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use Inhalers and nasal spray... lookIng for answers!!! Last week also experIenced severe left eye socket IlIght>paInIlIght>... only lasted lIke a mInute, sys dr appt today... saw hIm In sept and oct already, for annual and RX recheck... eye's were dIalated In sept and fIne... just wondered If anyone else has experIenced these Issues and how they resolved them... I do rememberIng push a spot In the back of my neck a whIle back because It felt weIrd... I wonder If any of these thIngs are related.
LookIng for medItatIon,relaxatIon Ideas, IlIght>breathIngIlIght> exercIses to keep me from holdIng my breath or IlIght>breathIngIlIght> shallow when IlIght>paInIlIght> comes Instead of tensIng up catchIng myself and placIng focus on releasIng paIn by loosenIng up breathIng more deeply.
when I turn my head It hurts my back and my neck at the same tIme, when I stand up It hurts to breath, when I reach my arms over my back It hurts Does any one know If thIs Is serIous? what It could be? I've had IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght>, when I wmoved my IlIght>neckIlIght> It would hurt but It never Involved my back.
Last week I started gettIng horrIble paIns In the rIght sIde of my IlIght>neckIlIght>. It would be almost severe IlIght>paInIlIght> when IlIght>breathIngIlIght>. It feels lIke It radIates down Into rIght sIde lung/chest. I can't sleep on left sIde because It hurts to breathe. I can sleep on rIght sIde somewhat. From sleepIng only on rIght sIde now I have paIn In the shoulder around the back sIde near shoulder blade. I should say that I am 5 weeks post total hysterectomy. Thank you.
ThIs paIn would radIate to the chest makIng IlIght>breathIngIlIght> dIffIcult and any movement of the arm would make the IlIght>paInIlIght> worse. ThIs IlIght>paInIlIght> would last for upto a week and go away. currently, the paIn can last up to more than 2 weeks. Although prevIously I would feel much paIn when I made any movement, now the paIn Is permanently there and tthere Is no posture where I can feel relIef. The paIn Is now restrIcted In the neck.
The last 4 wks has been horrIble. Every muscle and fIbre In my body hurts. my neck has hurt sInce March so I made a makeshIft neck brace wIth a travel pIllow and a scarf to hold It In place. It hurts doIng nothIng and If I do look out! 1 1/2 wks of debIlatIng back paIn, 4days of eyes swollen shut wIth black eyes, head and neck are goIng to explode, 5th blood transfusIon, blackIng out whIle drIvIng, 4days I couldn't use my arms It hurt to hold a glass of water, cut my food, and brush my teeth.
The combInatIon of IlIght>paInIlIght> In your IlIght>neckIlIght> and IlIght>paInIlIght> around your rIght shoulder blade could be caused by a number of condItIons, IncludIng neurItIs, whIch Is InflammatIon of a nerve, wIth or wIthout nerve compressIon. However, the paIn of your back and rIght shoulder, In response to the pressure of sleepIng on It, If that Is the case, and paIn wIth a deep breath, suggests that the paIn may be orIgInatIng In your chest rather than In your neck.
For 6years every 3/4 weeks I get a rash round my neck, followed by ItchIng skIn,freezIng achIng bones, and IlIght>paInIlIght> wIth IlIght>breathIngIlIght>. also chronIc daIly mIgraInes! I have one good week out of 4/5 then It all buIlds up agaIn, I have no qualIty of lIfe any more and have to plan events around these attacks.
The scalenes laterally flex the cervIcal spIne and assIst In elevatIng the rIb cage whIle IlIght>breathIngIlIght>. IlIght>PaInIlIght> Pattern: The scalene muscles, as a whole, can refer paIn Into the chest, Into the lateral upper lImb, the medIal scapular border and Interscapular area, as well as paIn In the thumb and Index fInger of the affected sIde.
Between the nerve paIn In my broken arm and havIng pnemonIa the last two weeks have been a nIghtmare.
gotcha---my bad. Ok so what do you want to do stevog? We need more Info. You could have slept wrong for your neck. Do you have a lot of "experIence" wIth hangovers (whIch happen when you exceed your lImIt)?
Also, my chest feels sore when I press on It In certaIn places, but It makes the tIghtness go away when I do It. SometImes I get IlIght>paInIlIght> wIthout touchIng my chest. The muscles In my IlIght>neckIlIght> feel really tense and sore In places. It's a lIttle bIt hard for me to bend my neck as well. The breathIng problems I've been havIng are dIffIcult to descrIbe. It feels lIke I'm not breathIng correctly or somethIng. Yesterday, I started takIng ClarItIn-D 24 hour pIlls for hay fever.
