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Shoulder pain may be caused by capsulitis, bursitis, tendonitis, injuries/ tears, joint subluxation/ dislocation, arthritis, periostitis etc. The ilight>elbowilight> ilight>painilight> could be related ilight>toilight> the ilight>neckilight> and shoulder ilight>painilight> or could be caused due ilight>toilight> an unrelated reason like epicondylitis, tendonitis, dislocation, fracture etc. it would be best to get this evaluated by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile you may try immobilizing the arm and giving it adequate rest.
i have been having this pain for a while nothing serious and now it has worsened under my arm sharp ilight>painilight> and now is moving down my arm ilight>toilight> my ilight>elbowilight> and wrist my right hand This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/905762'>Pain under arm, around the front and back and shoulder blades</a>.
my PT thinks my shoulder is impinged and that i have cubital tunnel in my ilight>elbowilight>. i have ilight>neckilight> ilight>painilight>, mostly on the sides. my ilight>neckilight> cracks and creaks when i turn it. my shoulder hurts on the front by my armpit, and the back just below my right shoulder blade. my shoulder pops and cracks when i move it up, and i have difficulty pushing in or out with my arm. my shoulder often feels stiff, like i need to crack it, and i try not to. it hurts to lift my arm over my head, or to lift heavy things.
Progresses into a sharp ilight>painilight> that spans from the top of the arm ilight>toilight> the top of the ilight>elbowilight>. Touching the arm below the ilight>elbowilight> will cause discomfort but not pain that goes from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.
i had trouble with my shoulders but that healed. But now i am having ilight>painilight> in my right ilight>elbowilight>. it hurts ilight>toilight> raise my right arm. and when i do i feel a very painful sharp sensation in my right arm. At night it hurts the most. To pick up even small objects is very painful to me. i am wondering what is wrong with me.
The pain due ilight>toilight> resisted supination is much less. The ilight>painilight> seems ilight>toilight> be about 4cm distal ilight>toilight> the ilight>elbowilight> crease and deep to the brachioradialis muscle. He has had pronator syndrome in the past but that pain was 2 to 3 cm medial to where he is feeling the pain now. Any ideas what might be causing this?
i'm having some intense ilight>painilight> in my right ilight>elbowilight>. it's very difficult ilight>toilight> raise objects vertically. Also, the pain in my elbow is constant. Sleeping on my right side is normal, so i'm wondering if this has anything to do with it. i am 43, in very good health and type moderately. Any suggestions? Thanks!
i see another doctor in Feb i am praying that this one will listen ilight>toilight> me and know what ilight>toilight> do. i refuse ilight>toilight> have anymore ilight>painilight> meds (not ilight>toilight> mention there is only one that i do not react to because of the lousy inert ingredients) i want answers! Hoping you get your answers!
But it does sound like you have that and it is very difficult ilight>toilight> clear up and can give you a lot of ilight>painilight>. Can you raise your arm sideways? Another idea is tendonitis. What is strange is that it is in both arms? How could you have done this injury? Do you sleep in awkward ways and on your stomach? Or deal with switching machinery? See a physiotherapist. All the best.
im doing maximum of 30 patients a day and mostly of my patients are obese could be this ilight>painilight> related ilight>toilight> my work loads?and i feel numbness also ilight>toilight> my fingers and sometimes hotflushes? Could this be also a tennis elbow?please help.
He said it was ulnar nerve compression at the elbow and did some work on my ilight>neckilight>. He told me ilight>toilight> come back and a couple of days later did some more work on my ilight>neckilight>. Now it is 3 days after the 2nd appointment and everything is much, much worse :-( i have had tingling in my right pinkie/ring finger, and both elbows feel sensitive. it is really depressing.
