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Avatar_f_tn Did you use anything else besides the Phentermine like any injections or vitamins how did u feel on a daily basis when taking Phentermine?
Avatar_f_tn anyone have any luck with this phentermine/and what other herbs,vitamins or supplements did you take?Thanks!
Avatar_f_tn Does anyone know if it would be beneficial to take the HCG injections and the phentermine to control the hunger on such a low cal diet?
660151_tn?1224856335 I know the first day I took the phentermine I was sweaty and hunched over the toilet and felt the same way you are claiming. I was scared to ever touch it again. I started taking half and half and worked my way up to a full. I gave myself about 2 weeks. I probably could've in a week, But I hated that feeling! If you are drinking any caffine or alcohol I would say minimize it. It might be raising your blood pressure to make you feel so bad. I have cut it out completely!
551496_tn?1215617966 I have some spotting and cramps. I am sure it will be a rough one! I did stop the phentermine over the weekend and started back yesterday(Monday). Maybe thats what triggered it....who knows. Being a woman shouldnt be this much stress and hard work!
Avatar_n_tn The Phentermine will give you cotton mouth so you will want to drink the 8 glasses of water a day. I lost a total of 31 pounds on the phentermine and is sad to say but in two years I have gained almost 18 pounds and am on it again. Only this time the new doctor has put me on 15mg of phentermine and B-12 shots every two weeks. I am losing again. I am almost to my goal...I just need to exercise. If you want, you can email me... ***@**** As far as what time I take it...
Avatar_n_tn com It was $99 to start which included the Lipo B Shot, the prescription for the phentermine which cost $13.45 to fill and vitamins, a complete body and blood work up. I was very very happy with the staff. Good Luck! I too am thinkingthin!
Avatar_f_tn I take a half of 37.2 phentermine and .150 synthroid can that throw my TSH out of wack. Are you suppose to take these two together. What can it cause if anything?
Avatar_n_tn B12 and B6 are vitamins B12 and B6 is it? If i take VB12 and 6, does it has the same effect as taking the jabs?
Avatar_f_tn I have been taking phentermine for about a year.My weight is up and down and I take it for just energy.I'm afraid I am becoming dependant on these.I take 2 a day and I find myself wanting more sometimes.I am only prescrbed 1 a day but I get more.My start weight was 130 and I just wanted to drop a few lbs. It worked at first but I also followed the diet and exercised. Now I am back to where I started with my weight but that doesn't matter as much to me as this problem.
Avatar_n_tn I had a gastric bypass in 2001 and lost 250 pounds, then my husband and I started fertility treatments and it made me gain 85 pounds back that I could not get rid of even only eating 4 oz of food at a time. On Valentine's day I started the Phentermine and B12 shots and after 1 week I had lost 9 pounds and my energy was outrageous.
Avatar_n_tn DO NOT TAKE PROZAC AND PHENTERMINE TOGETHER!!! I read in a medical journal that prozac and phentermine taken together cause permanent brain changes, similar to those people taking the street drug known as extasy, e, x, MDMA, or whatever you want to call it. I take prozac and would love to lose weight and had considered taking the phentermine, but when I read that article, I decided permanent brain changes were worse than the extra 20 pounds of fat I had hauling around behind me.
Avatar_n_tn 5 about 3 weeks ago started taking then and was tired and having no energy until this week a litte bit better but now my problem is i dont know if its really working what can i do change up my routine liquid vitamins what can i do?
Avatar_f_tn Is any one taking phetermin and b12 vitamins 2500mg. Im on it now I like it because of the energy but I just would like to.know if is b12 2500mg everyday I start it sunday and I already lost 2 pounds.
Avatar_n_tn Hello, Phentermine can alter your blood sugar levels, if you are going to try using it please use it with caution and monitor your blood sugar levels more frequently... if you notice changes and if your blood sugars are becoming too low then stop taking phentermine, and seek further advice about what you could use instead of phentermine. Remember that diabetes should be your priority.
Avatar_f_tn As with any other amphetamine type drug, phentermine can be addictive and cause side effects. The b-12 can help some with weight loss, but by itself I'm not sure how effective it is. It does wonders for energy, though. Hcg with b-12 on the other hand, can be the answer to your problem.
