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So I am 10wks and noticed vaginal discharge that was pinkish. My first visit isn't until Jan. 30th and I am worried. I preveously miscarried in June at 6wks. I'm trying to stay positive since I haven't had any cramps or spotting. Anyone else experince this before?
What does a pink discharge mean, it was watery with a sign of pink through it. My AF is not due for another week and i am having slight cramps and a major sore muscle spasm in my right leg although i don't think that means anything.
i also have an irregular period and last month when it came on it stayed 8 days instead of the normal 3 and was heavy and painful. very unusual for me. the cramps had me crying. omg maybe that wasnt a period!
Hi girls i am 31 weeks pregnant and i have just gone to toilet and noticed pink discharge? is this normal?
Hi... I am 6 weeks and having pink discharge but only when I wipe with mild back pain.the pain however feels like muscle pain. Is this normal? So I need to go to the ER it call me doctor? I am worried.
The spotting stopped, two days went by, and now I am experiencing a pinkish discharge and some crazy cramps. I did have a migrane with it's usual accomplis, nausea...but that is quite normal for me, migranes run in my family. Is there anything I should be worried about in regards to the pink discharge?
/ i got a new one nd whiped again nd it wss still light pink. Em i ok? My contractions arent really painful yet.
This morning i noticed a very tiny amount of pink when i wiped and again this afternoon. But a bit more this afternoon than this morning! I've just rushed down to the doctors who have referred me for an early scan tomorrow or the following day! I'm so worried!! Im not experiencing any pain! Just the 'normal' cramps.
Last period was 25th December, unprotected sex 3rd jan(day10), slight pink discharge 5th(12 days), again unprotected intercourse 13th Jan(day20). Cramps worse than normal weekend of 15th, for all of 10minute period perhaps? I again had slight pink tint to tissue when wiped mon-weds this week(sorry tmi), the discharge only shows first thing in morning. Went away thurs and fri bug now today(day28) have slightly more discharge but very very slight pink tint?
Please don't get tired of my questions I'm really concerned. My brief hx: I have had 4 chemical pregs since August 2010. I found out I'm pregnant again 10dpo, doctor confirmed my beta 64. Today I'm 12dpo & for the last 2 days I've been experiencing a very light pink discharge ever other time I pee. I have no preg symptoms except for frequent urination, elevated temp, cramps occasionally & breast kind of burn at night, (thats a weird one too). Any help is appreciated.
Hi, im 18 years old 10 weeks and im havin alot of white clear discharge and cramps..No blood no spotting..Im reeealy concerned i hope its normal has anyone felt this?
today however i had some cramps in my lower abdomin and an odd discharge from my vagina. it was semi light brown and slightly pink, if that makes an sense. i am doing the "breast poke" to see if there is any soreness, but its too hard to tell if there really is or im just thinking about it too much. my body is completly different now that i have had a baby, so if i am indeed pregnant, will i still get the same signs? could something possibly be wrong?
I had slight pink spotting/discharge on and off every few days for weeks until 10 weeks. At 10 weeks I had a bleeding scare and went to the ER expecting a miscarriage. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and baby is perfectly fine! 6/7 weeks is very early so you can still have some bleeding from implantation, changing blood vessels, etc. Generally cramps are a bad sign but you said yours ate light and I had them at the same time as you.
Yes, early in my pregnancy i had a few days of light spotting.
My first appt was ast week and the doctor said that period like cramps and brown discharge can be normal in the first trimester. Cramps came back and there is light pink on the paper when i wipe. I go back to my doctor tomorrow morning but im so nervous to wait til the morning. Someone please tell me they spotted in the first trimester and everything was ok? I am ridiculously nauseous and have gotten used to the cramps since they started 3 weeks ago.
And today ive been nauseous once ive calmed my nausea ive relaxed for a moment I had to use the bathroom ive noticed lighy brown and pink discharge. Is there something wrong or is this normal? I haven't had a permanent doctor yet due to insurance... since the holidays are coming I cant make an appointment until next year.. any answers? Thanks.
What I thought was just my period coming a week early on lasted 2 days then a day later I had extreme cramps and light pink discharge, my period is not suppose to come till next week, some people are saying it might be an early sign of pregnancy, what could this be?
i dont know what to think my period is very regular and i should start in 4 days but about 3 days ago i noticed a slight discharge that was pink and occasionally i will spot heavy that is light pink but i have no cramps and no pain... this all started happening after i had sex 4 days ago would i already be noticing pregnancy signs or should i call my doctor...
I am 5 weeks 2 days and as of this morning ive had on and off light pink discharge that gets a little darker once in a while when I wipe. Nothing heavy to stain my underwear or a pad. I did have sex with my husband yesterday morning and ive read that is a trigger for vaginal bleeding but im still soooo worried.
Alright, for about two days now I have been having very light pink discharge and today cramping along with it. I'm currently taking Lybrel (birth control with no periods) and wouldn't assume I was pregnant if I hadn't missed my pill the same day I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I've also thought maybe it is some sort of an infection? I've never experienced any problems before now so I don't know what to look for. I'm hoping some of you here could help me.
When I first noticed it I laid down and didn't get up till the morning, and also drank plenty of water. Try to relax and take it easy. If it comes back and intensifies, call your doctor.
my lmp was march 13th and my next period is due april 11th according to the cycle calcualtor but i've been having light pink discharge this last weekend and ive been having cramps and painful lower backache headaches Ive been irriated with my hubby and 10 month old daughter and cat.. ive been craving food I dont like cant sleep my body feels different.. ive been peeing more often so I am going to take a pregnacy test wed..
Today I have had excruciating cramps and bright pink discharge. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what it turned out to be? I am sexually active but because I had the IUD my fiance and I have not used protection of anyn kind, so I suppose pregnancy is a possibility but I didnt think it was.
So I'm 5 weeks 3 days edd 6/14/15. I have had occasionally light pink discharge for a few days and mild cramping. Just wiped and there was a pretty good amount of it again. Other than that, I feel fine. Should I be worried?
then before i came home from work went to the potty to discover clearish milky pink discharge. feel a bit excited that maybe this is implantation and just might be it. but trying to keep it on the down low and not get my hopes up so as not to be disappointed if its nothing significant. its 9pm and still crampy. i wonder how long does this last if it is what i want it to be. guess i'll keep obsessing and researching on here and other sites till i find out. cross your fingers for me!
Yesterday I spotted but it was different than normal it was pink and there was a little blood but thats it nothing after that just brown discharge. I cramped alot yesterday only on my left side which is weird also. Normally I cramp on both sides and the pain was not unbareable. I'm just waiting for AF to show up in a few days. I'm suppose to cramp for 3 days atleast then AF arrives. I've been having weird dreams but thats bc my mind is full of thoughts right now.
I am post menopausal and am having slight pink discharge and have low back pain, a little nausea and some slight cramping on and off. What do I have, Storm Sandy keeping me from getting to my doctor.
I just found out that I am 4 to 5 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing some cramping and discharge. Discharge is clear which I heard is good but I've had 2 miscarriages over the last 2 years and this is really concerning me. I've read that the discharge and cramping is normal but is anyone else experiencing this? I can't help but be concerned about the cramping since I've had prior miscarriages.
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