Period bleeding for two weeks

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I would go a long time without a period one cycle and then the next I would get my period and bleed for two weeks. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I'm not saying you have the same thing. But you definitely should get the blood work done. If it finds an abnormality, then you'll be able to possibly do a sonogram.
I have had protected sex right after my period and just a few days ago. Is having my period two weeks early normal??
i have started family planning (injection) about a year ago and at first my periods would last for two weeks. then it would last for three weeks and then a month. i went for my injection in September 2011 and my period lasted for a month, and the in October i started my period again and until now i'm still bleeding (for two months now). i was supposed to go back for my injection of December 2011 but did not went. what could be the possible cause for me bleeding so long?
It started with a normal period than went about 6 days and continued bleeding about 1 tampon a day for a total of an 18 day period. The next month the same but the extra 1 tampon a day only lasted 13 days. She wanted me to start progesteren for a 10 day cycle on the 16th day after the first day of my next period. I started my next period yesterday. I do not want to take the progesteren but I did get the RX filled.
Well, implantation bleeding usually occurs around the time your period would occur, so I don't know if it would be implantation bleeding. How long ago did you last have unprotected sex? You can test with a first response early response test two weeks after sex, and if it's negative, test again when your period is due, and you should get a positive if you're pregnant. It might just be your period coming on early, or it could be an infection (the brown) Good luck! I hope you get your BFP!
My husband and I have been TTC for almost a year now. Two weeks ago I thought for sure we were finally pregnant. I was feeling fatigued, very sore breasts, feeling nauseous, and my period was late! Before I got a chance to take a pregnancy test I started my period. For the first four days the blood was dark (almost black) and large clots along with pretty bad cramping. Two weeks later I am still bleeding (now it's more normal; red but still with clots).
how long should the first period after giving birth last? my friend gave birth two weeks after me and her first period only lasted one week.
I take it continuously so I never have a period. I havent had any spotting or bleeding in over 2 years but 2 weeks ago all of a sudden I started to bleed and I havent stopped. My first thought was miscarriage so i took a pregnacy test and it sad negative. I dont have a doctors appt for another 2 weeks. Can anyone help?
i started a period 2 weeks after i swiched, and i have not stopped since. its been 5 days short of 4 weeks. is this normal? and will it stop?
well i went and got a pap smere and everything was good, i wasnt pregnant or anything, then a week later i got my period, well now my period has lasted for about 6 weeks. at first it was normal , and about the second week it went away for like two days then came back again. well two more weeks went by and then it went away for a about three or four days and then came right back. well now it is really heavy. i went and got a blood test and everything was fine they said.
However (and I have never had this problem before) I was taking the pill (yasmin) for only a week or so after my last period when I started bleeding again. It had been like a normal period so far and has lasted for nearly two weeks. I have no Idea what's causing this as I usually have regular periods despite the UD. The only other information I can think of which may be relevant is that the blood at the start of the two weeks looked very old and clumpy, and now it looks like it is new blood.
I'm sexually active.. and I had my period about two weeks ago and starting two days ago I've been having a lemonade pinkish colored discharge and now its the third day today that I've had it and it changed to brown and looks like it's about to go away completely. I'm bloated but that's about it. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?
I stopped taking yaz after only 2 months on and had my withdrawal bleed. four weeks after that I had another "period" since then I have been having a period every two weeks... I have never had an irregular was always 28 days before taking the pill...what could be wrong?
and was that bleeding light? may have been implantation bleeding. and if not, something's upsetting your cycles. you do need to see your dr. this is a valid situation in which to do so.
I last had sex late june and realised in early july i was spotting even though my period was due for mid july...and on schedule my period came and then my spotting stopped until the now which is the beginning of august and it comes back, with this spotting it feels as if my period is coming i get the sore breast, heavy breast, cramps, feeling lathargic and mood....can someone tell me what is happening to me...o i am only 19.
Okay, I am almost 2 weeks late for my period (due 5/13) and have just started having a light brown discharge. I have all of the same symptoms i had with my first son but the 2 preggo tests ive taken have come up negative. Anyone else know what it could be?
Okay guys so I am two weeks late. We don't use any kind of birth control In the mindset that if it happens it happens. I am 20. I have not had as much stress as I have with my current job but I have switched to night shift. My period cycles are around 28-32 days. I have taken 4 test but they are negative. This has happened with many woman in my family who later discovered they were pregnant. I want to be so I do not know if I am just over thinking things.
Okay guys so I am two weeks late. We dont use any kind of birthcontrol In the mindset that if it happens it happens. I am 20. I have not had as much stress as I have with my current job but I have switched to night shift. My period cycles are around 28-32 days. I have taken 4 test but they are negative. This has happened with many woman in my family who later discovered they were preganant. I want to be so I do not know if I am just over thinking things.
I'm still pondering on whether to get pregnant again after miscarrying two weeks ago. I know my boyfriend says that he wants me on birth control as soon as my period comes back and I do agree with him, but then again...what if I get pregnant right before I go back on without knowing. If I get pregnant, have implantation bleeding, think its my period, and start birth control what will happen? Is it really easier to get pregnant right after a miscarriage?
Wow 8 weeks? I hope i dnt for that long.
Thanks like I'm bleeding now but it's very light it's not heavy like my period usually is.
Is this just like, early period bleeding or pregnancy thing?? i've been hurting for about three weeks now in mylower back/abdomen/hips, but i took a hpt and it said negative, two weeks ago.
so i was bleeding for over 2 weeks. two weeks after that bleeding stopped i started bleeding(july 8th)...AGAIN!! but this time it was lightfor about 4 days and then a little heavier(not by much) for the next is july 18th and im still spoting but it is very light pink or brown only when i was mixed with kind of a gewy discharge but for the last 24 hours it's been watery discharge mixed with brown and pink. I really dont know wuts going on here...but i would like to.
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