 8f4'>and was neg. Hav8f4'>ing many s8f4'>igns of pregnancy though 8f4'>and havent been late 8f4'>in 3 Yrs. Have been try8f4'>ing w8f4'>ith my husb8f4'>and. Just wa8f4'>it8f4'>ing now to see what happens 8f4'>i guess.
Avatar n tn Even 8f4'>if 8f4'>it becomes l8f4'>ight 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> spott8f4'>ing 8f4'>it's st8f4'>ill normal. 8f4'>i spotted 8f4'>brown 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 5 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>, 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> spott8f4'>ing 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 9 8f4'>and was told 8f4'>i was completely f8f4'>ine 8f4'>and that 8f4'>it was just the baby nest8f4'>ing! 8f4'>if you start actually sport dark red blood or bleed enough to cover a pad that's 8f4'>when you should worry 8f4'>and gp to the er!
Avatar f tn 8f4'>i had 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> spott8f4'>ing 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 5-6 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> w8f4'>ith my f8f4'>irst two pregnanc8f4'>ies 8f4'>and 8f4'>i had two healthy k8f4'>ids. 8f4'>i started spott8f4'>ing at 8 weeks w8f4'>ith my th8f4'>ird pregnancy 8f4'>and ended up hav8f4'>ing a m8f4'>iscarr8f4'>iage at 10weeks. 8f4'>i'm now 33 weeks 8f4'>into my fourth pregnancy 8f4'>and no spott8f4'>ing at all. Every pregnancy 8f4'>is d8f4'>ifferent, but chances are 8f4'>if 8f4'>its st8f4'>ill 8f4'>p8f4'>ink 8f4'>and hasn't become worse, you're f8f4'>ine. Maybe call you doctor 8f4'>if you are scared or need reassurance. Your other symptoms are normal.
Avatar f tn 8f4'>is 8f4'>it normal to have some l8f4'>ight 8f4'>brown 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> ? 8f4'>it was only 8f4'>when 8f4'>i w8f4'>iped th8f4'>is morn8f4'>ing 8f4'>and noth8f4'>ing after no cramps or pa8f4'>in along w8f4'>ith 8f4'>it.. 8f4'>i heard the heart beat at 6 weeks 6 days 8f4'>and 8f4'>it was at 136 .
Avatar f tn 8f4'>i had l8f4'>ight 8f4'>p8f4'>ink d8f4'>ischarge today 8f4'>i'm 8 weeks. 8f4'>it k8f4'>ind of freaked me out.
1240706 tn?1331605711 Had our fourth ultrasound today for the Nuchal Translucency test. The measurement has us 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 13 weeks, 3 days (g8f4'>ive or take a week), so that would put us 4 days ahead of where we were based on LMP alone! Due date Dec 19 poss8f4'>ibly. Also, the u/s tech checked for gender, 8f4'>and wh8f4'>ile she says 8f4'>it 8f4'>is, of course, too early to tell for sure 8f4'>it looks l8f4'>ike a l8f4'>ittle pr8f4'>incess!
Avatar f tn Scan showed a healthy heartbeat 8f4'>and grow8f4'>ing baby 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>. Well so 8f4'>i thought, but then doc sa8f4'>id 8f4'>i am actually 5 days ahead 8f4'>and showed 8w5d at the scan. Today 8f4'>i'm 9w4d.u have never ever gone past 7-8 weeks. 8f4'>it's a scary thought. But 8f4'>i've also never been on progesterone before. 8f4'>i do hope that 8f4'>it's from the progesterone. 8f4'>i've actually read up so much already on 8f4'>it 8f4'>and most women say that 8f4'>it 8f4'>irr8f4'>itated the8f4'>ir cerv8f4'>ix 8f4'>and 80% of them had spott8f4'>ing off 8f4'>and on w8f4'>ith 8f4'>it.
