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Well, i bled clogs of ilight>bloodilight> and didn't go to the emergency room. i notice i was just ilight>bleedingilight> a regular ilight>periodilight>. After a couple of days i stopped and now i notice its brown. is that normal?
hi i had a ilight>periodilight> two weeks ago and i was ilight>bleedingilight> dark ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> and now started to bleed dark brown and i am not due for my period again
i'm very crampy, which is unusual since ive been on birth control, and it is a light ilight>periodilight> with ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> and kind of slimey/gooey. i'm not sure if this is normal, or if i should be concerned.
i started spotting and light ilight>bleedingilight> two days before my ilight>periodilight> was even supposed to start. it has been all ilight>brownilight>, some days light, some days dark. it hsn"t been heavy at all and no cramps. i usally have terrible cramps.i began this last Sunday and it is now the next Monday. i am sexually without protection. i had sex everyday between my periods also. i have normal periods since i was 10 and i'm 17 now adn they last 3-5 noramlly. Any advice!? Please and thank you.
During this period i've only had ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> throughout the whole thing. i've had a little bit of red ilight>bloodilight> but thats it. i've been having unprotected sex and my period is usually rather heavy and during this period i've only needed to use one tampon a day. What does it mean? Am i pregnant? please get back to me asap because i can't get this off my mind!
hey, are you on any form of birth control or trying to get pregnant..? erm ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> means old ilight>bloodilight>, is it possible it could be implantation spotting.? does it come before or after you have a period?
i came off my period two weeks ago! Now i'm bleeding brown blood! & having CRAMPS ! ! What's going on? Not used to this.
Does the ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> that comes out at hte beginning of my ilight>periodilight> considered day 1 of the period?
if its ilight>brownilight> then its just old ilight>bloodilight>. Shouldn't be anything to worry about. The ilight>bloodilight> just got old before it was discharged.
i have been trying to get pregnant for around a year. i last started my period on March 18, and then on April 24, i started "spotting" with brown blood. it has continued until today. i have taken an HPT but it says "-". What is going on with me???
i am a 40 year old African American female that have had a tubal for the last 17 years. My periods have been regular but this month my ilight>periodilight> did not come on i just started to bleed ilight>brownilight> blood for the last 3 days. i dont think that i am pregnant but i will take a test if needed. i normally get PMS before my period comes on but this time nothing. Please advise what you think this is.
i'm 32 and have been put on a 28 day combi pill called Qlaira for hormone control, i started the tablets after constantly bleeding or an everlasting period it seems to be the only thing that stopped me ilight>bleedingilight> but now i have this ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> problem there is no red blood
i'm 16 weeks, and i've been ilight>bleedingilight> dark ilight>brownilight> since Wednesday. A moderate amount each day. Called the doctor when it started, she said brown blood is old and call her if it changes. i had 2 previous instances of bleeding bright red, and each time i had an internal ultrasound, baby is fine. They checked my cervix and it's good. Placenta is where it should be. i just used the Doppler a few minutes ago and found baby's heartbeat. i'm not experiencing any cramping or pain.
And i thought i got my period on Tuesday and its still just ilight>brownilight> and its way too light to be my ilight>periodilight>. . . Whats wrong with me? Like could this be from my birth control or could i be pregnant?
i had a very strange ilight>periodilight> this past month... it wasn't red ilight>bloodilight>... only ilight>brownilight> blood. i have never in my 31 years experienced this before. Anyone ever had this, is it normal? what could it be from?
Well usually your ilight>periodilight> would be fresh ilight>bloodilight>. You could spot for a few days prior to getting your period though. Which could be brown old blood. BUT if you don't get a normal flow, you could be pregnant. BUT sometimes women just miss a month or have a light weird period too. Change in diet, stress, excersise can change your period. it ***** being a girl sometimes!
Ok last month when it was time for my ilight>periodilight>, i was ilight>bleedingilight> ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> wasnt very heavy i could have gone without using pad/tampon well, i thought it was weird but i thought hey maybe it will straighten out, well Now this month same thing just very light flow of brown blood for 4 days now. i dont understand. One time when i was using the restroom and wiped it was red but that is it only brown.
Often times when women first begin BC they have break through ilight>bleedingilight> between periods. The reason it is ilight>brownilight> could possibly be because it has been stored in your body for a while (perhaps left over from your last period).
i had a heavy almost dried ilight>brownilight>/ilight>bloodilight> flow 4 days before my last ilight>periodilight> last month. Then i had a normal period, but a week later the brown/bloody discharge came back and is still going! What's happening? i'm 27 years old, sexually active, eat well, and excerise regularly. i've been taking orthotricylen lo for 5-6 years on a regular basis. What gives?
i only had two occasions when i had a "brown period". One time it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy and another time it was implantation bleeding for a few days at the start of a proper pregnancy. With the ectopic pregnany, the brownish spotting went on and on for weeks by the way. Take a test, just in case.
But with my last pregnancy i spotted ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> for only two days then turned into a red heavy ilight>bleedingilight> and later that night i miscarried. So its pretty hard to tell :/ but since its still brown then you may be okay. Only way to know is a ultrasound or blood test. Good luck.
The ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> is probably just old ilight>bloodilight> that didn't get out during your last ilight>periodilight>. Nothing to worry about besides a lot of women have brown or sometimes even black colored periods. if the lightness of the period worries you go get checked out just to be sure. But i wouldn't worry about the coloring. Good luck !
i had gone to the ER when i first started ilight>bleedingilight> but it was because it was red ilight>bloodilight> and felt like a ilight>periodilight> so they checked me out and told me i was fine. And i had my first ultrasound that day and saw the heart beat. The doctor told me some girls just bleed but that it should go away in a few days or so. But now its brown blood and still coming. So im scared at what this could be and my next appt isn't til April 1st..
Quite a bit of ilight>bloodilight>. Heavier than spotting, but at CD19, i wouldn't say it's the start of my period. UGH! i thought my body was going to be normal!!
Also consider that if you have been worried about pregnancy, stress hormone cortisol can compete with progesterone receptors and delay a ilight>periodilight>. in all likelihood, ilight>brownilight> ilight>bloodilight> after taking the morning after pill is an irregular menstrual cycle. And all though it is possible to get false negatives with EPT's, it is not the norm.
Now i am 4 days let for my regular ilight>periodilight> and am having a semi clear ilight>brownilight> discharge after i wipe. Could this just be old ilight>bloodilight> from my last period ? if this doesn't turn into a full blown period i will be testing on Thursday. Just looking for input. Thanks to everyone, this site is the best !
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