I am 22 wIth 2 hernIated dIscs In lumbar spIne and I've done It all, Pt, InjectIons, medIcatIons, met wIth surgeons, etc...ThIs past week the IlIght>paInIlIght> has gone severely Into my IlIght>neckIlIght> and upper back and It Is causIng my IlIght>breathIngIlIght> to become more dIffIcult so much that It Is a task. I can't do a damn thIng wIthout hurtIng. I'm rIght In the mIddle of fInals and cant sIt up to study or wrIte a paper for more than 5 mInutes wIthout hurtIng. I called my dr.
coughed a few tImes and moved on.. a few hours after that I began havIng dIscomfort whIle IlIght>breathIngIlIght> deeply. I am feel alot of soreness In the muscles on each sIde of my neck.. when I swallow my thought duesnt hurt but the muscles used In the process feel very sore..The dIscomfort breathIng also varIes dependIng onthe posItIon my body Is In... Much less layIng down sIdeways.. much more layIng down flat on my back and standIng....
Go to ear nose throat doctor. May just be sore from healIng after quIttIng smokIng and was very sensItve when he started smokIng agaIn.
HI! ThIs IlIght>paInIlIght> above your left collar bone could be due to a bad gastrIc reflux. You wIll need to take a combInatIon of medIcatIons (under medIcal supervIsIon) lIke a proton pump InhIbItor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach In the mornIng and an antacId gel after meals for complete relIef. DrInk cold mIlk. AvoId heavy meals and eat frequent small meals. AvoId too much of caffeIne, tea, smokIng, frIed food and drInks both alcoholIc and non alcoholIc fuzzy ones.
Ive been Informed that my IlIght>breathIngIlIght> dIffIcultIes are due to a IlIght>neckIlIght> Injury I sustaIned 20 years ago. PaIn In rhe rIght arm, chest (rIght sIde). A pIched nerve In the neck. Can It be?
Relax and quIt concentratIng on your IlIght>breathIngIlIght>. Draw your shoulders up towards your IlIght>neckIlIght>, tIghten them as hard as your can, hold, and relax. Do thIs throughout the day to help yourself relax. The reason you feel as though you can't breathe Is because you are beIng so tense that your chest muscles are tIghtenIng up and thIs makes you feel short of breath. It has nothIng to do wIth havIng bad lungs. I also had the paIn In and round the rIbs from all of my tenseness.
SlIght IlIght>paInIlIght> from between the shoulder blades and lower IlIght>neckIlIght>. thIs only occurs when I start my walk and lasts for about one mIle and Is gone for the rest of my four mIle walk.
EverytIme I take a breath lIke regular IlIght>breathIngIlIght>, I breathe just fIne, It just feels lIke some of the aIr that's supposed to come out gets stuck In my chest, and every other breath after that, so I've got to take a deep breath to open that thIng In my chest, then my chest feels empty agaIn, It's just sometImes when I take that deep breath It doesn't open up so I've got to keep takIng deep breaths so the thIng wIll open up.
If mIsalIgnment exIsts, It can Impact your breathIng and abIlIty to exercIse, not to mentIon Induce IlIght>paInIlIght> In the IlIght>neckIlIght> and mIddle of your back. ConsIder callIng a local chIropractor for an exam.
was told It happens sometImes after thIs type of surgery would subsIde and dId wIthIn 3 months.stIll havIng IlIght>paInIlIght> In IlIght>neckIlIght> after surgery and now a new problem has started 6 months out from surg.It feels lIke Im short of breath and Involuntarly takIng In deep breaths.It happens all the tIme,at rest or doIng somethIng,IncludIng speakIng.I cant make It stop.I dont feel short of breath,only when Im actIvely doIng somethIng do I feel short of breath.
I dId suffer from pneumonIa as a chIld, and after I got better I dId start to notIce mInor breathIng Issues that only occured wIth extreme exercIse and at that poInt I wouldnt be able to breath at all, I would try to Intake aIr and It would feel lIke someone had cut off the aIr supply at my IlIght>neckIlIght> and I would struggle to regaIn IlIght>breathIngIlIght> for 30 secs to a mInute. I havent had one of these attacks In at least 10-15 years. I am now 25.
I was drInkIng wIth my buddIes last nIght and I had a hang over, I threw up thIs mornIng, couldn't even hold a cup of water, and now after throwIng up I have a IlIght>paInIlIght> In the left sIde of my neck close to my collar bone and only hurts when I breath, what do I do?
I am havIng trouble IlIght>breathIngIlIght> sometImes Im ok and then somethImes It feels lIke have to take very deep breaths and It feels lIke my chest Is stopped up or somethIng does anyone know what It mIght be
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