Avatar n tn 8f4'>i had 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> spott8f4'>ing at 9 weeks but 8f4'>it was several hours after b/d. 8f4'>i th8f4'>ink you should contact your dr & update h8f4'>im on what's go8f4'>ing on. Three weeks 8f4'>is an awfully long t8f4'>ime to wa8f4'>it to f8f4'>ind out anyth8f4'>ing. 8f4'>if you're hav8f4'>ing sex, 8f4'>i would wa8f4'>it unt8f4'>il you talk to your dr. 8f4'>i don't blame you for be8f4'>ing nervous. After 8f4'>it happened to me, 8f4'>i was a horr8f4'>ible wreck! Good luck 8f4'>and keep us posted.
7074486 tn?1389936422 That also happened to me 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> about 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>. 8f4'>i ended up go8f4'>ing to ER because 8f4'>i too had a m8f4'>iscarr8f4'>iage years ago n was scared because 8f4'>it took my husb8f4'>and 8f4'>and 8f4'>i 5 years to conce8f4'>ive our second ch8f4'>ild 8f4'>and was a total surpr8f4'>ise. 8f4'>i don't blame you about worry8f4'>ing but 8f4'>it also 8f4'>isn't good for you.. 8f4'>i had a 8f4'>p8f4'>ink w8f4'>ith after 8f4'>brown8f4'>ish d8f4'>ischarge n 8f4'>i was told that 8f4'>i had bru8f4'>is8f4'>ing from the fetus 8f4'>and 8f4'>it's normal some women release 8f4'>it others just observe 8f4'>it back 8f4'>in(recycle) the old blood..
287071 tn?1365196113 8f4'>i am a day short of 9 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>. 8f4'>i have had 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> evry now 8f4'>and then. 8f4'>its not red. 8f4'>its we8f4'>ird 8f4'>its 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> mucous l8f4'>ike stuff. k8f4'>inda str8f4'>ingy l8f4'>ike. Th8f4'>is 8f4'>is even before 8f4'>im put on prometr8f4'>ium vag8f4'>inal suppos8f4'>itory. 8f4'>i really dont know what 8f4'>it 8f4'>is. 8f4'>it 8f4'>is only 8f4'>when 8f4'>i w8f4'>ipe atleast once a day then thats 8f4'>it. 8f4'>i have no cramp8f4'>ing or abdom8f4'>inal pa8f4'>in. Now that 8f4'>im on prometr8f4'>ium my d8f4'>ischarhe 8f4'>is l8f4'>ight 8f4'>brown to tan color 8f4'>and more than usual. 8f4'>i wont have an apt t8f4'>ill Jan 20th. 8f4'>if you see your Dr.
893889 tn?1294280577 8f4'>im 6w 4d 8f4'>and for the past two days 8f4'>i've had a 8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>ish then more of a 8f4'>brown8f4'>ish color 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>when 8f4'>i w8f4'>ipe. 8f4'>i am not cramp8f4'>ing 8f4'>and 8f4'>its not red l8f4'>ike per8f4'>iod blood. 8f4'>i had a l8f4'>ittle 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> a l8f4'>ittle over a week ago but 8f4'>it went away after a day so 8f4'>i d8f4'>idnt worry much. Now 8f4'>its 8f4'>brown 8f4'>and there 8f4'>is more. Should 8f4'>i be worr8f4'>ied? Has Anyone exper8f4'>ienced th8f4'>is?
Avatar n tn 8f4'>i am almost 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>and have been do8f4'>ing the same as you 8f4'>and also had a l8f4'>ittle blood too. 8f4'>i went for a scan 8f4'>and the reason for th8f4'>is 8f4'>is a bru8f4'>ise to the s8f4'>ide of where the sac has 8f4'>implanted so there are somet8f4'>imes reasons that are of no danger to the baby. Good luck w8f4'>ith your pregnancy 8f4'>and 8f4'>im sure you w8f4'>ill be f8f4'>ine.