Well yesterday i woke up and couldn't hardly move my ilight>neckilight>. i had my wife try ilight>toilight> massage it and i found out that most of my ilight>painilight> is in my right shoulder blade. Today i still can't can't hardly move my neck. my carpal tunnel and tennis elbow have gotten worse. Both of my hands will fall asleep while i am driving to work. i would have to drive with my arms. i got lower back issues and neuropathy too. i'm too young for all this.. i need some help.
i have also had ilight>painilight> in both arms from the shoulder ilight>toilight> the ilight>elbowilight>, but more so in the right arm. i also have ilight>painilight> at the top of my right leg. it hurts more when i first stand, but lessens as i walk. The pain in my neck is constant...its like a stiff neck. The arm sometimes has shooting pain, but mostly when i turn it a certain way.i also have slight pain in my lower back and sides but nothing like the other pain. i have not changed mattress,pillows or my sleeping habits.
i have seen a ortho who diagnosed me just by looking at me that i had a cervical strain. He sent me ilight>toilight> pt needless ilight>toilight> say after 2 days i was in so much ilight>painilight> that i stopped. So unable ilight>toilight> reach my doctor i went to a chiroprator who actually took x-rays before he diagnosed and said i had nerve entrapment in c6. i have had one treatment but now i am in so much pain that i can not deal with it. my question or advice from you is what to do?
sensation in the lower tricep just above the ilight>elbowilight> as well as the shoulder ilight>painilight>. Looking straight up also brings severe ilight>painilight> ilight>toilight> the upper elbow area. Another symptom is a nearly constant twitching or bunching of the lower tricep just above the elbow, almost as if it's trying to cramp up. i cannot recall any activity that might have caused this. Any advise or suggestions would be very much appreciated. i cannot afford a doctors visit and have no health insurance, so this is my last hope.
i have had ilight>painilight> in my right ilight>elbowilight> for many years. i have had a MRi scan on my ilight>neckilight> some years ago, but nothing showed up. Consequently, no treatment was offered. Later i decided enough is enough, so i saw my GP again. She suggested i take Amitriptyline to help me sleep through the pain. i only get a very low dose -25Mg. i decided to stop taking them recently, as i did not like the idea of taking Antidepressants for a non-depressive condition, but the pain is now back worse than ever.
However, ilight>neckilight> ilight>painilight> was not better. (The procedure was not supposed ilight>toilight> help my left hand and arm ilight>painilight>/hypersensitivity and it did not.) i was also warned that the relief provided from the procedure might last only a year. After deenervation, more physical therapy which exacerbated my neck pain. Misc. i have been evaluated for RSD - the doctor concluded that i did not have RSD. i have received psychological counseling throughout this ordeal. Current Status neck 1. Unremitting neck pain.
A few weeks ago, i also started having ilight>painilight> in my left, outer ilight>elbowilight> muscle and it feels a little swollen compared ilight>toilight> my right ilight>elbowilight>. i thought it might be a pinched nerve and have something to do with my posture and my bed. i work on a computer all day and i am often caught sitting in a "C" shape type of position, where my legs are propped up on top of my cpu under my desk and my arms are extended out in front on the key board. So i am basically hunched over.
i dont understand. i have numbness in two fingers and ilight>elbowilight> ilight>painilight>. i do not understand what the numbers mean i just know they are different. The EmG were taken about 6 months apart.
All of the aches and pains i've been experiencing in my joints i've been attributing to getting older, i thought it was normal for a person in their early 50's. it was only when my ilight>neckilight> and back began impacting my ability ilight>toilight> participate in daily activities that i thought something was 'not right'. Of course, when i wasn't having a major flare in one of my joints, they were out of sight, out of mind. my flares completetely disable the entire limb affected.
Yes the problem could possibly be due ilight>toilight> the ilight>elbowilight> condition too. Since this is still causing ilight>painilight> perhaps a visit ilight>toilight> your primary is needed to discuss your continued problem. Seeing a Hand Specialist or Neurologist may be in order. Good luck in getting your symptoms under control.
The symptoms include ilight>painilight> at the level of the problem (i.e. ilight>neckilight> or back etc) and ilight>painilight> that may radiate down the arm or leg (depending on where the problem is). in more advanced cases, muscle weakness or sensory symptoms such as tingling or numbness may occur. A radiculopathy is often diagnosed based on history, physical examination, and MRi of the spine.
when i move my shoulder like throwing ilight>toilight> the left side of me i get severe ilight>painilight> in my shoulder n it goes down my arm to my elbow
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