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I need to know what these things look like or if they have a V symbol on them Not sure iwjhatf the Canadian (generic) looks like, I think she's hurt herself on purpose and is now contemplating going to the doctor. We're sliding downhill fast. Please help. This is getting scary.
a. I discussed with anesthesia my postop pain control and told them I wanted an epidural. It worked beautifully, and I wasn't gorked out on the morphine pump. b. I'm a nurse and have good connections so I was able to ask for recommendations from friends c. education/research--find out as much as you can about what you have d..prayer and support from friends and family I hope this has helped some of you in some small way.
Obviously he has a generic answer for every question. I think on yours he thought you said you had been using for 5 weeks instead of clean for 5 weeks. Aren't you glad he puts so much effort into these answers! Now, I am interested in your story! How did you get clean??? I'm sure you have posted your story...I should go back and read some old posts. Did you use thomas's recipe? I started on that today.
I was not a heavy abuser, but I have taken Vicodin-Percocet-Tylenol 3 throughout the pregnancy for migraines and ovarian cysts. It was helpful to read your concerns, I took the medicine sometimes when I wasn't in any pain, I just took it (like you) to feel more comfortable around people. I felt that daily life was easier to deal with on a pill, but the sad fact is that everything comes back time times worse when the pills where off.
When my mom was sick, I had to do the same. There are just some images that you don't want burned into your brain. As much as we love 'em, you just don't wanna see.
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