1481183 tn?1348974661 What 8f4'>i wanted to know 8f4'>is, has anyone else exper8f4'>ienced the same 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight>? The 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> looked sl8f4'>ightly l8f4'>ike ewcm but t8f4'>inted 8f4'>p8f4'>ink. The next day 8f4'>it was the same but was not 8f4'>p8f4'>ink 8f4'>and had a sl8f4'>ight streak of blood 8f4'>in 8f4'>it. 8f4'>i am just cur8f4'>ious to know what th8f4'>is could have been. 8f4'>i have g8f4'>iven up on ovulat8f4'>ion tests etc 8f4'>and just tak8f4'>ing 8f4'>it as 8f4'>i go. That way 8f4'>i am not so d8f4'>isappo8f4'>inted.
Avatar n tn Normally a gestat8f4'>ional sac w8f4'>ith a yolk sac appears at about 5 weeks (calculated from your last m8f4'>issed per8f4'>iod date) of pregnancy 8f4'>and can be well v8f4'>isual8f4'>ized by 6 weeks on a transvag8f4'>inal (through a vag8f4'>ina) ultrasound (so 8f4'>it can be m8f4'>issed 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>at8f4'>il8f4'>ight> 5 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>). Fetal heart beat usually appears by 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight>-9 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight>. Th8f4'>is 8f4'>is why 8f4'>it 8f4'>is best to repeat the scan a week or two later. At t8f4'>imes the sac appears but there 8f4'>is no baby 8f4'>ins8f4'>ide. Th8f4'>is 8f4'>is called bl8f4'>ighted ovum.
Avatar f tn 8f4'>i'm 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>88f4'>il8f4'>ight> 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>weeks8f4'>il8f4'>ight> today 8f4'>and had some 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>8f4'>p8f4'>ink8f4'>il8f4'>ight>/8f4'>brown 8f4'>when 8f4'>i w8f4'>iped early th8f4'>is morn8f4'>ing. 8f4'>i have an ultrasound sound today so f8f4'>ingers crossed. W8f4'>ith f8f4'>irst 8f4'>i had pretty heavy bleed8f4'>ing for hours 8f4'>and he was f8f4'>ine.
Avatar n tn Oh Jenn8f4'>i! You scared me 8f4'>when 8f4'>i started to read your story. 8f4'>i had the same th8f4'>ing last t8f4'>ime except that 8f4'>when 8f4'>i had the u/s done, the baby was dead. As soon as 8f4'>i read your baby was f8f4'>ine, 8f4'>i was so rel8f4'>ieved! What you have 8f4'>is somewhat common. 8f4'>i thought my bleed8f4'>ing was cerv8f4'>ical 8f4'>irr8f4'>itat8f4'>ion because 8f4'>i had read 8f4'>in my book that that could happen. For me, that's not what 8f4'>it was. For you, that's what 8f4'>it 8f4'>is. Just follow doctor's orders 8f4'>and 8f4'>i'm sure you w8f4'>ill be f8f4'>ine!
Avatar n tn Today 8f4'>i had a 8f4'>brown gooey 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight>- 8f4'>i have also been gett8f4'>ing clear/wh8f4'>ite 8f4'>il8f4'>ight>d8f4'>ischarge8f4'>il8f4'>ight> w8f4'>ith 8f4'>it (all the days). 8f4'>i have a pa8f4'>in (not really cramps) 8f4'>in my ovar8f4'>ies 8f4'>and uterus only somet8f4'>imes dur8f4'>ing the day. 8f4'>i have just recently 8f4'>in the last weeks started runn8f4'>ing 3-5 m8f4'>iles a day 8f4'>and 8f4'>it seems that 8f4'>it happens a few hours after 8f4'>i get done exerc8f4'>is8f4'>ing? Could th8f4'>is be an early s8f4'>ign of pregnancy? Would 8f4'>it show up that soon-4 days at the latest that my husb8f4'>and 8f4'>and 8f4'>i were together?
Avatar f tn Better safe than sorry 8f4'>and 8f4'>if your worr8f4'>ied 8f4'>i'd go ahead 8f4'>and go to the E.R.