1448748_tn?1312959808 You are funny red head. I have had all vitamins checked and they are all fine, I've always made sure my diet and nutrition along with supplements have always been important for me.I'd say there are 3 symptoms that are a tie for me. The pain is unbearable I seriously want to die sometimes In this much pain, its never my small joints, just between my neck and mid thigh including hips back shoulders stomach pelvis,and everything else that could possibly hurt in between on my body.
Avatar_f_tn A pharmacy grade ( by prescription) multi-vitamin - which is about the same almost in comparison to prenatal vitamins. Its alot higher and has more in it than over the counter pills. Niacin.250mg once a day in the morning with food (also meant just for me, taking too much of this if you dont need it, can harm you). I also take Immune Boosters. I cant tell you the dosage, because its a mishmash mixture I have to take and there are a ton of things in it.
Avatar_n_tn And now he has me on 75Mg but I could still feel the difference in my head when I started taking the new pills, like I was coming out of withdrawls from not having the same dosage, The only way to get off of this is to be Weaned off. And I suggest if you take vitamins, Take a multivitamin and instead of 1 take 2 and Drink WATER, WATER , WATER!!
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Avatar_n_tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
Avatar_n_tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Avatar_n_tn I went to my doctor for nutritional and phycological help to lose weight and she put me on this. She wants to begin Phentermine and montitor my heart monthly. I am supposed to see her tomorrow to get the prescription but I am going to ask about the B12 injections also. I have had no bad side effects from topomax except for bad taste and numb feet. definitley no slurred speech! that's scary. I am definitly in a better mood and don't find myself shoving food in my mouth every waking moment.
Avatar_n_tn I've been reading today about various injections and phentermine. I'd like to give the phentermine a try but not sure if many Doctors prescribe it anymore. If anyone out there can refer me to a Dr in the Austin area that does great. I've looked at several websites for ordering phentermine but not sure if any of these are legit- again, if you know of a good source please let me know. Lastly, these shots are a bit confusing. Do they actually work?
Avatar_f_tn 00 I take the other half of my phentermine and really the rest of the day depends on how I feel and the quantity of pills I have...The more I have the more I take and when the bottle gets low I start freaking out and try to refill it as soon as possible. I'm thinking about tapering off because I have a 12 day break from school starting on the 12th of this month and I figured that would be the best time to start it. If I taper what how many should I take?
Avatar_n_tn In July I went to the doctor and was prescribed Effexor XR 37.5 and had stopped the phentermine. The Effexor helped tremendously even though I was only on the lowest dose. Basically, I stopped crying all the time and wasn't so anxious and irritable. Everything improved. Initially I had some difficulty sleeping and nausea, but this subsided.
Avatar_f_tn According to Simeons "Pounds and Inches" book, salmon (in addition to herring, mackerel, tuna, and eel) have a high fat content. Apparently, other fish choices are acceptable. As for "doing you in" by eating it once ... I kind of doubt it. Typically, if someone "grossly" falls off the wagon, they are supposed to see a 2 - 3 day delay in loss results.
921323_tn?1268679412 Some say, why don’t we save the millions of dollars spent on drug research and instead invest them in education, legislation, and regulations that will help us eat better and exercise more? Put the money towards the health costs of the uninsured. Or, use it to fund research in diabetes, heart disease, or any of the other countless complications of obesity. But is it too early to admit defeat?
Avatar_n_tn I take it because my levels was so low and I am not absorbing any vitamins. I have thyroid problems and would love to loose this weight. Can you tell me how often and how much B12 you have to take to loose weight?
Avatar_n_tn said NEVER NEVER NEVER takek Phentermine and he would never prescribe it to anyone of his patients. My daughter is a nurse and he called her off to the side and PLEASE don't ever let her take that again. Him and the ER nurse said they see this a lot with phentermine users. We just have to find a more natural way if possible. I was only 20lbs away from my goal and it really saddens me that I can no longer take this but it is not worth. PLEASE HEAR ME!!!